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Damien Harris puts UK in his top 5

(damienharris34 / IG)

(damienharris34 / IG)

(damienharris34 / IG)

Damien Harris – the #1 running back in the class of 2015 – trimmed  his list down to five schools yesterday, and Kentucky made the cut. Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, and Texas A&M are Damien’s other four choices. Harris is ranked as the 24th best player in the class of 2015 by 247Sports, and is one of the best targets to come out of the Bluegrass state in quite some time.

Needless to say, he would be a huge get for Stoops and co. Come on down.

Article written by Caleb Epley

Vanderbilt student, Kentucky fan. Skilled at using big words and telling bad jokes. Twitter: @CalebEpleyKSR

42 Comments for Damien Harris puts UK in his top 5

  1. Come be a hero Damien.

  2. Urban Meyer
    12:03 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Ohio State. Better athletics. Better academics. Sure path to the NFL.

    • Buckeyes
      12:15 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      We are in the most over-rated conference around. And we still can’t win it.

    • TDog
      1:06 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Sure path to the NFL? That’s an ignorant statement. We’ve had a guy in the past two drafts come out of Buffalo and a tiny Michigan school. It doesn’t matter anymore where you go to school if you want to get drafted.

    • When did NFL draft "Ohio State"
      2:00 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      TDOG you are so correct. However, this is what I am confused about. Ohio State – better athletics – better academics sure path to the NFL as “make believe” Urban Meyer just stated how is that currently OSU has 25 players in NFL players and UK has 17. ummm considering the record of UK certainly accounts for some validity that its the PLAYER not the school. Granted Coach Meyers is a great “coach”, but makes you wonder about how he treats players…ie C J Conrad and others at Fl and Ohio

    • JBCat
      2:19 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Better athletics?! Haha…good one

      The only thing OH ST is better at is having the most misplaced arrogance of any fan base in the country (even over UL, and that’s saying something)

  3. Mark Stoops
    12:10 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Kentucky. Lots and lots of playing time. Will be a hometown hero. Play in the SEC. Help build a program to greatness. NFL after four years and a degree.

  4. 2 and 10
    12:17 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Awesome. He would have to be a born loser to play for the armpit of the sec. I’m sure the kid has more pride than that.

    • WRB
      12:31 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      At least you got your personal profile in your post.
      Born Loser.

    • big blue
      11:31 am August 4, 2014 Permalink

      That’s still better than the butt hole of the little ten lol

  5. You Know Best
    12:22 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    You know class when you see it, don’t you? And what a born Loser is? Nice post. Not.

  6. C'mon Man
    12:28 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Way to report this 24 hours after bleacher report, sounds like others are paying way more attention to this kid the a uk website, he gone

  7. Future is the key
    12:57 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    By the time Damien is a junior, UK will be a completely different team than last years. All these new recruits, Stoops past record (especially unbelievable defensive record). Damien will stand out above all UK running backs, and will be playing against top 20 teams all year, showing the NFL he’s getting his yards against the best in college football. Ohio State, he can’t say that, lesser competition and getting lost with the other 4-5 star backs. Come be a hero

    • Here ya go
      1:34 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      If by chance, UK could ever have a winning record….stoops would leave this place in a heartbeat (and I don’t blame him). You missed your chance at a proven winner (regardless of recruited talent) when yall passed on Petrino! now live with the next 5 years of hearing “wait till next year when this crop matures”

    • Nick
      1:41 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Did you just say that stoops is getting good recruits and that harris would get lost in a backfield full of 4-5 star running backs at OSU? Seems condesceding or that stoops isn’t getting good recruits

    • Dan
      2:06 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Nick, OSU has been getting recruits closer to Harris’ level for the past four years. Kentucky has for maybe 2. He would immediately be one of the best players on our offense where at OSU, he’d probably be a backup behind experienced 4 and 5 star runningbacks for at least a year. Stoops’ 2 years of solid recruiting has increased our talent pool, but not to the level of the more consistently great OSU. We’ll get there in time, though.

