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Dr. Doron strikes back with more lessons on life and love

(Credit to some of Drew Franklin’s best photo shop work)


First and foremost, before we go any further… Doron’s lasting and most important message at all times: Don’t Geek. Doron has been steadfast in his relaying of this one important message. If there are 2 things to remember when around Doron Lamb, they are: Don’t fall asleep (LMFAO!!!) and Don’t Geek.If you fall asleep, you will have a picture on Twitter. And Doron will laugh. If you geek, meaning you “don’t play it cool,” you might become the subject of one of Doron’s deepest tweets…


RT. Agreed.


Be careful who you criticize of go against in life. If you burn bridges with someone who has helped you out in life, or would in the future… you might never rebuild that relationship again.



I could be wrong… but I feel like the subject of this tweet may have bitten Doron’s hand after he fed her. If you listened to the radio show on Friday though, you know that Ryan Lemond would not approve this message. Ryan Lemond rule: Always compliment a female when it comes to this … area.


Sound advice for anyone… Be YOU.



A lot of emphasis on the importance of YOU from Doron this week.


I would actually amend this one to say that “taking pictures in front of a car in general” is #Lame. Fellas, take off that starter jacket in your senior picture and move away from the vehicle.



Again, just a shot in the dark here… but it seems as if a certain lady might have scorned Doron after he fed her…






So does this mean we should beware of Doron? Because I’m pretty sure every one of his tweets if fueled by a quotation… from a knock off 1990s “Inspirational Calendar” such as the one below…



Tell that to the ladies of Catfish, Doron.




And last but certainly not least, and most importantly…




Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

9 Comments for Dr. Doron strikes back with more lessons on life and love

  1. Catlogic15
    3:24 pm August 24, 2014 Permalink

    Sounds to me like Doron isn’t having much luck getting laid.

  2. Luther
    8:27 pm August 24, 2014 Permalink

    There’s a fine line between funny and stupid…

    • You should know
      10:30 am August 25, 2014 Permalink

      You are clearly well established on the side that begin with ‘s’…

  3. KevinM
    9:33 pm August 24, 2014 Permalink

    So is the ‘women try to go out and pay for nothing’ one of those motivational thoughts in that calendar?

  4. AdolftheGreat
    9:37 pm August 24, 2014 Permalink

    This guy isn’t very smart

    • Luther
      10:46 pm August 24, 2014 Permalink

      Duh? What was your 1st clue?

    • Luther
      10:31 am August 25, 2014 Permalink

      Doh! Wherz mi arse?

  5. White Knight
    9:38 pm August 24, 2014 Permalink

    Ladies should NEVER have to pay. I’m the man. I always pay for ladies!

  6. msnthrop
    5:38 am August 25, 2014 Permalink

    D. Lamb is unemployed at the moment right…?