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Beers with Beshear: Catalina Breeze

You’ve heard the phrase “Beers with Beshear,” and now it’s coming to Thursday through Sunday. Like many Kentuckians across the state at 5:00 pm, we are going to start having a “Beer with Beshear” on the website.

With taprooms, bars and restaurants closed across the state, the craft beer industry in Kentucky is suffering. Each day we will highlight a different Kentucky craft beer to show our support of all the amazing breweries across our Commonwealth.

Mile Wide Beer Co: Catalina Breeze

When it comes to IPAs, Mile Wide Beer Co has some of the best in the state. Whether it’s West Coast or New England, you can’t go wrong when it comes to Mile Wide. However, I prefer my IPAs to be from the West Coast and specifically, Mile Wide’s Catalina Breeze. It has all the flavors of a great WC IPA; grapefruit, earthy, and pretty mellow on the overall “hoppiness”. If you can’t find Catalina Breeze on the shelf or on tap, try their other West Coast IPA, Motherboy.

Style: West Coast IPA

ABV: 7%


Mile Wide Beer Co

636 Barret Ave
Louisville, KY 40204

Open for can-to-go orders


Article written by Kindsey Bernhard

Lover of dogs, sports and beer. @kindseybernhard

15 Comments for Beers with Beshear: Catalina Breeze

  1. DOCUK18
    5:37 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

    Asshat andy

  2. Danny McCoy
    5:41 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

    Re Contra-indicated, Unlicensed Medical Advice, False Imprisonment
    My doctor has advised me that wearing any type of face mask is contra-indicated to my
    existing medical condition (which is confidential). He explained that the term “contra-indicated”
    means that a healthy person wearing a mask will become ill and likely produce a viral response
    because of wearing the mask. It is also possible that I could collapse and die of asphyxiation on
    your property because none of you know my medical condition and are not qualified or even willing
    to give me any medical aid whatsoever.
    My doctor has further advised me that following the “social distancing” practices is also contraindicated
    to my health because the human immune system is a complex bio-feedback network that
    requires human interaction to remain healthy. “Social distancing” actually weakens the human
    immune system, is what my doctor has explained. Our immune system needs antigens to
    stay healthy, it cannot be isolated and remain healthy.
    Please also be advised that giving medical advice may constitute the unlicensed practice of
    medicine. If you are reported to the Department of Health, you may be also subject to civil and
    criminal penalties for the unlicensed practice of medicine. I have a private property right to rely only
    upon my doctor’s medical advice. Those who are not qualified to practice medicine, or who have not
    obtained my consent, are not permitted to countermand my doctor’s advice to me. My attorney also
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    a location that is already open to the public as this may constitute false imprisonment and be subject
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    Likewise, you are not permitted to collect any medical data or vital statistics, such as my
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    reason that you are not an insured, licensed practitioner, and cannot therefore guarantee the
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    It is also important to note that the so-called “Covid19 Virus” has never been isolated, meaning,
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    No one has ever died from any virus called “Covid19” because so such virus exists, and viruses are
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    the total death rate for the United States to date this year 6% less than previous years?

    • DelrayCat
      6:28 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      Nice cut and paste. Did this come from some whack-job Q Anon website? Reads like the Unibomber’s manifesto…or perhaps like a presidential press conference with literally nothing in it being true.

    • Bluehender
      6:31 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      A plane could drop out of the sky and kill your a$$ too Danny. Stay in your underground bunker.

    • Bluehender
      6:33 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      Also, to answer your last question, it’s because most people have practiced social distancing…

    • bkeith75
      11:08 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      Is Carpal Tunnel deadly?

  3. pillsboy
    6:07 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

    I agree I’m losing everything while you fools act like it’s ok!!! It’s a total violation of our bill of rights and the constitution contact the state Attorney General Camoran as I have demanding he Block Bashears over reach, and block is executive orders that are baseless more people die from the flu each year and we don’t do this stupidity!!!’

    • DelrayCat
      6:31 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      No one says any of this is ok. We are all in the same situation. Andy has been following the guidelines set forth by the CDC and this administration. And we’ve already had more Covid-19 deaths in 8 weeks than in the absolute worst flu year recorded.

    • 4everUKBlue
      7:06 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      Have you even looked at how the CDC is instructing doctors to code deaths? It’s right there on their website, Danny is right about that part. If you’re not smart enough to find it let me know, I guide you. Social distancing, face masks, what a damn joke, you people are willingly turning in your rights for a virtual prison, I personally have no fear of the coronavirus, everyone should be more afraid of what the govt/corporation has done to us and is going to do. That’s right your United States govt is a corporation, but don’t take my word, do some damned research and prove me wrong. Look into admiralty law, check out Black’s law dictionary. Oh wait, let me guess, you don’t have time. Now let the name calling begin, I forgive your ignorance, after all it’s not your fault you’ve been brainwashed and indoctrinated since birth.

  4. dave1964
    6:12 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

    Piss on Andy this was never about any virus this is the democrats plan to tank our economy to try and win a election vote these liberals OUT

    • DelrayCat
      6:32 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      Yes, it is all a grand conspiracy against poor Donald. The entire world has conspired to help make him lose the next election. Geez, the level of stupidity by many of you right-wingers is mind boggling.

    • Bluehender
      6:35 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      It’s the Chinese Democratic coronavirus pillsbury…

    • Bluehender
      6:36 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      Whoops, meant for dave, not pillboy

    • 4everUKBlue
      6:55 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      No offense delray but you’re an idiot, people like you who believe one party is better than the other are a huge part of the problem. While you sucking your thumb you should take a look at this.

    • peaches76
      7:56 pm May 8, 2020 Permalink

      4ever has hit the proverbial nail right smack on the head. No news of flu related deaths anymore. And Andy sure doesn’t handle criticism very well, does he? The unemployment payment situation is an absolute joke. Guess that’s the fault of some Republican conspiracy.