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Children’s Charity Classic Monday Wakeup Call


It was a fun weekend in Lexington with a couple of major events going on, including the Red, White and Boom concert that has become such a major festival in the city. I however spent most of the weekend participating in one of my favorite events of the year, the Children’s Charity Classic Golf Tournament and the Greenbriar and Andover Country Clubs. The Children’s Charity Classic raised $670,000 for various charities benefitting children in Kentucky and finished its 35th year in the Bluegrass. It is a two-day tournament that sees various celebrities come to Lexington to play golf and help raise money for a great cause. The picture above came from the musical cabaret that featured Matthew Mitchell and a number of other great musicians entertaining the crowd. If you ever get a chance to be a part of the event, I would wholeheartedly recommend doing it and even if you don’t, hopefully we can do another “LIVE” radio show from the course as we did on Friday (an all-timer in terms of random KSR Radio shows).

With that, it is Monday so let’s get going:

— This is a little bit of the calm before the storm as we head to a week that should be relatively news free. The football coaches are getting their last bit of time off before they start the massive push towards the season and the start of football practice. Most of the coaches and players have been given one last break before the grind begins and thus football news should be relatively sparse. For Kentucky, most of the focus this week is on recruiting as Kash Daniel will make his final decision on Saturday, July 4th. Most people believe it will be Kentucky and if it isn’t, I will be shocked. But it is also worth watching what happens with Offensive Lineman Tate Leavitt, a JUCO player who has offers from Alabama, Auburn and others, but one who many believe has Kentucky as his leader. He will visit in a couple of weeks and if the Cats can get him to commit, it will be the greatest offensive lineman haul in the history of the school (it probably already is, but this would just solidify).

— From the basketball perspective, most of the UK team has arrived or will arrive on campus this week to get going on the season preparation. Tyler Ulis, Isaiah Briscoe, Charles Matthews, Alex Poythress and others are all already on campus and Skal Labissiere and others should be very soon. We should start getting the leaks about pickup games and how the guys are doing over the coming days and we will also hear about their games with former Cats who will be around Lexington over the next few weeks. This is the time of year of unbridled optimism (Josh Carrier doesn’t miss!; Jules Camara has put on weight!; You cannot stop Stacey Poole in the open court!) and is always one of my favorite times.

— It is good to be Devin Booker. This Draft night picture makes me laugh for a number of reasons, not least of all is the state of his tie after what I am sure was a long night


— Wimbledon starts today, which probably matters to you very little but should matter to you much more as it is one of the three best sporting spectacles I have ever attended (the first two are Final Fours and the Ryder Cup in 2008). I sat courtside and watched a young Venus Williams and a then-popular Anna Kournikova after staying up all night and “queing” up outside the hallowed grounds. This year the story is if Serena can win the slam and Federer could somehow take one more before he retires. But even if you don’t watch (and most of you will not), take a second to read this David Foster Wallace (simultaneously one of the greatest and most overrated writers of our time, and unfortunately now deceased) piece on Federer…probably the best article ever written on the sport of tennis.


— Last week was one of the biggest news weeks in many years…the Confederate flag, gay marriage, Obamacare, the two guys who escaped from prison getting caught, etc. But it might have been easy to skip over the funeral of Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim. Kim was killed in the line of duty 10 days ago and his funeral last week was according to those that attended, a special event. You can read more about the proceedings here and the pictures, videos and scenes from the memorial, funeral procession and day’s events in the city are extremely powerful. Citizens of Cincinnati and the surrounding area have raised over $180,000 in the memory of Officer Kim since his killing (and you can donate to the fund here) and that act alone is enough to make one have confidence of our basic common good when so much of media attention is spent seeming to show our difficulties and divisions. In a time when there is so much disagreement, it is worth celebrating those that every day go out of their way to try and protect and serve, especially when that service leads to the ultimate sacrifice. The city of Cincinnati rallied around the family of one such individual in our area last week and we shouldn’t let the larger news around the nation overlook that important act.

