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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: How We Stack Up Against 2nd Half Opponents

Most teams have or will have played 6 games in this college football season by the time Kentucky travels to Starkville next weekend for a key SEC matchup.  The performance in that game will completely set the tone for what kind of season this will ultimately be for the Cats.  All along, many felt that the 2nd half of the season would be the tougher stretch of games, and it still is.  But with Ole Miss, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Louisville all playing below expectations, the path is there for a 9 win season “easily”.  At the same time, nobody can say the Cats have been impressive so far this year themselves.

So just how do the Cats stack up against the final 6 opponents statistically.  I chose what I felt were the 7 key statistical categories: Pass and Run Yardage, Pass and Run Defense, Scoring Offense and Defense, and Turnover Margin.  Rankings shows are NATIONALLY out of 129 teams:

25. Louisville: 37.5 ppg
39. Georgia: 35.0 ppg
59. Mississippi St: 31.2 ppg
78. Kentucky: 27.5 ppg
86. Ole Miss: 26.8 ppg
98. Tennessee: 24.8 ppg
111. Vanderbilt: 20.3 ppg

2. Georgia: 10.0 ppg
40. Kentucky: 21.3 ppg
41. Mississippi St: 21.6 ppg
59. Tennessee: 25.6 ppg
61. Vanderbilt: 25.8 ppg
74. Louisville: 27.0 ppg
118. Ole Miss: 37.4 ppg

7. Louisville: 363.3 ypg
8. Ole Miss: 358.4 ypg
81. Kentucky: 211.2 ypg
88. Vanderbilt: 200.3 ypg
91. Tennessee: 195.8 ypg
110. Mississippi St: 169.2 ypg
119. Georgia: 145.7 ypg

11. Georgia: 268.3 ypg
17. Mississippi St: 252.8 ypg
42. Louisville: 194.5 ypg
90. Kentucky: 138.3 ypg
92. Tennessee: 137.6 ypg
127. Vanderbilt: 76.7 ypg
128. Ole Miss: 76.0 ypg

3. Tennessee: 129.2 ypg
4. Vanderbilt: 140.3 ypg
9. Mississippi St: 156.6 ypg
10. Georgia: 156.8 ypg
46. Ole Miss: 207.6 ypg
88. Louisville: 238.7 ypg
119. Kentucky: 288.7 ypg

5. Georgia: 86.0 ypg
11. Kentucky: 97.2 ypg
24. Louisville: 112.7 ypg
64. Mississippi St: 150.2 ypg
121. Vanderbilt: 241.0 ypg
123. Ole Miss: 248.6 ypg
124. Tennessee: 252.6 ypg

Kentucky: +8
Vanderbilt: +3
Mississippi St: +1
Georgia: +1
Louisville: -2
Ole Miss: -4
Tennessee: -4

So, when combining these stats, where does UK rank against these opponents in these 7 categories:

MISSISSIPPI STATE: Better in 4 out of 7 categories
TENNESSEE: Better in 6 out of 7 categories
OLE MISS: Better in 5 out of 7 categories
VANDERBILT: Better in 6 out of 7 categories
GEORGIA: Better in 2 out of 7 categories
LOUISVILLE: Better in 3 out of 7 categories

Here’s the point: UK better beat Tennessee this year. 


Article written by Bryan the Intern

4 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: How We Stack Up Against 2nd Half Opponents

  1. Optional Facts
    10:03 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Finally I can agree with BTI. There is hope!

  2. PillsburyThrowboy
    10:25 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Basically, if we can get that pass defense down, we should win a lot of these games.

  3. pdswar2
    12:23 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    We SHOULD beat Tenn, Ole Miss, and Vandy. UL is a toss up only because it’s a rivalry game at home. We could beat Miss. St., but it’s likely we don’t. There’s no way we beat UGA (look at those rankings!) I think we should also keep in mind UK has played the weakest schedule of all these teams. In reality, I think we go 2-4 the last six games. I am just happy we can legitimately talk about having an 8-9 win season though.

    • RobCary
      1:41 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

      I agree with pdswar2. Those other teams have played a harder schedule to date and that makes this type of comparison invalid. I’m hoping for 3-3 but 2-4 wouldn’t be a disappointment. Everyone forgets that as good as Stoops has recruited, KY’s class is usually in the bottom tier of the SEC. A lot of people aren’t giving him and his staff the credit they deserve for developing the players they have gotten, AND after inheriting a MAC level,at best, roster. This isn’t basketball where one or two players can make a team a contender.