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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: What are the Trends In Retiring Jerseys?

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You know, a common topic of conversation among UK fans, especially in the summer months, is about who might be next to go up into the rafters at Rupp Arena.  But what has generally made a UK legend?  Below, I have split the 37 retirees into different categories to see if there has been any common feature amongst the players.  You’ll find some interesting trends I think:

Kentucky (20): Hayden, Spicer, Sale, DeMoisey, Rouse, Rollins, Beard, Jones, Hagan, Ramsey, Evans, Rose, Bird, Grawemeyer, Hatton, Cox, Givens, Feldhaus, Pelphrey, Farmer
Indiana (4): Barker, Dampier, Macy, Woods
Ohio (2): Groza, Grevey
Georgia (2): Spivey, Walker
Louisiana (2): Nash, Robey
New York (2): Riley, Mashburn
Massachusetts (1): Tsioropoulos
Texas (1): Burrow
Illinois (1): Issel
Pennsylvania (1): Bowie
Tennessee (1): Delk

What’s interesting to me is that 16 of the first 21 UK players to have their jersey retired were from the state of Kentucky.  Since that time though, only 4 of 16 players who have seen their jersey into the rafters are from the state, and 3 of those were from The Unforgettables.  Tayshaun Prince is probably the next to go up there, which will take care of California.  Keith Bogans is from Virginia.  But what’s clear is that the quality of high school basketball in Kentucky has dipped to such a level over the last 25-30 years that UK just can’t rely on recruiting the state heavy.

Guard (11): Rouse, Rollins, Beard, Ramsey, Rose, Hatton, Dampier, Macy, Farmer, Woods, Delk
Guard/Forward (4): Hayden, Evans, Barker, Pelphrey
Forward (11): Spicer, Tsioropoulos, Bird, Grawemeyer, Cox, Riley, Grevey, Givens, Walker, Feldhaus, Mashburn
Forward/Center (6): Sale, Demoisey, Jones, Nash, Robey, Bowie
Center (5): Groza, Spivey, Hagan, Burrow, Issel

(Positions determined by Jon Scott’s website)

1920’s: Hayden, Spicer
1930’s: Sale, Demoisey, Rouse
1940’s: Rollins, Groza, Beard, Jones, Barker
1950’s: Spivey, Hagan, Ramsey, Tsioropoulos, Evans, Rose, Bird, Grawemeyer, Burrow, Hatton, Cox
1960’s: Nash, Dampier, Riley, Issel
1970’s: Grevey, Givens, Robey, Macy
1980’s: Bowie, Walker
1990’s: Farmer, Feldhaus, Pelphrey, Woods, Mashburn, Delk

Those 1950’s were sure filled with a lot of UK legends.  Same amount of titles as the 1940’s and 1990’s, but many more legends.  Ok.

2 Titles: Groza, Beard, Jones, Barker
1 Title: Rollins, Spivey, Hagan, Ramsey, Tsioropoulos, Hatton, Cox, Givens, Robey, Macy, Delk
No Titles: Hayden, Spicer, Sale, Demoisey, Rouse, Evans, Rose, Bird, Grawemeyer, Burrow, Nash, Dampier, Riley, Issel, Grevey, Bowie, Walker, Feldhaus, Farmer, Pelphrey, Woods, Mashburn

Interesting that 22 of 37 retirees did not win titles at UK.  I don’t know why, but I thought that the majority of them would have.  But UK went from 1959 to 1995 winning only 1 title, so when put in that context, it’s understandable.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

5 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: What are the Trends In Retiring Jerseys?

  1. michaelb
    10:15 am June 24, 2019 Permalink

    Anthony Davis has to go up sooner or later . If not this title of being retired looks plain strange

  2. BlueBanker18
    10:38 am June 24, 2019 Permalink

    Could be Barnstable

  3. pikapp210
    12:37 pm June 24, 2019 Permalink

    Delk wasn’t in the 90s…wasn’t even in the 00s

    • pikapp210
      12:39 pm June 24, 2019 Permalink

      Sorry, thought you were categorizing by when they were retired

  4. RealCatsFan
    12:53 pm June 24, 2019 Permalink

    Kind of puts things in perspective when you think about the fact that we went 35 years with only ONE title. For all the fans who bellyache about the near misses with Cal, this fact is for YOU.