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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: What Are the Limits on Attire?

I will be upfront and honest with you from the beginning.  I have clothing and hats for other college and universities in my closet.  I have stuff from WKU, my alma mater.  I have EKU, Centre, Texas A&M, Harvard, and Florida College attire as well.   I’ll be honest: I AM NOT ASHAMED BY THIS.  And here is the simple reason:


It bothers me a little when people throw a fit over fans wearing the gear of other teams because it shows the most negative side of the fanbase.  It shows people who are too tightly wound and too consumed in a sport and a team.  There are a couple people I know who will own nothing that has the color red in it.  There are people who actually hold grudges against those who might wear a red tie with their suit.  And we’ve all heard the stories of car vandalism if you have the wrong bumper sticker.  It’s absurd if you ask me.

But, I am a reasonable person.  If you can convince me why I shouldn’t wear any other clothes besides UK attire, I am willing to hear it.  Of course, I am not including that 1 UL shirt which I use to wipe sweat off my pits after a long run.  So here are the questions I have for you:

1. Can you wear the gear of another college team?

2. If so, what are the limits to what teams you can wear?  Is only UL stuff out?  How about all other SEC teams?

3. Would you ever hold it against a friend if they wore UL gear?  Friendship over?

Article written by Bryan the Intern

33 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: What Are the Limits on Attire?

  1. JTHinton
    10:05 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Yes, if you went there, grew up in that town, or your children went/go there

    • JTHinton
      10:05 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

      Excludes rivals (UL, UT, FL, UNC, Duke, IU, etc) and teams that beat us in the NCAA tourney in the Cal era

  2. BobKYCats
    10:09 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    I have a healthy Navy wardrobe to go along with my UK gear. I also have always liked Nebraska football so I have a couple Husker items as well.

  3. garrett0530
    10:10 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    You can’t wear the stuff of another team if Kentucky is playing them soon, or if they just lost to them. It’s just a bad look. I would say U of L stuff is out, and so are UT and Duke. Smaller schools or non rivals are fine. I have a Transylvania shirt, I have an Oregon hat, and I have a Notre Dame football jersey.

  4. rainman
    10:14 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Your either IN, or OUT!

  5. BTI, I’m intrigued: how did you come into Florida College gear? I know a few folks who went there.

    To answer your question: as JT said above, DEFINITELY no gear from ANY rival, and I agree on the schools he listed. I used to have a Georgia shirt or 2 when I lived there, but I still never pulled for them over UK, so I suppose there could be UK fans who may latch on to even UF if they live there. However, if you pull for them over UK, you’re a UF fan, not UK. I would say you are only a SEMBLANCE of a UK fan at that point.

  6. gright
    10:21 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    I wear Cardinals……. but this is for St. Louis of course.

  7. Kat4Life
    10:31 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    There are probably benign shirts from other universities that would play just fine in a pro Kentucky crowd. However there are universities where that is not true, certainly Louisville, Duke, Carolina, Indiana, Kansas, would qualify as never wear in my circle of friends

  8. PillsburyThrowboy
    10:45 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Yes you can wear other teams clothes. It can be a rivals attire for family reasons, or if you have a son/daughter attending that school or for other circumstances where you want to show respect at a time where sports are of way less importance (tornado in tuscaloosa, for example). Outside of these situations, I find it hard to believe any reasoning for wearing a rivals attire. If my UK friend put a UofL shirt on because “he likes red” then I would give him hell about it. But friendships are more important than sports and it would never be over. Anyone who says anything differently takes sports WAY too seriously and needs to reevaluate their life.

  9. rossf22
    10:46 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    I have always wanted to have one of every SEC team sweatshirt. The reason is I always pull for the SEC when it comes to tournament time or just when they are playing other conference teams. Obviously if a team were playing Kentucky I would avoid wearing that teams sweatshirt like the plague…. I see nothing wrong with wearing other college/teams apparel if you have some connection or fondness to them.

  10. real truth
    10:47 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    If you are in high school or below, you can wear any college gear….to an extent.
    After high school, your college is the only gear you can wear (unless you transfer)
    While we are somewhat on the subject, no backwards hats once you turn 30.

