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Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 282: SEC schedule release, North Carolina closes campus + the Big Ten is in deep trouble

For the second straight week we’ve got ourselves a bonus edition of the Aaron Torres Podcast, as Aaron returns to recap a busy Monday across sports. He goes in-depth on the SEC schedule release and what it means for college football, as well as UNC shutting down campus and the Big Ten’s growing trouble with players and parents. He closes with some quick basketball conversation, discussing Isaiah Joe’s shocking decision to leave Arkansas and a good sign for the season ahead. Here is a rundown of the show:

SEC schedule release, UNC and more trouble in the Big Ten: Aaron opens the show by breaking down all aspects of the SEC schedule release (5:30). He recaps all the big storylines heading into the off-season, before discussing some of the biggest games, matchups and how exciting a 10-game conference schedule will be. He then discusses North Carolina’s decision to shut down in-person classes on campus (26:00) and why it could be a surprisingly good thing for college football. Finally, he discusses another disastrous day in the Big Ten, where parents and players have hired high-powered lawyer Tom Mars, and are ready to fight the league (33:00). Is it possible the Big Ten could flip their decision and play college football this fall?

Isaiah Joe opts out: Aaron closes by chatting about Isaiah Joe’s shocking decision to leave Arkansas for the NBA Draft at the last minute (46:00) and how a big, out of conference matchup could be proof we’re getting college basketball.

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3 Comments for Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 282: SEC schedule release, North Carolina closes campus + the Big Ten is in deep trouble

  1. Lip Man 1
    1:13 pm August 18, 2020 Permalink

    People getting sick and dying, no coherent national plan, economy in ruins….and folks still want to play football and risk kids lives. PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR FRIGGIN’ MINDS.

    An no, I’m not a liberal democrat. I’m a moderate republican who still believes in common sense and compromise.

    I mean, seriously, what the hell will it take to wake some of these idiots up?

  2. BobbyBlue
    2:47 pm August 18, 2020 Permalink

    Wow so UNCheats has classes, that students actually have to attend. That wrist slap really worked.

  3. mashman 93
    5:21 pm August 18, 2020 Permalink

    Some of you people get on here and spew the same sh!t every day. Yes, people have died from this and it’s sad very sad. Two million Americans were supposed to die from the virus this year and it won’t happen. If your scared stay in quit pushing your crap on every one else. America was shut down once. Again. if you’re scared stay in I am 55 years old and by the way damn near every student athlete that gets this doesn’t know he or she has it. We better worry about BLM and Antifa!!! They want to destroy this country read their mission statement. This will probably get censored.