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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: I’ll Say It….John Calipari is UK’s Greatest Coach Ever


Read that headline again and then let me make something really clear from the jump: John Calipari will never have the CAREER that Adolph Rupp had at Kentucky.  But that is simply for the fact that Rupp got 42 years at the University of Kentucky.  John Calipari has had 6 and if he reaches 10 years, we should feel like the luckiest fanbase in the world.  For whatever reason, I feel like the stress of the job always makes me wonder if we are in the end stages of the Calipari era.  Hope I’m wrong and he stays another 4 or 14 years, but we know he won’t be getting to 42 years.  With that said, I will reiterate:

John Calipari is the greatest coach in UK history

Why?  Is this just another BTI special?  Hell no.  It’s simply about era.  I argue that the era of college basketball today is so significantly better and more difficult to win that what John Calipari is doing is something that Adolph Rupp who have never done.  Take a couple things into consideration:

-John Calipari has 22 NCAA Tournament wins in 6 seasons and 5 NCAA Tournaments
-Adolph Rupp needed 20 seasons and 12 NCAA Tournaments to win 22 NCAA Tournament games

-John Calipari is averaging 4.4 wins in each NCAA Tournament
-Adolph Rupp averaged 1.3 wins in each of his NCAA Tournaments (INCLUDING CONSOLATION GAMES)

-Calipari made Final Fours against fields of 68, 68, 68, and 68 (16 wins needed)
-Rupp made Final Fours against fields of 8, 8, 8, 16, and 22 (6 wins needed)

-Calipari won 3 SEC titles in 6 years (50%) with the conference between 12-14 teams
-Rupp won 27 SEC titles in 42 years (64%) with the conference at 10 teams

(Rankings began in 1949)
-Calipari has won 13 non-conference games against ranked opponents in 6 years
-Rupp won 26 non-conference games against ranked opponents in 23 years

-Calipari has had the #1 AP team at some point in 4 of 6 seasons (67% of seasons)
-Rupp had the #1 AP team at some point in 8 of 23 seasons (35% of seasons)

John Calipari’s win percentage is higher than Adolph Rupp’s in an era of college basketball that is deeper, tougher, longer, more difficult to recruit and coach, plus is integrated.  If John Calipari was to coach 42 years at Kentucky, he would be on pace for:

WINS: 1,330 (Rupp: 876, albeit against longer schedules than Rupp)
LOSSES: 266 (Rupp: 190, albeit against longer schedules than Rupp)
FINAL FOURS: 28 (Rupp: 6)
SEC TITLES: 21 (Rupp: 27)

I’m sorry but John Calipari is the best college basketball coach in this school’s history.  He won’t have nearly the stats that Rupp will but Rupp wouldn’t have lasted 42 years at Kentucky in the 1990’s and 2000’s.  Rupp benefited from a lot of things.  He benefited from smaller leagues and NCAA Tournament fields.  He benefited from weaker conference teams and less difficulties recruiting, both in competition and personalities managed.  Sorry to say, but he benefited from the racial barrier.  John Calipari has benefited from none of these things, yet has accomplished things at Kentucky at a pace greater than that of Rupp.

Could things fall apart at some point and my opinion change of Calipari?  Of course.  But if Cal retired today, I would call him the best college basketball coach in this school’s history.  And I’ve got the facts to back it up.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

74 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: I’ll Say It….John Calipari is UK’s Greatest Coach Ever

  1. UKBlue1!
    9:07 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I am very happy to with coach Cal. I hope he stays for a long time.

  2. UKnowMe
    9:09 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Not much I can argue with. Cal will never get the love historically that he deserves though.

  3. Eyebleedblue
    9:10 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Gimme a break. Rupp built UK. The program will win after Cal, period. Not because of him, but because of Rupp and the fans and the Joe Crafts of the world. Coach K wins now because of the work he put in 30 years ago. IU is relevant because of Bob Knight, nothing else. Kansas, Ucla, Syracuse. Theyre all built on time. Joe B Hall and Tubby have as many banners that matter as Cal. 38-0 doesn’t mean anything without the championship. I love Cal also, but this isn’t even an argument. Cal is 2014 ucla vs Rupp as 2014 UK bro.