— Finally, KSR sponsors a little league All Star team and they are making some noise. The South Lexington Blue All-Stars just finished in 1st Place in the Battle of the Heartland Fireball Classic in Adair County this weekend after a clutch 10-3 victory in the final game. Like KSR, the South Lexington Blue All-Stars save their best work for the big moments and as they continue this summer, we hope they keep getting victories and representing KSR on the field with gusto. Congrats on your victory and keep the victories coming! Ice cream is on Drew….


Article written by Matt Jones

21 Comments for Children’s Charity Classic Monday Wakeup Call

  1. SouthFlorida Cat
    9:03 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

    Good boy Devin…Latinas are DEFINITELY the way to go. 🙂

  2. d
    9:14 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

    Next summer KSR should step up their sponsorship and sponsor the real squad, Southeastern Allstars. SE is organization that actually makes noise in the summer

    • E
      10:17 pm June 30, 2015 Permalink

      Really? A good jobs boys would suffice. They are 7….

    • MP
      10:24 pm June 30, 2015 Permalink

      Great job young men! You showed great tenacity, great sportsmanship and great character this weekend. You represented Lexington well. Thank you KSR for allowing these young men to experience competitive baseball throughout the state of KY this summer. SLYB is a great organization, from the bottom up and our boys and girls appreciate the opportunity to play!

  3. BigBlueBoom
    9:29 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

    I’m pretty sure Skal is already here. Someone posted a pic yesterday with him in front of the Wildcat Lodge.

    • Bbn#1
      9:58 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

      Exactly what I was going to say plus I’ve seen him in the barbershop. This kid is huge and lanky as hell

    • ClutchCargo
      10:55 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

      Skal has been on campus for more than 2 weeks for sure. My son got his autograph at the first week of the father/son camp.

  4. Blackdog79
    9:37 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

    Thank you Matt for a well written piece that pointed out some positives about our society. I have elected to stay off of Facebook this week because of all the nonsense and its nice to get on a sports site and read something entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  5. Flozzella
    10:16 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

    He crazy

  6. ben
    11:19 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

    So you put Booker grabbing some girl’s ass ahead of the officer killed in the line of duty? nice. you guys are pathetic.

    • theSkinny81
      11:28 am June 29, 2015 Permalink


    • Charlie Day
      12:26 pm June 29, 2015 Permalink

      Your Honor, exhibit A for people complaining for the sake of complaining.

      He mentioned the officer in the post. Who cares what order it was in. Just be grateful that hes mentioning it and informing a large audience who probably didnt even know about it in the first place.

  7. Martha Duvall
    11:49 am June 29, 2015 Permalink

    Thanks for writing the paragraph about the officer. Great to hear such good things about the human race! You’re classy for including it!

  8. ben
    12:04 pm June 29, 2015 Permalink

    haha, “later?” 1992 called, it wants it’s 12 year-old skateboarder back.

    • theSkinny81
      4:46 pm June 29, 2015 Permalink


  9. ben
    12:05 pm June 29, 2015 Permalink


  10. ben
    12:06 pm June 29, 2015 Permalink

    look, i appreciate most of what’s posted on this site. however, sometimes these grown men go too far with the kid worship, etc.

  11. bluetothebone
    3:22 pm June 29, 2015 Permalink

    I wonder how much money Farrakhan… Jackson… Obama… And Sharpton gave to this officers fun

    • catdaddyd
      6:19 pm June 29, 2015 Permalink

      Obama said that could have very well been him years ago.

  12. Don Farago
    12:03 am June 30, 2015 Permalink

    I wanted to tell you that your blog about Officer Kim was well appreciated, and really shows how much class and realism you have. I’m a retired police officer and wanted to thank you for making the points that you did. There are so many things that happen in our world that aren’t noticed due to so much negativity getting attention. Thanks and God Bless!

  13. Erin White
    11:15 pm June 30, 2015 Permalink

    Thank you KSR for supporting our Blue 7 All-Star team! We are truly grateful for your support and so happy to bring home a win! Thank you!