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Another MLB game postponed due to positive COVID tests

Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go again. According to Jon Heyman, members of the St. Louis Cardinals have tested positive for the coronavirus, leading to the postponement of today’s game vs. the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cardinals are currently isolating in their hotel rooms in Milwaukee. These are the first positive tests in the MLB outside of the East Coast. ESPN has confirmed the report:

So far, 19 members of the Miami Marlins have tested positive for the virus, along with two people in the Philadelphia Phillies franchise (one member of the coaching staff and a member of the clubhouse staff). Six teams are out of action today due to fallout from positive tests: the Cardinals, the Brewers, the Marlins, the Phillies, the Nationals, and the Blue Jays. The Cardinals had just come from a two-game series in Minnesota, so the Twins could be affected as well.

Bubble or bust, it seems.

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16 Comments for Another MLB game postponed due to positive COVID tests

  1. WKY Cat
    10:53 am July 31, 2020 Permalink

    Let each team carry more players. Set a rule that you have to play unless X number of players test positive for that game.

    • mashburnfan1
      11:10 am July 31, 2020 Permalink

      The issue is people are still getting the virus not the games being canceled. Facts are we still don’t know anything about this, and how do we even though these positive test mean they have the virus. Some people tested positive on Friday, the negative on Monday and Tuesday. Mini mini people who have tested positive have zero symptoms so how do we know they even have it, how can we have a test for something we know nothing about

    • east-ky-boy
      5:02 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      My doctor said they have made up names recently and sent In new unused test and some have came back positive ???. So how do we know who has what? Is this real? Yep! Is this being stretched by the media? Yep!

    • mashburnfan1
      11:13 am July 31, 2020 Permalink

      many not mini, damn talk to text

    • Han
      1:53 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Once anyone in the clubhouse tests positive, there’s the risk they spread it to others and they’re in the incubation period.

      Plus, the tests take a certain amount of time to come back. If three guys tests positive, 7 others neg, and you’re waiting on the other 40+ tests for players, coaches, clubhouse staff, etc., do you go ahead and bring in 3 guys from the Taxi squad to replace your three positives and go play? They’re playing almost every night. And if they bring in those replacements, they’re being exposed if other guys in the clubhouse are carrying it but aren’t showing systems yet and haven’t tested positive yet.

      They never have a plan for this. They just hoped they’d somehow not actually get positive tests.

  2. UKinIN
    11:05 am July 31, 2020 Permalink

    The only way forward is isolation.

  3. Heavy C
    12:07 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    So everything should be Shut Down as long as “People” are still getting the virus? People…as in Anyone? Geez. How the hell do you people get outta bed in the morning. This virus can certainly be serious in some cases. Its killed people. Probably about 1/4 or less of what is being reported, which of course would bring the actual mortality rate down to that of Pneumonia in this country. Oh Wait….I take that back. The CDC now says its likely that 20% more have had it than are known. So when you take that into account, unless you are someone with a preexisting life threatening underlying disease and in a long term care facility, you have about as much chance of dying in a Tepee Collapse as Covid. But let’s lock it down anyway. Hell….FACT. Mire people died from Suicide in Kentucky last year.

    • Han
      1:56 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Yeah, man, you’re right. Let’s just go for herd immunity, have 70% of people get it, and risk over 2 million deaths nationwide.

      The virus doesn’t care if you think it’s a hoax. Our death numbers are only going higher. And no, they’re not just counting unrelated deaths as Covid, no matter how many of your Facebook friends and FOX News pundits claim it with no evidence.

      Also, by the way, we should be doing something about all the people who die from suicide. Better, more affordable healthcare including mental health coverage would be a big step.

  4. 4everUKBlue
    1:13 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    That’s weird considering out of the the 5 test they still don’t have one that is reliable, but I guess that’s not important…. Oh and btw the CDC and the WHO are corporations, not government entities. Isn’t the focus of a corporation doing commerce aka making money? All the death and infection numbers amount to is nothing more than fraud.

  5. Lip Man 1
    1:54 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    The farce just keeps getting more and more bizarre and ludicrous on the part of MLB. Shut this shit down before a player dies.

    As far as deniers and you know who you are, how have these half-assed goofy measures worked so far? I’ll hang up and wait for an answer.

    Yea we need to COMPLETELY shut the hell down NATIONALLY for six months save for essential services. Stay the hell home, shut the hell up, wear a friggin’ mask around anybody and hope that as Dr. Fauci says there will probably be a vaccine by January.

    Jesus Christ WHY is that to much to god damm ask?

    • T-Town Cat
      9:01 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      So you want essential workers to go to work and risk their lives so you can sit home for six months. Do you want electricity and water where you live? Then utility workers are essential. Do you want your government assistance checks delivered? Then government workers and mail carriers are essential. Do you have groceries and mail order stuff delivered? Then grocery, Amazon, and delivery workers are essential. Do you want to be protected from mob violence? Then police and firemen are essential. Do you watch TV? Then everyone who works to broadcast that to you is essential. Gee, you sure want a lot of people to risk dying so you can sit at home and collect your checks for another six months.

  6. Lip Man 1
    1:55 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    Heavy C: So only old people and those with a pre exsisting condition are dying?

    Two comments:

    1. In your world they don’t matter so screw them. You sir are a complete asshole.
    2. Tell this to those in their 30’s and 40’s who are now getting seriously ill some of whom HAVE died.

    • Heavy C
      3:14 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      Save the dramatic BS, you sound like a stooge and logical people know that’s a ignorant argument. Thousands of elderly folks die each year from the Flu. Why are we not shying down the country for the flu? Dont those lives matter? And save the “This is not the Flu” BS…because you, me nor anyone else outside the corporate foxhole of Government and Industry will ever know the true. When they now openly admit that ANYONE who is Covid Positive at the time of death is listed as a Covid death NO MATTER what their medical circumstances are…This isn’t a Conspiracy…its a FACT. Practically everyone in the country was on board early on, willing to do anything to help. And then truth started working it’s way to the surface. BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AT STAKE. State Governments are being subsidized HUGE amounts of money for testing in general and Covid cases and deaths specifically. Anyone that doesn’t see it doesn’t want to. So save me the B S.

  7. 4everUKBlue
    2:31 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    No matter what you die from you’ll be coded as coronavirus death with or without positive testing. If you’re going to stay home and wear a mask you might as well get accustomed to being on your knees. If you fall for this psyop you’ll fall for anything.

    • 4everUKBlue
      2:34 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

      I have no doubt a lot of people are dying with covid, just not from it, so I will not stay home, wear a mask or worry about how close to me someone gets. To all you who want to wear a mask, that’s your choice, mine is not to wear a mask.

  8. Heavy C
    3:50 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    HAN….Its a shame when facts get in the way. from the DIRECTOR OF THE CARTER COUNTY KY HEALTH DEPARTMENT. “Unfortunately, when a person passes away and were positive for the Covid 19 virus at the time of death, Regardless of other health issues or diagnoses, Covid 19 is considered aa one of the causes of death.” END QUOTE. Verbatim…word for word in a official statement. This statement coming after the County announced their First Covid Death, only to have victims husband to immediately issue a Social Media Post clarifying that his wife died of Stage 4 Cancer in Multiple Organs, and had not one Covid Related Symptom. THESE ARE FACTS. You dont have to believe me, go look it up yourself. BTW….It was My Hometown. The Evidence is Crystal Clear.