    • Eyebleedblue
      9:29 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      If Bear Bryant had stayed here, he would’ve built tradition. If Rupp had left here we wouldn’t have tradition. Rupp proved he could build a program, Cal merely took the reigns of the greatest tradition and facilities in college basketball and continued what others had built. He won 0 titles before here. The 96-98 run was greater than what Cal has done. A final 4 banner means you lost your last game and Cal himself said in his introduction, we don’t hang banners for anything except championships.

  4. asdf
    9:11 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I love Coach Cal and all, but his success at UK is aided by Rupp having blazed the trail ahead of him. Don’t forget that Rupp had to invent from scratch the whole concept of being a “great” college basketball coach because he was the first one there ever was to that degree. That alone made his job harder than anyone who followed.

    • ukjaybrat
      9:19 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      by that argument, saban isn’t a great coach because bryant paved the way. by that argument, there will never be a great coach at any program that had a great coach before him. and while that argument would have some merit comparing coaches like hall and pitino… but cal is on par to break almost every record rupp set. and it wouldn’t even be close.

      now i can’t in all honesty say that cal is better than rupp with only one title. but if cal ended up with 2 or 3 titles in a 7-15 year career at UK (while continuing the winning record as we have seen with just as many 30 win seasons and final four appearances… that would be truly something way more amazing than what rupp accomplished.

      That being said, it’s hard to compare across eras. in the end, i think we will all just be really excited to have had two eras of basketball as amazsing as we did during the rupp and calipari tenures

    • asdf
      9:32 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      There can still be great coaches, but I don’t think you’ll find many Alabama fans who will say that Bear Bryant was not greater than Nick Saban. Saban, like Cal, is the greatest of his era, but he could not do what he has done if Bryant had not built what was already the greatest in the sport before he ever arrived. Alabama would still be the most successful program in football history even if Saban had never existed. Kentucky would still be the most successful basketball program even if Cal had never existed.

    • CatsBy80
      9:37 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      not to split hairs, but I think Urban Meyer (just maybe) might be a better coach than Saban. I mean it’s really 1 & 1A, but I would give the nod to Urban… Just my two cents.

      Oh and on the topic of this thread, I think what Cal has done at UK is remarkable, but I’m not entirely sure that I agree he is the best coach in the history of UK basketball. As UKJay said, it’s really unfair and difficult to compare across eras.

    • Mike Shula On Line One
      11:07 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      26-23 overall in the four seasons leading up to the Saban hire. 13-19 in conference play. Technically it is 10-23 due to vacated wins but that was the whole textbook fiasco so I’ll set it aside much like the victories. Suffice it to say tradition don’t do squat without someone capable at the helm. I think you’re giving way too much credit for “building” tradition. Keep in mind Bryant built that tradition in a less competitive atmosphere and with a roster somewhere in the neighborhood of 9,000.

  5. RuppA
    9:13 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I thi tat you are overlookin the fact that Rupp was in Tourneys with 8 and 16 teams, they were harder to win games. Can you imagine if thetop 8 teams went to the NCAA in 2015, Ky ay have drawn Wisconsin and never made it out of the 1stround. With that sai, I lve Coach Cal and the job he is doing!

    • ukjaybrat
      9:21 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      wisconsin would still have been in the exact same region and we would have faced them in the exact same game… removing the bottom half of the bracket doesn’t change the seeding for the top half…. The final four would have been the same on our side the only difference is duke would have played virginia instead of michigan state

    • rockatao
      9:49 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      sorry, jaybrat, but in Rupp’s day, UK (SEC) and Wisconsin (BIG 10) were in the same region, the Mideast. Teams didn’t travel to other regions for the NCAA tourney; you played where you lived.
      Bottom line on BTI’s piece – there are so many differences in college basketball between today and sixty years ago that you cannot compare the two.

  6. Mixxy
    9:15 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Rupp built his success at a school that had no basketball tradition and no basketball success (until he got here). Cal inherited what was already the most successful program in history.

    • asdf
      9:41 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Exactly! This is the most important point in the whole discussion.

    • J-Dub421
      10:12 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Cal inherited a program that had been destroyed by Billy G. and rebuilt it in one recruiting class. There is more parity now across college basketball.

    • Miggity Mike
      11:14 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Look at Cal at UMass and Memphis as his “program building” ability, because he took them to national prominence in much shorter times than it took Rupp. Saying Rupp built UK and that is why UK is good makes no sense and before you say Rupp built the program against tougher competition…….he did it against football schools just like it is today.

