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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Updating Cal’s Record with Referees


Every so often (2 or 3 times a year) I like to update a database I have been keeping for a while now of every referee who has called a UK game during the Calipari tenure.  There is always a feeling among some UK fans that certain refs have it out for the Cats and Cal in particular.  But do the stats actually back that up?  Well, to me, there is just 1 guy that you could maybe make an argument about that for: Roger Ayers.  Ayers is the only ref of the 57 total that have called 4 or more UK games and Cal has a losing record with.  When you look at the gaudy records with most of the SEC refs and then see the 5-6 record with Ayers, some questions have to be raised.

Nonetheless, take a look at the entire group and give your thoughts.  Each ref has the games UK lost in parentheses, with those in red coming in either SEC or NCAA Tournament play.  The year listed is the actual year the loss took place:

38-9: Tony Greene (’10 Tennessee, ’11 Florida, ’12 Vandy, ’12 Duke, ’13 Florida, ’13 Baylor, ’14 Florida, ’14 Florida, ’15 Ohio St.)

34-9: Doug Shows (’11 Alabama, ’12 Louisville, ’13 Texas A&M, ’13 Alabama, ’13 Tennessee, ’13 Arkansas, ’14 Florida, ’14 UCONN, ’16 LSU)

28-3: Mike Nance (’10 South Carolina, ’12 Vandy, ’14 South Carolina)

27-3: Anthony Jordan (’11 Arkansas, ’14 LSU, ’14 Arkansas)

26-3: Joe Lindsay (’11 Georgia, ’11 Ole Miss, ’13 UNC)

24-5: Antonio Petty (’11 Georgia, ’12 Vanderbilt, ’12 Baylor, ’13 Vanderbilt, ’14 Florida)

20-4: Pat Adams (’11 Vanderbilt, ’12 Baylor, ’14 Arkansas, ’16 LSU)

17-2: Mike Roberts (’13 Florida, ’16 Auburn)
17-4: Ron Groover (’13 Vanderbilt, ’14 Arkansas, “14 Florida, ’14 Florida)
17-5: Doug Sirmons (’10 Tennessee, ’11 Vanderbilt, ’12 Baylor, ’14 Florida, ’15 Wisconsin)

15-4: Mark Whitehead (’11 Arkansas, ’11 UCONN, ’13 Tennessee, ’14 LSU)

14-2: Lee Cassell (’13 Arkansas, ’14 Florida)

13-5: Ted Valentine (’10 West Virginia, ’11 Florida, ’11 Indiana, ’13 Michigan St, ’14 LSU)

12-2: Patrick Evans (’13 Texas A&M, ’13 Vanderbilt)

11-4: Jamie Luckie (’10 West Virginia, ’10 UNC, ’11 Alabama, ’11 Vanderbilt)

10-3: Joe DeRosa (’13 Baylor, ’14 UCONN, ’16 LSU)
10-3: Ed Corbett (’12 Notre Dame, ’12 Louisville, ’12 Florida)

9-0: Glenn Tuitt
9-3: John Cahill (’10 South Carolina, ’12 Louisville, ’13 Alabama)

8-0: JB Caldwell, Olandis Poole
8-2: Brian Shey (’13 Tennessee, ’16 Auburn)
8-3: Karl Hess (’11 Ole Miss, ’12 Notre Dame, ’13 Alabama)

7-0: Bert Smith
7-1: Terry Moore (’11 Georgia)
7-1: Tony Henderson (’16 Auburn)
7-2: Michael Stephens (’13 Georgia, ’14 Florida)
7-2: Gary Maxwell (’11 Ole Miss, ’11 Arkansas)
7-3: Les Jones (’11 UCONN, ’12 Notre D, ’14 Arkansas)

6-0: Don Daily
6-1: Jim Burr (’13 Georgia)

5-0: Rick Hartzell
5-1: Bruce Benedict (’13 Texas A&M)
5-1: Tom Eades (’11 Indiana)
5-3: Mike Eades (’10 UNC, ’12 Duke, ’13 UNC)
5-5: Michael Kitts (’10 Tennessee, ’11 Alabama, ’11 Florida, ’11 Indiana, ’13 Michigan State)

4-0: Jeffery Clark, Keith Kimble, Chuck Jones
4-1: Tim Gattis (’14 South Carolina)
4-1: James Barker (’13 Arkansas)
4-1: Kevin Fehr (’14 South Carolina)
5-6: Roger Ayers (’10 UNC, ’12 Duke, ’13 Georgia, ’13 UNC, ’14 Arkansas, ’15 Ohio St.)

