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Alex Stump is a Jack of All Trades




There were plenty of winners and losers during this year’s Kentucky Derby.  Mark Stoops may not have hit the trifecta, but he did get a stallion in the Class of 2015.

Lakewood, Ohio wide receiver Alex Stump is the sixth commitment of the 2015 class, bringing size (6’4) and speed (4.54 40-yard dash) to UK’s receiving corp.  In an interview with KSR yesterday, Stump said Stoops was excited when he received the call while at a Derby party, “he joked that, ‘it was better than betting on the right horse.'” 

Stoops’ excitement is justifiable.  Stump had been under the radar until the last few months after participating at the Rivals Camp in Columbus and in a Nike Sparq camp where he posted a 4.54 40-yard dash.  He had not been rated by any recruiting service until yesterday, when 247 gave him a 91 worth 4-stars.

Stump’s highlight tape sticks out just as much as his numbers.  Normally tall guys are chalked up to being deep threats that can give cornerbacks nightmares near the red zone, but this tall guy works well in all situations.  Screen passes are always a homerun threat and he works very well in tight spaces.  Unlike most high school wide receivers, he knows how to make a block that can be the difference between a 20-yard gain and a 60-yard touchdown.

Stump agrees with me, “I really think it’s my versatility – the whole part of my game I use.  It’s kind of a combination of my speed, my size and my hands that I really pride myself on.  I don’t think there’s any one thing about my game that’s special, it’s a combination of everything.”

Not only is he a freak on the field, he puts the student in student-athlete.  His earliest offers were from Harvard and Yale and his ultimate goal is to be in the FBI.  He won’t need to study the playbook too much either when he gets to Kentucky, “My high school and Kentucky, their styles of offense come from the same coaching tree so the schemes and terminology are very similar.  It definitely helped knowing that I can come in and pick up the offense quicker than most guys.”

The Cats are in need a of young gun at wide receiver that can play right away.  UK’s lack of depth at the position wasn’t the deciding factor, but it played a part, “When I was looking at schools something me and my Dad would always do is sit down and look at the depth at receiver, the guys they were going to have when I’m there.  They have some great young guys right now.  I’m hoping I can come in and add to that.” 

Stump and his family enjoyed the time they spent in Lexington on his visit.  SEC football is a big attraction, especially with all of the effort currently being put into the program, but it still might not have been enough without Mr. Ohio Vince Marrow, “He’s a great recruiter.  He’s a good guy to talk to and forming that relationship definitely helped me a lot.”

After speaking with Stump and watching some film, there’s no doubt he’ll be a fan favorite that’s ready to make an impact straight out of the gate.

Watch Alex Stump do some serious work in his highlight reel. Seriously though, it’s one one of the best highlight reels I’ve seen since I started doing this and it does a great job of displaying his unique skill set.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

19 Comments for Alex Stump is a Jack of All Trades

  1. Beavis
    12:06 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Hehehehe…he said “stump.”

    12:12 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Come on down boy help us clean up that Jokeof a coach mess w Stoops

  3. JeremyRandy8
    12:13 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink
    At around the 10 minute mark Nerlens Noel shows up at the Lil Dicky concert! Haha!

  4. UKSupporter76
    12:23 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Came here for the “Johnny Utah” jokes. Leaving disappointed. Nice get for Stoops, regardless.

  5. MustangCat
    12:23 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Has this kid NEVER been rated before? By anyone?? Pretty amazing if that’s true. Seems to have “game speed”. Ran away from a lot of people – for someone with mid 4.5 speed?! At 6’4″ or 6’5″, has great size! A 91 is a really high grade!! Watch Rivals rate him as a low 3-star or something……

    • Common Sense
      12:40 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

      If he’s never been rated before, then I would be skeptical if a service gave a 91/4 star right out of the gate. Another example of why I don’t trust 24/7.

    • UKfan
      1:00 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

      Other services like Scout and Rivals have him as a 3 star. I remind you that a 3 star is a good solid recruit since majority of DI (and SEC schools…yes even Alabama) are loaded with 3 stars. Don’t get caught up in the ratings as much as the offers. Respectable football schools like West Virginia and Georgia Tech also offered. Don’t be surprised if he continues to receive other offers from respectable football schools.

    • Common Sense
      1:43 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

      I’m caught up in the ratings because its sooooo high, imo. He seems to be a solid 3-star at the moment but getting a 91 seemed exaggerated. Don’t get me wrong, we looks like an average to above-average WR and has very good size. I think he could play a big part in our offense, especially since we have basically only one other WR his height or taller (Blake Bone). Also, I wouldn’t say other SEC schools are “loaded” with 3 stars. Do they have some? Yes. But they probably have more, or as many, combined 4 and 5 stars as they do 3 stars. For instance, Bama has three 3 stars, and twelve 4/5 stars.

    • UKfan
      2:18 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

      I think you make valid points. Loaded probably isn’t the right term. In the SEC last year, the top half of the SEC had more 4 and 5 star recruits than 3 stars. The rest of the SEC was reversed. Overall the SEC had roughly 6% of its recruits were 5 star players, 39% were 4 star, 47% were 3 star, and the other 8% were non-rated or 2 star or less.

      I have noticed that offer sheet has a role in the rating process. Is Stump going to get more offers? I don’t know, but my guess is yes.

    • NL
      2:27 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

      Rivals rates him 5.7, just under the 4 star mark

  6. BluKudzu
    12:42 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    He looks great. There are a couple of guys on the O Line that looked good too. RT and LT, great strength and footwork.

  7. CatInYoFace
    12:54 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Tape looks awesome. But I take your opinion with a grain of salt, Nick. You think 7 on 7 games favor the defense, so I question what you really know vs repeating words you hear from others.

  8. Eric ramaseaewd11
    1:02 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    4.54 is slow for the SEC. Real, real slow!

    • Electronic Times
      1:13 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

      Stump’s 4.54 (electronic time) as a junior in high school would have landed him in the middle (or just lower than the middle) of the pack for WRs at the NFL Combine, made up of college juniors and seniors.

      He would have timed faster (as a 16-17 year old kid) than Jarvis Landry (LSU), Chris Boyd (Vandy), Trey Burton (UF) and Marcus Lucas (Mizzou). He ran an almost identical time to Mike Evans (TAMU).

      All at 6’4.5 and 193 lbs. And a junior in high school.

      Yep, this guy is too slow to play in the SEC.

    • UKfan
      2:19 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

      Nice reality check Electronic,

  9. UKfanNKY
    1:12 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Glad to have you Alex can’t wait to get you on the field and prove all the DA haters wrong!! WHY NOY KY FOOTBALL!!!!! GO CATS!!!

  10. NL
    2:26 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    So excited about him. A great start to another good set of WRs for Stoops in 2014-2015 recruiting. With Timmons and Badet, the new guys this year, and another solid class we will have the talent to compete at wideout. Plus QB’s seem to be getting better. RBs are studs. Offensive line is huge. Our offensive future looks bright.

  11. MustangCat
    4:12 pm May 6, 2014 Permalink

    Electric timing 40yds is different ball game. Always amazed at NFL combine times. We hear guys in college billed with 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4 speed. They go to the combine and run 4.5s and 4.6s?! I think he sounds and looks like a diamond, it’s just all of these ranking outfits seem to be more concerned with not agreeing with each other….. Not surprising.
    He looks to have separation speed, and several “gears” to hit when driving through traffic. The offers is no doubt the best indicator.