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Courier-Journal: Law enforcement official confirms Pitino is Coach-2

As Rick Pitino continues to deny any involvement, more and more people are coming forward to say he is Coach-2 in the FBI’s indictment.

The latest to report Pitino is indeed Coach-2 is Louisville’s own Courier-Journal, which confirmed through a source in law enforcement that Pitino is the one.

Hall of Fame basketball coach Rick Pitino is “Coach 2” described in the FBI’s pay for play investigation into college basketball, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the matter who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly. [Courier-Journal]

Despite the many reports, Pitino maintains his innocence. His lawyer has released several statements saying Pitino was unaware of any of the allegations, and Dick Vitale tweeted that Pitino “VEHEMENTLY denied” any involvement when they spoke earlier today.

Louisville fans should be insulted by Rick Pitino’s arrogance right now. Does he think they’re all stupid???

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

21 Comments for Courier-Journal: Law enforcement official confirms Pitino is Coach-2

  1. BobKYCats
    4:59 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    The short is answer is, yes, yes he does.

    And given the crap that comes out of the average UofL fan’s mouth, it’s easy to see why.

    He has owned the Louisville fan base for 16 years. They have had their collective head shoved so far up his ass for so long they don’t even remember that he coached us and how much they hated him when he did.

    Now, the head has been removed and most are waking up to see Rick take his true form.

  2. EdC
    5:02 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    Really this Austin Powers bit is the perfect clip for this since Crean looks like Tom Arnold.

  3. 4everUKblue
    5:15 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    He probably told Karen Sypher she must have passed out….it was really 15 minutes.

  4. KTR2786
    5:17 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    This is massive; the arrogance that festered in the bubble of corruption at UL must have blinded all of them. This will utterly ruin his legacy.

  5. BluKudzu
    5:20 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    This is sadder than King Lear.

  6. 4everUKblue
    5:22 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    This is from cardchronicle….If coach 2 is proven to be Rick, then everything he said and preached was all BS…especially about honesty, integrity, etc.
    However, I have a hard time believing he was coach 2…doesn’t make any sense considering his vehement denial, and statement through the atty.

    Cards fans have been drinking the kool-aid too long!

  7. 4everUKblue
    5:24 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

  8. Ruppstartedit
    5:52 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    I am a long, as in, very long time fan of the Cats, even before Caywood. I feel sad for RP because it is clear that what he did is common practice in College Basketball. Now you don’t pay the player direct but thru a 3d party. I see the FBI is after Nike now. So how long can we hold our breath? The hope is Cal learned his lesson at Memphis and the great recruits have come to us for the often stated record of NBA players.

    • UK Big Board Update
      5:54 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink


    • 4everUKblue
      6:14 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

      First of all I go back just as far as you RSI and if you check the facts, there has never been ANY evidence that Cal had any part in either of the two incidences. They have wanted to get Cal for many years now, if there was even a shred of evidence they would be all over him.

    • Smat
      6:14 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

      Yep. Really hard to imagine that we haven’t had a player take money from someone. Too much guaranteed $$$ has gone through our school. Would be better than a national championship though if we come out clean and UNC+Duke+Kansas+whoever go down. Lord Jesus please make this happen!

    • Ruppstartedit
      6:22 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

      I agree with Smat. Please let Duke get caught.

    • 2thepoint
      6:57 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

      Haven’t they already been caught more than once yet haven’t been punished.

    • Jester
      10:05 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

      Everyone hates the Cats because they’re the top of the food chain. The NCAA would love nothing better than to burn us down. If there was any shred of evidence of wrongdoing by UK they would have been all over the program by now.

      You have to keep in mind what a trashy school Louisville is, from the administration all the way to the fan base, as the past few days have overwhelmingly proved. Louisville had a lot more “need” to play dirty than UK, because Louisville does not enjoy the elite status UK does. Their problem is that they arrogantly thought they could buy that prestige. And now we see what that got them. And I love it.

      I hope Pitino goes to jail, and I hope to drive by Jurich at the corner of Maxwell and S. Broadway holding up a sign asking for spare change.

    • Jester
      10:08 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

      Well, I hope to drive by and see him holding the sign. Not me drive by holding the sign and see him. Whatever. We all know it was very witty and smug.

  9. Bluebloodtoo
    6:51 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    See, that’s where you are wrong. Pitino doesn’t care about the fans or their opinion of him. All he cares about is himself.

  10. 2thepoint
    7:02 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    Think of the punishment he will put himself through every time he meets someone who gives him the knowing look. He is going to be ashamed to show his face anywhere for a long time especially around basketball people. There will be no punishment more severe than vacating all those wins and championship trophy. I wonder if the hall of fame with remove his election into that fraternity?

    • ClutchCargo
      9:49 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

      Except Pitino has no shame, only extreme arrogance. I think he actually feels like the victim in this.

  11. sweet wm
    7:26 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

    DENY, DENY, DENY…well it always works for Hillary, It will work for Coach 2.

    • Luether
      10:07 pm September 28, 2017 Permalink

      It worked for her until it didn’t …