      Rupp alone did not build the tradition that UK has. If so, UK would be the UCLA of today…….you were great a long time ago, but not so much now (although they’ve had other moments too). Without Joe B. Hall and Pitino, there wouldn’t be much tradition in our modern area to draw a coach of Calipari’s caliber to UK. The argument that Rupp building UK is the only reason why they are good would mean that Tubby Smith and Billy Gillispie should have won multiple championships too.

      I hate to say it, because BTI sucks, but I agree with him and if Calipari stayed at UK for 20 years I think he would smash all coaching records (like he is already doing).

  7. Sherlock Holmes
    9:15 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Your first and second points are undercut by the third. Of
    Course rupp had fewer avg tourney wins… One win and your in the final four.

  8. Kentucky Joe
    9:21 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    That first round NIT loss with three five star players and a future lottery pick separated Cal from Rupp as the greatest

    • Larry Steinmetz-Stein
      9:26 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      If Cal was to coach for 42 years, the projection based on his six year record is for seven first round NIT losses and there is nothing funny about that

    • J-Dub421
      10:14 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      I hope the sun turns you trolls into stone.

    • Gorsh!!
      10:57 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Hmmmm…so if it would mean 6 first round NIT losses what else would it make 6 of? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

  9. Notsofast
    9:26 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    One could argue that Cal is the greatest recruiter of all time. And then one might argue he is a terrible coach, seeing as he has only one title to support being gifted with the greatest talent In the country nearly every year he has coached!

    • Luddite
      9:57 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Your comment really makes you look like an idiot. It took Pitino having 9 or 10 future NBA players to win his first title. Dean Smith needed over 20 years to win his first title and had by far the best talent many of those years. Difference is that he had more experience on his teams. To discount experience on a team is asinine. Junior and Senior dominated teams are tough to beat, especially when talent is nearly equal to the less experience team.

    • Notsofast
      10:11 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      So your saying Cal is a bad coach because he’s not smart enough to rely on senior players instead of recruiting/playing “one and done” players? Seems a great coach (coach K) can win with either!

    • J-Dub421
      10:14 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Coach K just started copying what Coach Cal was already doing.

    • Luddite
      10:55 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      @Notsofast – No, he does what is best for each individual instead of harming a player’s earning potential like Pitino. Blackshear, Harrell are just a couple that have lost millions because of playing for Pitino. Calipari, while not perfect in that regard, has an awesome track record for maximizing most players draft position.

    • Notsofast
      10:56 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Yea, like Coach Cal invented recruiting the best players he could get!

    • J-Dub421
      11:00 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Notsofast, Coach K swore for years that he wouldn’t recruit one-and-done players. Until he suddenly realized he couldn’t keep winning without them.

    • Notsofast
      11:03 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      @Luddite – so now you’re saying Cal does what’s best for the individual at the expense of the teams success? You really do sound like an idiot!

    • BetterSlowDownYourself
      11:16 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      “…greatest talent in the country nearly every year he has coached.”

      I assume you mean at UK. If you mean over his entire career that isn’t even close to true. For some reason that myth gained traction over the last several years. I’m going to go out on a limb and attribute it to haters. His classes at Memphis generally fell in the 5th to 15th rankings and probably more often than not around the 10th spot. Besides how many coaches can be undone by that standard? From the elite recruiters I’m going to say all of them minus Coach K.

    • Luddite
      11:25 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      @Notsofast – Dad, why didn’t I get drafted? I thought you said Pitino would be best for me? I won’t be able to buy that house that I promised you because you said I should avoid Calipari. Oh well, at least we got beat by UK (again).

  10. hamburgdon
    9:27 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Don;t get me wrong I think Cal is a very good coach, but Rupp, in those 42 years had some very average talented teams and they were still very competitive. I think a true test of a great coach is what he does with average talent. We have not seen Cal coach an average talented team, which I am sure we never will.

    • J-Dub421
      10:16 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      The competition also average or even sub-par. There is more parity across college basketball now, than there was during Rupp’s era.

    • CATandMONKEY
      11:02 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      It is FAR more difficult to win in today’s climate.
      The competition,across the board is far stiffer than what Adolph faced on a regular basis.
      Rupp deserves every accolade thrown his way. People should at least consider, if not acknowledge that the game today is much more competitive.

