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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Who Would Be the Go-To For Now?

There are very few negatives that can be gathered from the 4 games in the Bahamas.  The Cats looked wildly impressive for a group of freshman and sophomores in August.  The team appears to be deep at nearly every position, the returning players all looked improved, and this freshman class looks ready to contribute immediately.  While the competition might have been a little worse than expected, the Cats still handled their business in a very encouraging way.

But maybe the only “downside” to four blowouts is that we never really saw who might be the go-to guy in a clutch situation late in a game.  Of course, in August exhibitions we might not see the team that we will see in November or March.  But it still might have been nice to see at this point, who would the Cats go to in a tight spot.  So, from what we saw this week, who would be the best guess for getting the big shot?  A few candidates with odds:

(2-1) Keldon Johnson: The obvious choice is the best player.  He’s a guy who can get to the rim but also knock down the jumper.  He forces the defense to target him in multiple ways and I think he would be the guy who the play is probably drawn up for right now.

(5-1) Tyler Herro: Before the Bahamas, he would have been way down the list but after the Bahamas, you have to think Herro is on the floor at least.  I think what vaults him up the list is his confidence to take any shot.  This isn’t always a good thing but I want my big shot maker to be confident.  Plus, he has shown the ability to get to the rim off the dribble as well.

(10-1) PJ Washington: The reason he is down the list is because typically your 4’s and 5’s are not getting the ball at the end of games.  But Washington’s ability to be a threat from 20 feet makes him dangerous.  I also probably trust him posted up over anybody as well.  If the guards can’t get their shot, I want it in Washington’s hands for now.

(12-1) Immanuel Quickley: Point guard will certainly touch the ball during a last shot and I think Quickley is the guy on the floor for now over Hagans.  Even still, not yet sold on trusting him over the three guys above.

(15-1) Ashton Hagans: If it’s Hagans over Quickley, then so be it.  But certainly a less likely candidate to knock down a shot in a clutch situation.

(25-1) Quade Green: I trust him more to hit a shot than Hagans but I don’t think he gets to the basket nearly good enough and I’m not sure he’s on the floor yet for a final shot.  If open though, I would feel good about him knocking down a big three.

(45-1) Reid Travis and Sophomore Nick Richards: Centers rarely get the ball down the stretch but I like the concept of having these guys there for putbacks at the buzzer, right?  So if that counts as taking the game winning shot, then count me in.

(75-1): Brad Calipari: Here is where you need Brad.  If you want a shot that goes up and hits the rim 75 times before finally dropping, thus taking many seconds off the clock.  If that is the strategy, then Brad is your guy.

We won’t know until November just how this situation will play out.  We might find out in Game #1.  But I feel confident that this team will have a bunch of options over the course of this season of guys who can hit the big shot at the end of a game.  And that is a good feeling to have.


Article written by Bryan the Intern

18 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Who Would Be the Go-To For Now?

  1. david8577
    10:05 am August 15, 2018 Permalink

    Hagans too high, and Green too low.

  2. Saul T. Nuts
    10:15 am August 15, 2018 Permalink

    BTI sucks. Green is the man and Johnson isn’t a good enough shooter (yet).

    • Wade
      1:25 pm August 15, 2018 Permalink

      Keldon can shoot and is taller and can take a man to the basket green can’t he has a open shot only

  3. UKLugo
    10:16 am August 15, 2018 Permalink

    in that order.

  4. rockyou
    10:37 am August 15, 2018 Permalink

    I love PJ, but don’t want the ball in his hands at end of game until he proves he can hit free throws !!
    My choices would be Herro, Green, Johnson, Quickley and Reid

    • Luether
      2:11 pm August 15, 2018 Permalink

      Amen on PJ. Until his FT % significantly improves (doubtful) – he just can’t be a top closer option…

  5. check
    10:40 am August 15, 2018 Permalink

    This is thought provoking to be sure. I don’t agree with any opinion I’ve seen yet. So you very well can disagree with me. I’d rank mine on FG%. So at THIS time, I’d go with Herro, Quade, Johnson, Richards, Washington. I put Herro first also because he’s fearless. I have the most confidence with him making a clutch shot without intending any negativity on any other player. I’m a fan of every player on this team and we have good shooters on this team. Herro is a scorer. That all said, what happens between now and the SEC schedule no one knows. This team is so deep and athletic that we may have few chances at a close game. I love to disrespect Duke, but in my opinion, despite their loads of talent, we may beat them by 10+ points. And oddly I mean them no disrespect here. They have severe talent. Nov 6 is a long awaited day. It is the Super Bowl before the storm.

  6. Robkycats54
    10:59 am August 15, 2018 Permalink

    Is this a joke???? Lol the answer Quade……. he is the only guy proven in late game situations to be counted on rather to make the shot or correct pass, but Ashton ranked ahead of him is a insult or even keldon at this stage maybe by june but as of right now Quade would be my choice then Herro or PJ late game

  7. jrdh13
    11:45 am August 15, 2018 Permalink

    Quade was trusted in late game situations last year, why in the world would he be the 8th option on this years team

    • Bluebloodtoo
      1:05 pm August 15, 2018 Permalink

      Not that i agree with quade being so low, but the answer to your question is that the rest of the team around him is different this year.

  8. HashtagNoseWhistle
    11:52 am August 15, 2018 Permalink

    Obviously its Brad. He’s always in at the end of the game

  9. JMFATZ47
    12:04 pm August 15, 2018 Permalink

    How is Hagans ranked higher than Green? Dumb

  10. runningunnin.454
    12:17 pm August 15, 2018 Permalink

    Based on all we’ve seen, it would be Herro; he can create his own shots, and is versatile…and if they foul him, it’s an auto two points.
    Quade next, and then Nick.

  11. Bluebloodtoo
    1:04 pm August 15, 2018 Permalink

    Obviously this will be game/opponent specific scenarios, but I’d want a perimeter shooter (herro), a distributor with the ability to drive ( green), a veteran (reid), and a rebounder/putback machine (PJ). That lineup leaves room for one more guy, who has to be KJ. Depending on the opponent front court, I might put in Richards over Reid if we needed more size.

    • Leviathan_worldwide
      7:40 pm August 17, 2018 Permalink

      Nick Richards is a really good at the free throw line, so that’s a plus in late game situations.

  12. You Can Call Me Cal
    2:55 pm August 15, 2018 Permalink

    Quade proved in the Bahamas that he can create his own shoot better than the could last year. I see him hit threes, pull-up jumpers, bank shots going to the side, and floaters. He may not get to the cup the best, but the kids knows how to get buckets. Definitely ranked too low. A lot of this discussion depends on matchups too.