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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: SEC Softball Gettin’ Frisky

Who knew SEC Softball was turning into WWE wrestling.  Florida and Auburn are 2 of the best programs nationally in softball with multiple meetings in the NCAA Tournament over the last few years (I looked it up), so there is likely some bad blood there.  It seemed to boil over a little bit on Monday with the “shoving match” above between Auburn player Somebody Somebody and Florida Head Coach Tim Whoever.

A background note: The Auburn player had 2 sisters who played at Florida and were both kicked off the team for an “altercation”.  So it’s safe to say there is a little history there.  But here are my thoughts:

  1. The Auburn player was not shaking hands in the line, which shows her character right there.
  2. The Florida coach does touch her shoulder but certainly not what I would call a push.  Now, should he have touched her at all?  It’s hard to say.  He might have just been patting her on the shoulder and he might have actually been annoyed and touched her shoulder because of that.
  3. Nonetheless, the Auburn player’s reaction was absolutely a push.  Again, showing her character.
  4. The Florida coach showed serious restraint in obviously not pushing back but seemingly responding in a calm manner.

Considering the history between this player’s sister and an “altercation”, which we obviously know means fight of some kind, and then her poor sportsmanship and shove in the back, I tend to side with the Florida coach on this one.  Nonetheless, SEC softball is getting feisty and might be worth watching when these 2 teams square off again.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

11 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: SEC Softball Gettin’ Frisky

  1. Booby Petrino
    8:44 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

    (1) The grown ass man who gets paid by the University should not touch the female student who clearly doesn’t want to be touched.
    (2) She shook hands with all the players, just not the coaches, and it’s obvious it’s bc there are issues with them and her family. She’s a college student who maybe didn’t make the classiest decision, but it in no way defines her character.
    (3) You have no idea what he was saying to her, and he shouldn’t have said anything to her but good game.
    Good lord you’re an idiot. I can’t believe they pay you to do this. Then again, you get hits sometimes just from people like me who like to point out your ignorance.

    • BlueGrass
      8:54 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

      Booby nailed it.

      Coach should be suspended and was completely in the wrong. Don’t tell me he hit ever girl’s hand in the line and then just missed her hand and pushed her in the shoulder.

      Comically, bad take by BTI. I honestly expect BTI to be the one who sees through the bullcrap, but this was an epic fail.

  2. RackEmWillie
    8:53 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

    A coach, on any level, never puts their hands on an opposing player. Period. That’s basic.

    Again, a coach on any level, never puts their hands on an opposing player.


    Was the girl from Auburn in the wrong? I guess. Was the guy whose career it is to know these things in the wrong? Without a doubt.

    Say it with me now: A coach, on any level, never puts their hands on an opposing player.

    • Bleedblueky
      11:14 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

      Totally disagree with BTI and no wonder BTI SUCKS 🙂

  3. Catsby80
    9:03 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

    I think it’s safe to say that he knew exactly what he was doing. Her reaction was pretty strong, but I think he should’ve had enough awareness to know that she wasn’t reaching out to slap his hand so he should’ve pulled his hand back too. All-in-all, I don’t think this is really much of a story, should he have done it? No, but to suspend this guy would be a bit drastic. Just issue an apology and move on.

  4. louisvillelaw22
    10:13 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

    BtI are you serious? The coach was way out of line here. There’s obviously some history between this gal’s family and UF’s coaching staff. She didn’t want to high five the guy so he made sure his hand hit her on the shoulder hard enough to turn her around. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she had popped him right there, would have served him right. I also wouldn’t have blamed her father or brother(s)(if she has any) if they had beaten him up in the parking lot.

  5. SwampCat96
    10:35 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

    Seems there is a reason Bryan is still an intern!! I can’t believe the ignorance of this write-up. As RackEmWillie so eloquently put it “Again, a coach on any level, never puts their hands on an opposing player.Period.” To give kudos to a coach for restraining himself is appalling. How about giving kudos to the first coach who saw she did not want any contact and decided not to touch her!! WOW!!

  6. CatsfaninFL
    10:36 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

    Why would you side with anyone in this, BTI? Yah she put her hand down in a sportsmanship line which was classless move #1. But you can’t convince me at all that it was a “missed” high five…when have you ever missed someone in a high five line and hit their shoulder… if anything you whiff and hit nothing. He knew exactly what he was doing. Classless move #2. At that point, it’s safe to say both should have handled things differently. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to say one is right and one is wrong.

  7. CatFan-n-volcountry
    10:36 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

    Coach is OUT of LINE here, he should have to answer for his actions….. “It’s about the student/athletes”.
    Her non high 5 was not classy, her REaction was not necessary. But the AD needs a sit down with this guy, with at least harsh warning.

  8. stoopstroops
    10:43 am March 29, 2017 Permalink

    BTI taking the side of a coach who had an “altercation” with a female athlete from another school. Why does this not surprise me, just another reason why he doesn’t need to write for this site any longer.

  9. WeareBBN
    12:07 pm March 29, 2017 Permalink

    Both should be suspended. Coach by the SEC and player by Auburn. Both were wrong, he more than her. She should get a game by her school, he should get multiple games by the SEC.