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Ask Anything Mailbox, Vol. 2: Licking cars and meeting stars

Guess what’s back, back again? Ask Anything Mailbox’s back, tell a friend.

Here we are for Round 2 of the summer “Ask Anything Mailbox” series on these fine pages of Kentucky-Sports-Radio-dot-com. It’s been a busy 24 hours of news here on the site, so I’m going to chop it up a bit by answering another round of questions submitted by you, our dear readers.

Let’s go.

What is the story with you and Cole Swindell?

This story is way too long (and not all that exciting) so I’ll give you the abbreviated version:

Cole Swindell, who I had never heard of at the time of this story, was at a bar in Lexington. He had his own area roped off and the manager of the bar, a good friend of mine, wanted me to meet him. We shook hands. He said his name was Cole. I said my name was Drew. We went back to living our lives. Later in the night, the manager introduced me to him again. He said his name was Cole. I said my name was Drew. We went back to living our lives. Later in the night, I’m standing next to Cole, who I’ve met twice in an hour at this point, and he introduced himself a third time, but made sure to point out that “he is not any Cole,” he is Cole Swindell. So I, not knowing who the hell Cole Swindell was, said something along the lines of: “With all due respect, I’ve never heard of you but we’ve now met three times and you seem to really want people to know you’re somebody.”

I’ve since heard his work and now know he is big time. At the time I think it was a classic case of me being too sober (it was a game day) and annoyed by all the people who had been drinking all day. He wasn’t rude or anything. I just think Cole Swindell is a big fan of Cole Swindell.

What is your go to adult beverage?

Tito’s and water with an orange slice when I’m out. Bourbon or red wine on the couch, but I very rarely indulge in adult beverages at home. No Fireball under any circumstances.

How much money is Matt making off the KSR empire? Answer in Euros if you please.

I do not know how much money Matt is making off the KSR empire, but at the very least, it’s enough to buy a hooded sweatshirt for every team in every sport and to eat out every night of the week.

If stranded on a deserted island with Matt, Ryan, And Shannon who do you eat first so you can survive?

This is an unimaginable scenario, therefore I can’t even formulate a hypothetical response.

We’ll never be stranded on a deserted island because Matt makes us drive everywhere.

What exactly happened with the Tyler Ulis incident on Twitter?

Ah, I thought this one might come up. My memory is a little fuzzy as to exactly how it happened, but I vaguely remember him accidentally tweeting a screenshot of his phone’s photo gallery. How one would accidentally tweet that, I don’t know. But some of the photos were not meant for the public eye.

Drew, what is the most overrated thing in the entire world?

Exercise. Definitely exercise.

With a girl licking Devin Booker’s car being an iconic moment who would you want (and brag about) licking your car?

Whose car would you lick and brag about it?

I don’t want anyone to lick my car, but if someone gets the urge, go for it. It’s the SUV parked outside with the bird shit all over it.

I would not lick anyone’s car and I certainly wouldn’t brag about it if I found myself in a situation that called for me to lick a car.

I have often wondered how college basketball referees are graded. It seems that everyone else in the free world is evaluated on his/her performance, but college basketball refs can continually be horrible and maintain employment. Is there an actual rating system for them? It’s almost like a government assistance program where they stay employed in spite of the fact many are truly awful. My guess is that college basketball refs were largely unqualified for any other occupation in life so taxpayers must be subsidizing their incomes to keep them off welfare. Think about it- when did you ever hear a kid in high school or college say he/she wanted to be a ref when he/she grew up? NEVER! My hypothesis is that they failed at every other facet of life and the generous people at the NCAA felt compelled to give them high profile jobs to keep them off government cheese. What say you?

I no longer comment on officials or the act of officiating. It is company policy. You understand.


My buddies and I got in a pretty intense argument back in the fall about a topic I thought was pretty obvious: Is Enes Kanter a true Kentucky Wildcat? Of the 6 of us in our idiotic, best friend group text, we have one friend that is the only “true UK fan” and whatever he thinks is the only way a real fan can think. The guy still calls me randomly throughout the week and bitches about how he can’t get over the 2015 loss to Wisconsin (yes, it sucks but life goes on.) Back to the question/argument about Enes; it is/was 5 against 1, with the 5 of us saying that Enes should be considered a Wildcat and a true member of that 2011 team. Our main argument is because he helped them get better day in practice and they rallied around his status with the NCAA off of the court. He more than likely/obviously made Josh Harrelson better every day by going up against him in practice. Even through all of the BS that the NCAA put him through, Enes stayed the course and helped elevate the UK Wildcats to an unexpected level that season by making the team better every day in practice (I beat this point like a dead horse because it’s obvious.) Now, my best friend who is an absolute idiot (we all have that one friend, right? Okay good,) claims that Enes isn’t a true Wildcat because “we have played just as many minutes in an NCAA game as a UK Wildcat than Enes has: ZERO!” I/my other 4 friends think it’s the dumbest ****ing argument ever. Please Drew, after 8 months of back-and-forth jabs, help us settle this debate in a public forum. Is Enes Kanter a “true” UK Wildcat?

I believe Enes Kanter is more of a Wildcat than some former players who actually played. Kanter still talks about his time at Kentucky during NBA interviews, while there are former players who don’t own a blue shirt and can’t find Lexington on a map.

If you really want to shut up your friend’s stupid argument, though, remind him that Kanter was named a student-assistant coach after the NCAA ruled him ineligible. So if you’re saying he isn’t a true Wildcat, you’re saying staff members aren’t true Wildcats. Is John Robic a Wildcat? Is Bill Keightley a Wildcat? They never played in any NCAA games at UK.

Then there are the contributions Kanter made to the team behind the scenes (meetings, practices, locker room, etc.).

Tell your friend he’s an idiot.

While Mr Jones acts like he’s in charge, I have a feeling it is a public front.  Isn’t Ryan really the Mr Brains of KSR?  Just seems logical.

I love Ryan, but he is not the “Mr. Brains” of KSR and that does not seem logical at all. KSR is actually a multifaceted brand with several moving parts and Ryan’s involvement is on the radio side, where he is an excellent co-host to Matt. But to say he is the Mr. Brains of KSR is liking saying Doron Lamb was the Mr. Brains of the 2012 national championship team.

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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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  1. stratblend
    9:59 pm May 31, 2018 Permalink

    In Nashville, Cole Swindell is known as “merch guy” because he used to sell merch for Luke Bryan. You read Mr Swindell correctly…

  2. TE
    10:46 pm May 31, 2018 Permalink

    This is the best post I’ve read in some time on here. Please do it more often, like once a week. Whoever created animated Drew Franklin deserves a raise. Managed to capture how hot Drew Franklin actually is! Cole Swindell is jealous.

  3. Ranch
    7:54 am June 1, 2018 Permalink

    Who is Cole Swindell?