  11. Duuuuuude
    10:47 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Only UK stuff, but I do have one WKU shirt I wear because my kids all went to school there and I sent them a gazillion dollars in tuition and such which I feel is allowable.

  12. MegatonRange
    11:03 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.

  13. chrislarkey
    11:15 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    I never understood why anyone from Lexington would wear a nasty UL, UNC or dUKe shirt.

  14. acotky
    11:24 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Wear whatever you want, but if you are wearing stuff from 27 different teams you are not a true fan. I rock the blue and only the blue even when I went to WKU. The only time I have worn something from a different team is to mess with a Loserville fan (i.e. wore a Pittsburgh shirt to mess with my brother and I do not own the shirt nor was it a rival school)

  15. lexslamman
    11:26 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Why would I wear apparel from a school that I did not attend nor did members of my family attend? It’s kind of pathetic to worship a bunch of athletic kids and rep a school that you really have no connection to.

    And if a member of my family ever wore UL gear, they wouldn’t be a member of my family anymore.

  16. david8577
    11:30 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    If you wear UK gear, you are probably the salt of the earth type, the type that volunteers their time to help others, opens doors for women, say please and thank you, etc. If you wear a Duke shirt, there’s a 99.99% you’ve never even been on campus, but you think being a contrarian makes you cool. If you wear UNC gear, it’s probably two sizes too big and you probably need to pull your pants up. If you wear IU gear, you probably didn’t finish high school and think that the 70s were awesome. If you wear Louisville gear, you probably take trash bag shots, dance on stripper poles, and live off of welfare. Anything else is fine.

    • rabblerabblerabble
      1:37 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

      I’m curious. What percentage of the #BBN do you think actually has a diploma from the University of Kentucky?

  17. Jay17282
    11:42 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    If i was Matt jones I would fire you for having other teams shit in your closet

  18. runtsfan
    11:42 am May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Could be just wishful thinking if you wear items from certain schools (ivies, Stanford, MIT, etc)

  19. CatManDo
    12:14 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Being from eastern Kentucky I feel wearing Morehead State and EKU gear is perfectly fine. Otherwise, pretty much all UK.

  20. The Professor
    12:22 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    If you wear gear for a top academic school like Harvard it is a bit pretentious if you actually have no connection there. Similar but not nearly as bad as wearing military garb when you have never served.

  21. Rick_S
    12:50 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    STHU. If you are a UK fan wear UK stuff.If you get caught with UL garb on, I hope someone kicks your ass…Also, UK fans pay your salary…this site was built by UK fans…

  22. Duff86
    12:54 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Hierarchy of No-Gos:

    1. Duke
    2. Louisville
    3. Tennessee
    4. Florida
    5. All other major rivals
    6. Anything Lebron related.

    Beyond those, I could care less.

  23. runningunnin.454
    1:22 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Except the gaudy color and the ‘T’, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the above picture.

  24. Angelo
    1:27 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Why crop the face?? Everyone wants to see a pretty girl smile…

  25. bradinmississippi
    2:41 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    I live in Mississippi and have season tickets to Ole Miss so I have a lot of Mississippi stuff. The other 2/3 of my closet is blue. My daughter attends Memphis so I have 1 University of Memphis shirt.

  26. Cincy Cayt
    3:55 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    You can wear what you want, but probably best to bring the blue to games

  27. christopherharrison26
    4:12 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    It’s OK to wear whatever you want whenever you want. The WKU and EKU stuff is benign – state schools other than UoL are OK particularly if you or family member are alums.
    But just understand you have zero credibility as a writer for all things UK when you say you feel fine wearing gator and mountaineer apparel. Seems a waste of time reading “insights” or “opinions” from someone as insensitive about this issue as the column purports – they say that youth and inexperience often lead to intellectual arrogance – is that the real issue here? Or are you just trolling BBN to get a bunch of comments – classic blog trick but a bit disingenuous.

  28. Brian in Franklin
    7:48 pm May 17, 2018 Permalink

    Bigger questions are: Did you purchase or was it a gift? If you purchased it you support the school. If it was a gift you’re supporting who it came from. You then question your friends if they buy you swag from rival schools.