3-0: Steven Anderson, Mike Greenstein, Byron Jarrett, Ray Natili, Gerry Pollard, Lamar Simpson
3-1: Bob Donato (’10 UCONN)
3-1: Pat Driscoll (’13 Michigan St)
3-3: Verne Harris (’14 UCONN, ’15 Wisconsin, ’15 UCLA)

2-0: Jeffery Anderson, Sean Casey, Tim Clougherty, Rick Crawford, Marc Ellard, John Gaffney, Darron George, Sean Hull, Bryan Kersey, Mike Reed, Garrick Shannon, Forrest Sigler, Mike Thibodeaux, CJ Washington
2-1: James Breeding (’14 Arkansas)
2-1 Kipp Kissinger (’13 Baylor)
2-1: Chris Rastatter (’10 UCONN)
2-1: Randy McCall (’15 UCLA)
2-1: David Hall (’15 UCLA)

1-0: Bob Adams, Jeff Anderson, DJ Carstenson, Tim Comer, Sean Corbin, Edwin Edsall, Kevin Ferguson, Dan Fouser, , Dwayne Gladden, Jacyn Goble, Gerry Heater, John Heatley, Tim Higgins, Michael Irving, Peter Juzenas, , Brian O’Connell, Tony Padilla, Gary Pucino, Mike Reed, Mike Sanzere, Kevin Scott, Kelly Self, Jeff Smith, Larry Spaulding, Paul Szelc, Dedric Taylor, Scott Thornley, Gary Tracey, Ken Turner, Vladimir Voyard-Tadal, Willi Washington, Ryan Wells, Deron White, Tracy Woodson
1-2: John Higgins (’11 UCONN, ’15 Wisconsin)
1-1: Ed Hightower (’10 UCONN)
1-1: Terry Wymer (’15 Ohio St.)

0-1: Curtis Shaw (’10 West Virginia)
0-1: Gary Prager (’13 Robert Morris)
0-1: Tony Chiazza (’13 Robert Morris)
0-1: Matt Potter (’13 Robert Morris)

Article written by Bryan the Intern

4 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Updating Cal’s Record with Referees

  1. Dustin Rumbaugh
    9:12 am January 18, 2016 Permalink

    Was John Higgins the ref in charge of watching the shot clock during the Wisc game? I don’t really remember many bad calls in the 2011 UConn game but that’s been awhile. Anyone remember? Just odd that he has been apart of two of the most heartbreaking losses during the Cal era, one of which had one of the biggest blunders I can remember as well (shot clock violations are about the easiest call you can make and I believe they’re reviewable as well).

    BTW, nice piece Bryan!! Interesting to look through and glad you’ve kept the record on this.

    • Dustin Rumbaugh
      9:15 am January 18, 2016 Permalink

      Just wanted to clarify…I realize one ref isn’t given the job of shot clock violations…it is just usually the ref standing toward the top of the key. Just wondering if that was his position at that moment.

      Just did some researching. Here’s the image ( ). I think it was mainly his duty but he looks to be looking for a foul on the interior, which should be the ref’s responsibility under the basket. Interesting.

    • Dustin Rumbaugh
      9:20 am January 18, 2016 Permalink

      Sorry for the further edit…it looks like both refs are in a position to watch but neither seems to be. I know NOTHING about refereeing. Shouldn’t one of them be in a different position more under the basket or is there a third off screen in that shot that is under the basket?

  2. rainman
    4:31 pm January 18, 2016 Permalink

    Greene, Shows, Ayers, if we have two of these three in a game, we WILL lose!