  11. Ross
    9:32 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    You are very young and uninformed. I’m not. I used to have season books to UK’s games and was able to see many, many ranked teams on the schedule. When I see the caliber of teams that fans now must watch at Rupp, it is disgusting. Calipari is great and I am tickled to death to have him, BUT he is a fantastic recruiter, not a fantastic coach. Do a little homework and research Rupp’s teams. You will find that the majority of his teams were made up of little ol’ Kentucky boys that most had never even heard of. What do you think he could have done with five to ten high school All-Americans on his teams? Be real! When you compare statistics era against era, it is ridiculous! That’s like saying a Model T Ford would have no chance against a souped-up Trans Am of today. Of course it wouldn’t. Granted Calipari is racing against hotter cars nowadays, but everybody has a hot car. Rupp raced against Model Ts in comparison, but everyone had the best Model Ts they could put on the road. Give it a break! Again, Calipari is great and I too hope he stays around for a long time, but please don’t try to discredit Rupp to make him look good. Rupp was beaten but he was seldom, if ever, out-coached. Calipari gets out-coached much more often than many care to admit, but I love the talent he brings to the University. Go back and look at how many close games he has lost and still had time-outs on the clock. He teaches his players to out-play their opponent individually, and with the kind of talent he has, it works. Now, ask yourself if he could win a national championship with John Crigler, Roy Roberts, Ed Beck, Scottie Baesler and “Odie” Smith…? Who? Exactly!

  12. Dave
    9:33 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I wont argue that John is one of, if not the best coach we have had. however don’t discount the “Kentucky effect”. Rupp took nothing and turned it into something. Cal took something and extended it. There would be no “Kentucky effect” if it were not for the likes of Rupp then Hall and even yes the savior like it or not Pitino. I think Cal has been the benefactor of those before him as much as we have benefited from him. Lets face it he wasn’t recruiting for UAB. Though Memphis could have eventually made it to powerhouse status under Cal he evitable would have been recruiting against UK and which ever coach would have been here other than him. I love coach Cal and think he is assume but lets put things into perspective. UK basketball didn’t exist before Rupp and Cal has the benefit of the work Rupp did to build on!

  13. BtownUKFan
    9:34 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    This stat is very misleading:
    – John Calipari has 22 NCAA Tournament wins in 6 seasons and 5 NCAA Tournaments
    -Adolph Rupp needed 20 seasons and 12 NCAA Tournaments to win 22 NCAA Tournament games
    -John Calipari is averaging 4.4 wins in each NCAA Tournament
    -Adolph Rupp averaged 1.3 wins in each of his NCAA Tournaments (INCLUDING CONSOLATION GAMES)
    The tournament was much smaller during Rupp’s era and the NIT was a bigger deal than the NCAA early in his career.
    Your argument loses some of it’s strength by not making fair comparisons.
    Is Cal greater than Rupp? No.
    Can he stand beside Rupp as a dominating coach during his era? Yes!

  14. Lip stick
    9:34 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I notice that no one has mentioned Pitino? How many titles would he have by now if still coaching at UK, being able to pull the Recruits that the UK name brings? From the beginning, he totally turned UK back into a basketball school and took teams deep into the tourney that didn’t have the talent of our current third string. We had fallen off the face of the earth until he restored a winning tradition

    • CATandMONKEY
      11:04 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Probably no more than we currently have. Pitino lost the 97 title by attempting to appear Magnanimous.

    • Leuther
      1:37 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Agree! Ky would have at least 3 additional championships had quick Rick not left…

  15. Duuuuuude
    9:39 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I can’t argue with any of you, but….. many of you are too young to remember the state of the UK basketball program after Eddie Sutton. It was crippled with sanctions nearly to the point of no repair, much worse than the way Billy Clyde had left. Pitino re-shaped the image of the program as an elite program. His record while not as stellar was still no less exceptional, and I would like to see his record compared after he had an opportunity to recruit division 1 caliber players. His teams were competing in a league with other schools such as Arkansas and Miss State who were also competing for national championships. At the time he left the school, he had three consecutive teams which won or were favored to win the national championship. I realize that regardless of what most of you think of Pitino personally, he was in that same class of coach.

    • Leuther
      1:37 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Great points!

