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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Jamal Murray’s Month in Perspective

UK Athletics
UK Athletics

Jamal Murray is having a historic month and in terms of scoring in the John Calipari era, it’s the best month ever.  He still has the game tomorrow against Vanderbilt to either improve or decrease his 25.4 ppg average in February but barring something incredible, that is where his points per game average will hover around for this month.  But where does that rank in terms of some of the best scoring months in UK history?

Below are some major guys in modern UK history (post-1960) and their best scoring average month:

Dan Issel: Senior, February 1970 (8 games, 38.0 ppg)
Jodie Meeks: Junior, January 2009 (8 games, 28.0 ppg)
Jamal Murray: Freshman, February 2016 (7 games, 25.4 ppg)
Kenny Walker: Junior, February 1985 (8 games, 25.0 ppg)
Joe Crawford: Senior, March 2008 (5 games, 23.8 ppg)
Jamal Mashburn: Sophomore, March 1992 (10 games, 23.6 ppg)
Rex Chapman: Sophomore, March 1988 (8 games, 22.8 ppg)
Ramel Bradley: Senior, January 2008 (6 games, 22.3 ppg)
Keith Bogans: Sophomore, March 2001 (7 games, 22.2 ppg)
Patrick Patterson: Sophomore, December 2008 (8 games, 22.1 ppg)
Goose Given: Sophomore, February 1976 (7 games, 22.0 ppg)
Ron Mercer: Sophomore, December 1996 (8 games, 21.5 ppg)
Derrick Miller: Senior, December 1989 (9 games, 21.3 ppg)
Terrence Jones: Freshman, November 2010 (6 games, 20.6 ppg)
Tayshaun Prince: Senior, December 2001 (6 games, 20.3 ppg)
Gerald Fitch: Senior, March 2004 (7 games, 19.5 ppg)
Julius Randle: Freshman, November 2013 (7 games, 19.0 ppg)
Tony Delk: Senior, January 2006 (8 games, 18.8 ppg)
Brandon Knight: Freshman, February 2011 (8 games, 18.6 ppg)
Antoine Walker: Sophomore, December 1995 (8 games, 18.6 ppg)
John Wall: Freshman, November 2009 (6 games, 18.5 ppg)
Demarcus Cousins: Freshman, January 2010 (7 games, 18.1 ppg)
Anthony Davis: Freshman, February 2012 (6 games, 17.3 ppg)
Karl Towns: Freshman, March 2015 (9 games, 12.9 ppg)

Dan Issel scored 10 more points per game in his highest scoring that any modern UK player.  And consider just how good Murray has been this month, with the 3-point shot, and Issel still scored 13 more points per game in his best month.  That must have been a sight to see.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

9 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Jamal Murray’s Month in Perspective

  1. Rixter
    8:10 am February 26, 2016 Permalink

    Thanks, BTI… sometimes, 17 stories on the same subject just aren’t enough… we were all needing that 18th story on the great month Murray is having.

  2. kentuckyrld
    8:41 am February 26, 2016 Permalink

    People need to realize that Issel scored without the advantage of a 3 point shot. It is truly amazing just how good he really was.

  3. Not Dan Issel
    8:41 am February 26, 2016 Permalink

    I had the privilege of being able to watch Big Dan during his college career, and then during his time with the ABA Colonels (season ticket holder). Issel was a great basketball player, period. He had good shooting range and would have scored many 3 point baskets if the rule had been in effect then (of course Maravich would have averaged 65 rather than 45 as well). Issel had great hands, a quick first step, and a very soft shot. Really, he could score from just about anywhere, and he had the green light from Coach Rupp to do just that. Without question he continues to be the greatest individual player at UK of all time.

  4. UKBlue1982
    9:41 am February 26, 2016 Permalink

    The sad part is that back in Issel’s days, very few games were on TV. There was the SEC Game of the Week on Saturdays. The battles with Maravich were usually shown and they were truly epic. Even as a 9 year old, I knew I seeing greatness.

    Cawood’s radio call describing his 53 point game over Ole Miss was like listening to classic poetry.

    Issel fouling out on a bogus charge call against Jacksonville State in the 1970 was the 1st UK heartbreak that I could remember.

    • rockatao
      2:49 pm February 26, 2016 Permalink

      It was a terrible way to foul out, and it probably cost UK the game. But it was not a bogus call. Issel wasn’t watching where he was going and he steamrolled the guy.

    • RobbyT
      7:28 pm February 26, 2016 Permalink

      This is true. I remember it like it was yesterday. Dan was running with his head down.

  5. TJY
    9:50 am February 26, 2016 Permalink

    Murray only needs 47 points tomorrow to beat out Meeks. I’ve been saying all year that Murray was going to drop 10 threes in a game…could tomorrow be that game? #BeatVandy

  6. Angelo
    10:13 am February 26, 2016 Permalink

    Murray and Ulis are so much fun to watch! I hope someone makes a high light video of this season.

  7. TimB
    4:47 pm February 26, 2016 Permalink

    Far be it from me to criticize Issel, but his UK team averaged 79 field goal attempts and 25 free throw attempts per game while this year’s team only gets 60 and 23. The pace helped him a bit in his scoring.