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Article written by Nick Roush

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19 responses to “Beau Allen Schedules Official Visit to Kentucky”

  1. CatManDo

    The other advantage UK has, which seldom seems to get mentioned, is his dad Bill played qb at UK in the mid 80’s.

    1. UKinIN

      His dad barely played. Players don’t always end up loving the school they attend.

    2. Jesus H. Chrysler

      Only PT his Dad saw was holding extra points. I’ll pass

    3. dave1964

      If Kentucky wants this kid and you can’t wrap up someone in your backyard that would is sad but not the 1st time this would happen to this staff.

    4. StillBP

      dave I don’t think it would be the first time any staff was spurned by someone in-state. Sometimes kids like to get away from their home state. Sometimes people want to experience new things. Doesn’t mean the staff isn’t competent.

    5. BBNmemberinoh

      dave sometimes it is better to miss on the top Kentucky players. I remember one we got in Matt Elam, that went well. Remember one we missed in RB Harris {lost him to Bama which a lot of staffs do} so we ended up with some no name guy Benny something or other. I’ll take Benny all day over Harris, both are quality backs but Benny was so much personality and was the face of UK for 3 years. We also have Kash, Landon and Drake who are solid leaders. The state of Kentucky does not produce many SEC level players. If you can’t see what this staff has put together I’m afraid there is no help for you. SNELL YEAH.

  2. livingood4UK

    Game changer for the program and a huge boost to the recruiting class!

  3. UKinIN

    If Allen is willing to play at Washington Stare he can play for a pass happy offense closer to home at West Virginia. If Allen doesn’t end up at UK it could just be because of offensive fit.

    1. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON!

  4. Bluebloodtoo

    This has to be the next big box to check off on the program build sheet. Gotta prove to premier HS QB recruits that you are a viable path to the NFL for QBs.

    1. UKWildcatNation

      Completely agree. He could go to other schools and put up incredible numbers against poor defenses, or come here and get prepared for the next level like no other conference can do

  5. gasman01

    Watched him play a couple of times this past year. He has talent but he also reminds me of a couple of 4 star QBs we’ve had recently but didn’t pan out

    1. sj

      Well put gasman!!I saw him play 3 times last year and by no means did he look like a game changer for an SEC school

  6. Catcasey1

    Which one is the recruit

  7. UKWildcatNation

    I would understand him wanting to go to a pass-happy offensive school such Washington State or West Virginia, but if he is a gamer then he will come here. Neither of those schools have good defenses, heck there isn’t a good defense in either entire school’s conference! If he wants to play on the biggest stage in the country AGAINST the best defenses then he should sign with us. No better way to get better than to play against the best.

    1. UKWildcatNation

      Either school’s entire conference*

  8. kjd

    He’s listed as a pocket passer. We’ve gone the route of dual threat. Don’t see the fit.

    1. satcheluk

      Gran had primarily pocket passers before he came to UK. I would say the dual threat trend has been more happenstance than intentional strategy. SJ wasn’t even supposed to play, only because Barker got hurt.

  9. SaltyGoat

    A lot of bad and late throws on that tape. But he’s young. Could be a good player.