  16. Dee
    9:40 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    When Cal wins #9 come talk to us about being the greatest coach ever… Cal is amazing and is on “pace” to eclipse Rupp….but being on pace and beating are two very different things.

    Cal is the Dean Smith of our Era….there’s your real comparison….

    • Leuther
      1:38 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

      The Dean Smith comparison is spot on!

  17. Elmer Skaggs
    9:42 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Cal’s greatest achievement is that nothing has been vacates. So far

  18. za
    9:46 am July 15, 2015 Permalink


  19. Kasem Kamal Kasem
    9:47 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Thank you Wisconsin for a tolerable summer

  20. Kyreds
    9:50 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    When Calipari wins as many championships as Rupp then come back & talk ! Rupp took old country boys & won championships & Calipari gets the top players in the world & has only won 1 . Its not even close . Rupp is the greatest ever!!

  21. uksportsinfo
    9:50 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    “is something that Adolph Rupp who have never done.”

    Typical BTI

  22. Dubbya
    9:50 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    No, not yet. Don’t get my wrong, I’m very pleased with what Cal has done and am glad he’s our coach, but he has not quite overtaken Rupp yet. He absolutely can, and I think he will, but he hasn’t yet.

  23. ukblue22
    9:59 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    You have some very pretty stats there. Unfortunately you contradict yourself on several points.

    Rupp’s tourney fields were much smaller because the committees were more selective. There were no at-large births. You either won your conference or you stayed home.

    Rupp had fewer wins against non-Conference teams because they played much fewer non-Conference games because they didn’t have private jets to get to the games without missing a week of school.

    Most importantly your stats don’t hold up overall. Take them to a real stats person and they’d laugh you out of the building. Remember, Rupp was doing things with mostly Kentucky born/raised players.

    Biggest stat of all is still National Championships.

    Rupp – 4
    Hall – 1
    Pitino – 1
    Smith – 1
    Calipari -1

    • CATandMONKEY
      11:06 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      That is the biggest stat…however it needs to be considered that we are currently in an era when more than 10 schools, nationwide, actually care about basketball.

  24. jay
    10:06 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Several people have repeated the “great recruiter/bad coach mantra” citing the fact that we’ve been to the final four several years and only won once. I want to bring attention to the fact that calipari is doing something rupp never did or thought of doing: he is coaching a brand new team every year–and many of them freshmen. The greatest coach in the world could only succeed a percentage of time with that method. But Caliparis been tremendously successful. His teams have been dazzling, exciting, record-breaking, and so on. As far as I know he’s been the first one to try this method. I mean think how good of a coach he must be to take a group of strangers, many of them freshmen, and get them to a final game in a year. I mean its about playing like a team. Its not just loading up with all-stars, although that helps. Calipari is brilliant in so many dimensions that past coaches haven’t been–although props to rupp, hall, pitino, tubby and so on. Its all part of our powerful momentum.

    • Notsofast
      10:15 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      That’s like saying it was the coach that made the NBA “dream team” so good.

    • J-Dub421
      11:24 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      The dream team was made up of veteran professionals. Cal wins with a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds.

  25. RICK
    10:14 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I just wanted to write NO WAY , but knew it would be to short. So NO WAY.

  26. eric
    10:41 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Coach Cal, is a great recruiter and a great developer of talent but, let’s face he absolutely blew the Wisconsin final 4 game. One by taking his foot off of Wisconsin’s throat when he let the air out of the ball at the end of the game. Two by continuing to switch on defense when Wisconsin exploited the switches. Three by not realizing after the Notre Dame near loss in elite 8 that the switching on defense was being exploited by teams who had players that had great shooting and driving skills. 2014 loss to UConn in the final should have never happened and if Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrest wouldn’t have calmed Coach Cal down in 2012 final, he may have lost that one as well. As a coach of Basketball the measure of success is going to be by the number of Championships you win and Coach Cal isn’t going to get 4 like Rupp.

    • Homer
      10:53 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Stop making logical statements Eric! It destroys the homers day.

    • J-Dub421
      10:57 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

      How about crediting Coach Cal for the facts that we scored on 9 consecutive possessions to win that game against Notre Dame in the Elite 8? The 2014 team was made up of 8 freshmen and they got overwhelmed by the enormity of the moment in the finals against UConn. I don’t think that you can dump that on Coach Cal either. Any other coach wouldn’t have even gotten that team to the finals.

