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Butch Jones says last two seasons are some of Vols’ best in 20 years

Butch Jones’ seat in Tennessee is one of the hottest in college football, so it should come as no surprise that he is doing all he can to save his job.

In his latest attempt to stay alive as the Vols’ head coach, Jones went on 3HL Radio and said, “We have a lot of great things going on right now. We’re experiencing the last three years – the last two years have been some of the best years in the last 20 years of Tennessee football.”


Someone should tell Butch that, since 1997, Tennessee has a national championship, two SEC championships and five SEC East trophies.

Maybe he’s proud of his team’s 17-13 win home win over UMass last week.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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18 Comments for Butch Jones says last two seasons are some of Vols’ best in 20 years

  1. ClutchCargo
    10:36 am September 29, 2017 Permalink

    If his seat wasn’t already smoldering, it is now a blazing inferno after that idiotic comment. I can’t even imagine how pissed off I would be if I was a UT fan.

    • ClutchCargo
      12:18 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

      Of course, merely being a UT fan would be more than enough to piss me off.

  2. Bill3
    10:39 am September 29, 2017 Permalink

    He really doesn’t know does he? While politicians in high office might get away with “alternate facts,” fan bases are not quite as forgiving. He just threw another shovel of charcoal under his seat.

  3. J-Dub421
    10:41 am September 29, 2017 Permalink

    We have an opportunity to get Butch Jones fired this year. You know he’s gone if Tennessee loses to Kentucky.

  4. Sentient Third Eye
    10:45 am September 29, 2017 Permalink

    Before the last few years, I liked Butch Jones, but he’s proven to be the worst coach under pressure I have ever seen in my entire life. Now that his seat is getting got, he’s turned into a ranting basket case!

    The worst part is the timing. Jones, if he is this unhinged, cannot survive this season, and with Petrino on his way to leaving Louisville at the end of the year, UT will likely be the most prestigious school looking for a new coach. And UT is getting desperate enough to put up with some low-class sleaze as long as they don’t end up on probation.

  5. TakenNotGiven
    10:48 am September 29, 2017 Permalink

    He gone. It’s one thing to lose, but publicly stating that mediocrity is acceptable takes it to another level

    • ClutchCargo
      12:19 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

      It’s not only acceptable, it’s to be celebrated, according to Butch.

    • EdC
      12:44 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

      Putting on flame proof suit … OK …

      Perspective: Not so long ago UK put a coach with a 7 year UK win loss record of 39-47, 45.3% into their hall of fame. Lots of people here still talk about him being a great coach.

      I can’t stand anything to do with UT or Butch Jones but we don’t really have a very high horse to sit on when discussing what constitutes accepting mediocrity.

    • ClutchCargo
      3:13 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

      Even more perspective: He is saying this as head coach at UT, where the fans are accustomed to, and demand, success in football, and under no circumstances consider the results of the past 2 seasons to be acceptable.

  6. Laker Cat 18
    10:55 am September 29, 2017 Permalink

    I’m a Tennessee hater, but I really like Butch Jones. I heard him and McElwain (UF) speak at a clinic last year and I came away a huge Jones fan. I couldn’t have been more disappointed in McElwain’s views as a coach and a person.

  7. LegggoooCats
    11:36 am September 29, 2017 Permalink

    Kentucky can officially put the fork in him by beating the Vols this year. I personally feel we’re better than UT, but will we have a “This Is Kentucky Football” moment and lose, or will we stick the fork in him?

    I’m always torn when there is a coach who I highly dislike (example: Tom Crean) but is also one who provides endless jokes, memes, has turned a rival into mediocrity, etc… do I really want that guy to go because I can’t stand him, or have him stay and continue the shenanigans?

  8. catsby90.1
    12:55 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

    I hope he keeps his job. I love seeing the fans get their hopes up every year and it not work out.

  9. memphis wildcat
    1:20 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

    You are all forgetting that UT won “the championship of life” in the last 2 years. that is better than all those other championships….

  10. catsarerunnin
    2:00 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

    Save that line for later Butch when you’re coaching at Eastern Michigan or Bowling Green.

  11. 2Dogs
    2:31 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

    Can’t stand Tennessee, can’t stand orange, can’t stand Rocky Top. But this is a lot of chirping about a coach and program that beats us every year. Frustrating since it seems we’ve had the better team a few times.

  12. CatesDuncan
    4:14 pm September 29, 2017 Permalink

    He’s saying that so he don’t get his butt fired