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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Monday Afternoon Playcalling Breakdown (Eastern Kentucky)

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

The breakdown of the offensive production in various situations against Eastern Kentucky, as well as the combined season statistics through 5 games in each of those situations:

Run: 15 rushes for 43 yards (2.9 ypc)
Pass: 13-17, 159 yards, 2 TD, 1 sack for -15 yards

Combined Season Statistics
Run: 73 rushes for 388 yards (5.3 ypc), 2 TD
Pass: 40-58, 442 yards, 5 TD, 1 INT, 6 sacks for -45 yards

RECAP: You will obviously see a trend throughout these stats in that the running game was completely non-existent for UK on Saturday.  This was especially true on 1st down, where UK had it’s worst YPC numbers of the season.  The passing game, on the other hand, was very good.  Towles was accurate and hit on several big plays on 1st down.  One of the few positives on a rough offensive night.

2ND DOWN AND LONG (6 yards or more)
Run: 7 rushes for 20 yards (2.9 ypc)
Pass: 5-10, 84 yards, 1 sack for -8 yards

Combined Season Statistics
Run: 40 rushes for 191 yards (4.8 ypc), 1 TD
Pass: 19-38, 269 yards, 2 sacks for -16 yards

RECAP: Towles hit a couple nice passes for 1st downs but the rushing game was completely non-existent.  A couple of these runs were actually Towles scrambles as well.

2ND DOWN AND SHORT (5 yards or less)
Run: 5 rushes for 23 yards (4.6 ypc), 1 TD
Pass: 3-4, 20 yards, 1 INT

Combined Season Statistics
Run: 19 rushes for 63 yards (3.3 ypc), 3 TD
Pass: 7-9, 36 yards, 1 INT

RECAP: Cats struggled to gain much yardage here but Kemp’s TD run came in this scenario and Towles did complete 3 of 4 passes, although his 1 miss was a really bad interception.

3RD DOWN AND LONG (6 yards or more)
Run: None
Pass: 6-9, 56 yards, 2 sacks for -10 yards (converted 5 of 11)

Combined Season Statistics
Run: 7 rushes for 98 yards (14.0 ypc), 1 TD (converted 5 of 7)
Pass: 22-37, 297 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 6 sacks for -43 yards (converted 13 of 43)

RECAP: The offensive line struggles really showed up here as Towles was sacked twice and had to scramble a couple other times or rushed.  Even still, UK’s conversion percentage was much better than in their first 4 games, so a little positive there.

3RD DOWN AND SHORT (5 yards or less)
Run: 4 rushes for -2 yards (0.5 ypc) (converted 1 of 4)
Pass: 1-1, 5 yards (converted 1 of 1)

Combined Season Statistics
Run: 15 rushes for 49 yards (3.3 ypc) (converted 9 of 15)
Pass: 4-9, 67 yards, 1 sack for -10 yards (converted 4 of 10)

RECAP: Pathetic rushing attach here.  Negative yardage over the course of 4 carries, not converting 3 of 4 chances.  That absolutely kills drives that should be easily continued.  Hopefully that was an abnormal performance, but it has to be a little worrisome.

Article written by Bryan the Intern