  27. CATandMONKEY
    10:58 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Coach Rupp was the greatest coach of his (very long ) time.
    Cal has the potential to be one of the two greatest coaches of his time.
    Totally agree that the scene is far more difficult now. Other teams actually care about basketball.

  28. Rance Price
    11:37 am July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I totally love Cal but he’s third on my list behing both Rupp and Pitino. I don’t like quick trigger Rick but his coaching ability is superior to Cals. If Rick stays at KY instead of going to NBA we have about 4 more titles.

    • J-Dub421
      12:05 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

      If Rick is better than Coach Cal, then why does Coach Cal own him? 7-1. You have no way of knowing if we would have won more titles with Rick, that is pure speculation.

  29. Doug Newman
    12:34 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I have never been impressed with Calapari’s coaching ability. He had a championship won at Memphis and gave it away. Wisconsin could not stop Towns. Why change the pace and direction we were going . . He is an excellent recruiter and communicator but in know way do I see him as a great coach.

  30. Tim
    1:33 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

    It’s possible that Cal is a better coach…But unless he’s here for another 37 years (not very likely lol) he won’t be anywhere near as important as Coach Rupp… BUT if he does manage to win the same number of championships as Rupp in fewer seasons….. Then idk… But as of now shut up, BTI! You still suck!

  31. Thomas
    1:43 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Does KSR only put stories out to troll for comments? Whatever kid wrote this article needs to back up his statements with actual facts. Says the game is stronger and tougher today, but at the same time there is no proof. If the author had paid attention in HIS 100 they would know you cannot truly argue anachronisms. He may say the game is better today, but a lot of sports historians actually believe it is worse. It may be faster, and it may have more scoring, but there is not proof it is better. Maybe it is more entertaining, but we cannot say it is way better with proof. People come to KSR to get news, I would think that most do not give to cares to what the ‘contributors’ say. Every week its the same stuff…lets debate an aspect of UK in the past vs. present. If you are going to put these recycled stories out, at least make sure you have proof to back up your claims, or try something new, or don’t, but know this article is very Jerry Tipton-esque (Tipton would never say anything pro-Cal, but he is a troll, just like this website has become).

  32. SimpleAF
    2:02 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Only National Championships matter. The one with the most is the best. All other metrics to measure the “quality” or “greatness” of a coach are laughable. You are just trying to feel better about losing, which is self-destructive. We lost. Doesn’t matter if you lose in the final, the semifinal, or miss the tourney. If you don’t win it all, it was all for nothing. That’s the way I will always see it.

    • 8 god
      2:28 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

      Well, you are an idiot. And probably an unhappy one since you have only ever been satisfied with a season eight times.

    • SimpleAF
      2:47 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

      That’s quite a leap. I don’t feel satisfied or dissatisfied about any sports team’s performance, unless I am a member of said team. The implication that I would let something so trivial affect my overall happiness says more about you than about me. I’m talking about an objective standard of greatness. You’re talking about your feelings. How cute.

  33. Jim
    2:04 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

    Cal hasn’t gotten UK the “death penalty” as Rupp did…..Yet. What happened in the 52-53 season for Rupp?Rupp got to of his titles with paid/point shaving players.Today those seasons would come down.

  34. cincicat
    2:37 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

    In the early days of the NCAA, you had to win your conference to be invited. So, since Cal only won 50% of his conference titles, he would have missed the NCAA tournament 1/2 the time. I’m gonna go with Rupp on this one still. However, I love Cal.

    6:49 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink


    Without Rupp building a program – Calipari wouldn’t want the job.

    That pretty much screws your entire assertion now doesn’t it?

  36. Doug
    9:58 pm July 15, 2015 Permalink

    I think the only thing missing from this discussion is everything that Cal brings to the position BESIDES the x’s and o’s. There is SO much more to being the Coach at UK than the 40 minutes on the hardwood. The way that Cal deals with the fans (read: Ambassador of the Program) is so much more significant than Coach Rupp (and every other previous Coach). The recruiting is obvious. The Players First mentality is trend-setting. The numbers of players that have gone into The League is unsurpassed.

    It looks I may be the only one, but I agree with BTI, Coach Cal IS the Best Coach in Kentucky History.