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Eastern Kentucky man claims Hazard Hampton Inn manager required him to undergo exorcism

The Hazard Hampton Inn’s job requirements are…unusual.

An Eastern Kentucky man has filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against the hotel and its manager, Sharon Lindon.  According to WDRB, Jason White claims he was harassed by Lindon once the front desk clerk revealed he was getting a divorce.  Blaming his marital problems on “demons,” Lindon allegedly asked White to get an exorcism to continue working at the hotel.

The suit, which names Lindon and Hampton Inn as defendants, alleges Fields was told if he was going to work for Lindon, he had to be “cleansed.”

In addition, Fields was given a form to fill out with questions about his religious background, if he had lustful thoughts, whether he was conceived out of wedlock or had been sexually abused and if he had ever “made a pact with the devil,” among other questions.

The form White refused to complete is bizarre, to say the least.

The lawsuit also claims that members of Lindon’s church came to the lobby of the hotel to pray for him while he was on duty at the front desk.  White eventually quit his job and filed the lawsuit March 21.

If you thought your work was hell, think again.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

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    As a resident of hazard, this is pretty spot on.

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    But remember, folks. It’s the Christians who are being persecuted in society today.

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      I took the test. I think I failed.

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      I guess practicing Catholics might not qualify for janitorial duty.

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    I would’ve answered yes to every question then handed it back to him and said “pray for me”

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    I chuckled at the question about cults, when this guy is so clearly, vehemently, part of one.

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    The only thing persecuting Christians is science. Science doesn’t care what you believe in.

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    I remember one time back in the early 90’s I was visiting my 2nd cousin vinny in his old west virginia home. Now I’ve been a southern Baptist my whole life and I’m a God fearing man, but when he asked me to join him for sunday services at his home Baptist church I didn’t hesitate. But me oh my I was taken aback when we got to his church about 15 miles past the sticks tucked deep into the woods. Not only was there a working still around back, but they was handling them rattlesnakes inside of the church. I told vinny he had to get me the hec8k outta there and that I didn’t feel safe around all them lunatics and them snakes. He took me back to his place and I saddled up and headed back home in ol blue. Go cats, and go to normal God fearing southern Baptist churches!!

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    I’m a pastor in eastern Ky. Things like the gives churches and the mountains a bad name. ????

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