    • No Doubt
      2:22 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      If by different, you mean new coach and 3 and 9 record, you are correct.

    • Tycobbn
      3:07 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Damien is a junior

  8. gordonm
    1:28 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Message to Mr Harris: Your history (legend) to any other college school in the future will never read like what it will read like if you attend and play football at UK.

    • gordonm
      1:32 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      addon: It will not be what you do at UK, but, who you are and where you came from.

    • Bottom Feeder
      1:38 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Also, if you go to uk, you will be another player in a long line of players who thought they would help turn the corner. You will look up in 4 years and realize you wasted your career at a trash program. UK is everyone’s homecoming game for a reason.

    • gordonm
      1:44 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Bottomfeeder is a fan without website to her post allegiance to comment on, LOL

    • JBCat
      2:22 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      You know UK Football is really starting to worry some when it brings out this kind of venom from trolls..

  9. Wow! UL and Buckeye fans are out in force today! One thing you gotta remember about these 4 and 5 star (and some 2 and 3 star) recruits is 1 word: EGO. Most of these hotshot athletes have lots of it, and many of them have the attitude “They will win because of ME!” when you’re talking about a program like UK football. Sharp coaching staffs like Stoops’ can feed into those egos and bring guys like Harris in like they did with Barker and Elam.

  10. TJ
    2:18 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    The best decision in terms of the quality of the program, coaching staff, and his own development would be Alabama. But he’s probably scared of the depth chart that is loaded with 5 and 4 star backs. They go 8 deep.

    • gordonm
      2:37 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Presitge is fleeting in program like Bama and OSU. Kinda like UK basketball. If you DON’T deliver, your not even history (for alot of fans) in a program like that.

    • Ben
      3:21 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      How the hell is prestige fleeting? Bama has won 3 of the last 5 national titles, has the best coach in the country and in all of college athletics, and they get #1 classes every year.

    • gordonm
      3:58 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      The “prestige fleeting” is in reference to the players on who were “Hotshot” high school players watching Bama play from the bama bench. Does Harris want to one those players?
      How many high star players get in the bama games?

    • gordonm
      4:00 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      With the Offensive limited to 11 players and the Defense limited to 11 players and with 85 schollys, do the math.

    • gordonm
      4:02 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      addon: At 2 deep that is only 44

    • gordonm
      4:16 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Anyone want to bang my mom?

    • Maude
      4:34 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Me 1st. ( from harold and maude)

    • Maude
      4:50 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      gordonm’s mom is an old gyspy women (true). I am white.

  11. Willing
    2:30 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    I’m willing to part with my UK season tickets. Lower bowl 50 yard line. The whole lot for $100.

    • Ima Tarcspayer
      5:52 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      In my best outside-O’Lou-a-vuhl accent: “raaat”.

  12. Notmattjones
    2:32 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Everyone says instant playing time but UK doesn’t have any scrubs at RB

    • gordonm
      2:42 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      Doesn’t a worry like that depend on confidence.

    3:14 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink


    4:32 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    Damien, Come to UK. You don’t have to worry about football after Thanksgiving like the other schools do. You can got out and party all night on New Years Eve, no need to worry about practices or preparing for games. You can watch all the bowl games from the comfort of your couch, instead of just a couple from a hotel room in warm weather areas. Besides who wants to worry about sunburns and warm weather in January? It causes skin cancer anyway. UK will save your life from skin cancer.

    • gordonm
      5:03 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

      another lonely post from some one SCREAMING help.

  15. Bobby Petrino
    5:41 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    This kid is playing with you – like you are his Johnson.

  16. UK1
    11:52 pm August 2, 2014 Permalink

    I look at Damien Harris as the future legendary Sonny Collins who also grew up in Kentucky….A guy that cannot only walk on the water, but run on the water! With top ranked nationally recruiting classes coming to Kentucky this past couple of years, I think Damien Harris would be a good fit at UK. Plenty of playing time early….

    Go Cats!