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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Cats Once Again Excel in Revenge Games under Calipari


John Calipari can’t coach, right?  He doesn’t make any kind of coaching adjustments, right?  Well, I think a great test of those theories are when Calipari gets to play a team a 2nd time after getting beat.  He has to assess what beat the Cats the first time around and then make adjustments.

This is the list of every instance in the Calipari-era when a team has beaten Kentucky during the year and then the 2 teams played again.  You’ll likely see a trend here:

2009-10 (South Carolina)
First Meeting (at USC): South Carolina 68, Kentucky 62
Second Meeting (at UK): Kentucky 82, South Carolina 61

2009-10 (Tennessee)
First Meeting (at Tennessee): Tennessee 74, Kentucky 65  (actually their 2nd meeting that season, UK won at Rupp)
Second Meeting (SEC Tourney): Kentucky 74, Tennessee 45

2010-11 (UCONN)
First Meeting (in Maui): UCONN 84, Kentucky 67
Second Meeting (in Houston): UCONN 56, Kentucky 55

2010-11 (North Carolina)
First Meeting (at UNC): North Carolina 75, Kentucky 73
Second Meeting (in Newark): Kentucky 76, North Carolina 69

2010-11 (Georgia)
First Meeting (at UGA): Georgia 77, Kentucky 70
Second Meeting (at UK): Kentucky 66, Georgia 60

2010-11 (Ole Miss)
First Meeting (at Ole Miss): Mississippi 71, Kentucky 69
Second Meeting (in Atlanta): Kentucky 75, Mississippi 66

2010-11 (Alabama)
First Meeting (at Alabama): Alabama 68, Kentucky 66
Second Meeting (in Atlanta): Kentucky 72, Alabama 58

2010-11 (Florida)
First Meeting (at UF): Florida 70, Kentucky 68
Second Meeting (at UK): Kentucky 76, Florida 68

2010-11 (Vanderbilt)
First Meeting (at Vandy): Vanderbilt 81, Kentucky 77
Second Meeting (at UK): Kentucky 68, Vanderbilt 66

2011-12 (Indiana)
First Meeting (at IU): Indiana 73, Kentucky 72
Second Meeting (in Atlanta): Kentucky 102, Indiana 90

2012-13 (Texas A&M)
First Meeting (at UK): Texas A&M 83, Kentucky 71
Second Meeting (at A&M): Kentucky 72, Texas A&M 68

2012-13 (Florida)
First Meeting (at UF): Florida 69, Kentucky 52
Second Meeting (at UK): Kentucky 61, Florida 57

2013-14 (Arkansas)
First Meeting (at Arkansas): Arkansas 87, Kentucky 85
Second Meeting (at UK): Arkansas 71, Kentucky 67

2013-14 (LSU)
First Meeting (at LSU): LSU 87, Kentucky 82
Second Meeting (at UK): UK 77, LSU 76

2013-14 (Florida)
First Meeting (at UK): Florida 69, Kentucky 59
Second Meeting (at Florida): Florida 84, Kentucky 65
Third Meeting (in Atlanta): Florida 61, Kentucky 60

2015-16 (LSU)
First Meeting (at LSU): LSU 85, Kentucky 67
Second Meeting (at UK): Kentucky 94, LSU 77

2015-16 (Tennessee)
First Meeting (at Tennessee): Tennessee 84, Kentucky 77
Second Meeting (at Kentucky): Kentucky 80, Tennessee 70

2015-16 (Texas A&M)
First Meeting (at A&M): Texas A&M 79, Kentucky 70
Second Meeting (in Nashville): Kentucky 82, Texas A&M 77

2016-17 (Tennessee)
First Meeting (at Tennessee): Tennessee 82, Kentucky 80
Second Meeting (at Kentucky): Kentucky 83, Tennessee 58

Kentucky is now 16-4 in “revenge games” under Calipari after last night’s win.  Three of those losses came in 1 season, the 2013-14 season.  How about this stat:

First Game Average: Kentucky loses by 7.6 points per game
Second Game Average: Kentucky wins by 7.4 points per game (124 in 19 games)

That means that ON AVERAGE, Kentucky is 15 points better in the 2nd game against an opponent that beat them earlier in the season.  Calipari has to take much of the credit for that, right?  Kentucky will have a chance for revenge against Florida in a couple weeks and then we will see how the NCAA Tournament plays out if they have to play UCLA, Louisville, or Kansas again.  Either way, for those who act like Calipari can’t make adjustments, these 20 games should be proof that he can.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

5 Comments for BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Cats Once Again Excel in Revenge Games under Calipari

  1. Mathlete
    8:30 am February 15, 2017 Permalink

    “…for those who act like Calipari can’t make adjustments, these 20 games should be proof that he can.”

    Unfortunately, as we’ve seen so many times lately, people will believe whatever they want in the face of any amount of evidence to the contrary.

  2. frantic29
    9:12 am February 15, 2017 Permalink

    He can make adjustments game to game. In game though is a different story.

  3. 8andcounting
    1:24 am February 16, 2017 Permalink

    If only playing devil’s advocate here… how many of the original losses were road losses followed later by home wins?
    I’m fine with saying Cal can coach. He does it on a nightly basis getting top talent to play their roles, most recently exemplified in Monk’s rebounding effort last night. BUT most of these I would chalk up to home/away, and not as much to coaching. The cats don’t often lose at Rupp