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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Rebuttal, 10 Reasons Why Letting Every Team Into The NCAA Tournament is AWESOME!

Aaron Torres (@Aaron_Torres) | Twitter

Yesterday, you hopefully saw Aaron Torres’ piece on this website entitled “10 Reasons Why Letting Every Team into the NCAA Tournament is a Terrible Idea“.  It was absolutely nonsense but it was at least well thought out so I thought I would take the chance to make a rebuttal, using the points that Aaron made to tell you why it is a GREAT idea.  I shouldn’t really have to do this because anyone who argues against more NCAA Tournament is a crazy person, in my opinion, but nonetheless:

AARON POINT #1: It devalues the regular season

Aaron argues the regular season means nothing and teams would only play for seeding if everybody gets in the NCAA Tournament.  Newsflash, that is already the case.  Do you really think UK plays in these classic games for the fun of it?  They play in the Champions Classic and CBS Classic and random Barclays event FOR SEEDING PURPOSES.  The whole point of the regular season, at least in major college basketball, is to secure as good a seed in the NCAA Tournament as possible.  So the only thing letting each team in would do is remove the bubble, which is always one of the most overplayed, nonsense things away.  College basketball regular season already has little value.

AARON POINT #2: It would also eliminate all bubble talk

As mentioned above, this is a true statement.  But let me counter by saying WHO CARES!!!  Great, now the game between Alabama and South Carolina is not important for bubble purposes but those teams are non-factors anyway.  The “bubble” is an overplayed factor in college basketball.  If it’s dead for a year, I think we can all survive and it doesn’t devalue my enjoyment.

AARON POINT #3: Can you imagine what Joe Lunardi’s life would be like during the final few weeks of the season?

I kinda feel like Joe Lunardi has gotten a little big for his britches in the last decade anyway.  If a 345 team field breaks him, so be it.  Let a bigger and better man who can handle this task take over.  Survival of the fittest.  And if Joe is only capable of seeding 68 teams, then he isn’t good enough anymore.

AARON POINT #4: We also wouldn’t get those great “first time in the NCAA Tournament” celebrations we see every March

Yes, because viewership of the MEAC championship game is so high because Howard has never made the tournament.

AARON POINT #5: We also won’t get those cool graphics on ESPN that update every time a new team is added to the field

Aaron has a good point here.  I do watch college basketball for the graphics.  (eye roll emoji)

AARON POINT #6: The Selection Show will take at least nine hours to complete

I actually think this a positive.  Watching Charles Barkley literally collapse on set trying to come up with something interesting to say about ETSU against Northern Arizona would be great TV.  Dickie V would have no voice by Hour 3.  Jay Bilas will have solved the worlds problems, at least in his eyes, by the end.  Give me a 24-hour selection show if possible.

AARON POINT #7: Opening round upsets just won’t have the same pizzazz

Yes, on Day 1 of the tournament the games would be against bottom tier conference opponents.  But at some point in the tournament, those teams will get their shot at the big boys.  And those who can pull off the upset will still get the hype and recognition it deserves.  Just because it occurs on Day 6 of the tournament and not Day 1 doesn’t make it less exciting.

AARON POINT #8: The NCAA Tournament will go on forever

Is this serious?  So what?  Give me an NCAA Tournament that takes 30 straight days to complete.  I’d be in heaven.

AARON POINT #9: We can’t support anything that’s Coach K’s idea

I would just convince myself it was the coach of Wake Forest’s idea.  We lie to ourselves all the time.  I can do it here.

AARON POINT #10: Finally, it’s just dumb

You’re dumb Aaron!  That’s my rebuttal.

(This article was written with sarcasm if that didn’t come through.  Aaron is a wonderful writer.  He is wrong on this topic but it happens.)

Article written by Bryan the Intern

2 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Rebuttal, 10 Reasons Why Letting Every Team Into The NCAA Tournament is AWESOME!

  1. BigBlueFoo42777
    10:24 am September 10, 2020 Permalink

    I personally dont like the idea of every team getting in. They would give the best teams 4 round byes and the early rounds would pretty much be the nit.

  2. Wade
    11:28 am September 10, 2020 Permalink

    Just play the way it’s always been done or don’t. If other teams you schedule aren’t playing for whatever reason then mark it a w by forfeiture and move on. As far as fans I think that’s the issue besides money but just make it true home games students faculty only and let’s have some fun and simplify this thing. If it has to be split up by last name a-z or groups in areas let’s figure that out for what capacity will be. It’s a odd year so let’s embrace it be safe and get back to some normalcy. I think all schools can do this. We may suffer a bit because our crowd is mostly older but this will be fun to make some new traditions and get the student sections rockin at Rupp. Go big blue.