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Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 163: Kawhi Kraziness + Bud Selig

After a week away, Aaron has a lot to talk about. The newlywed is back and ready to talk all things sports. He jumps from the NBA to college football and college basketball before answering your questions and welcoming former MLB commissioner Bud Selig to the show. Here’s a rundown:

How Kawhi Ruined Aaron’s Wedding: Aaron talks about how his wedding night was blown up by the announcement that Kawhi Leonard would be signing with the LA Clippers and Paul George would be joining him. How did Aaron’s new wife react? And what does it mean for the NBA going forward? Also Aaron explains why he believes Kawhi is now the “alpha” of the entire NBA and why he feels bad for Russell Westbrook.

Urban Meyer’s new podcast: Aaron discusses the announcement that Urban Meyer will be starting his own podcast. While the internet cracked jokes at Meyer’s expense, Aaron explains why it could actually be insightful.

Former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig joins the Show: Aaron is joined by former MLB commissioner Bud Selig. The two talk about his new book “For the Good of the Game,” his relationship with Barry Bonds and the best and worst decisions of his career. Also, Bud argues against the idea that baseball has taken a hit in popularity these last few seasons.

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22 Comments for Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 163: Kawhi Kraziness + Bud Selig

  1. ukisgr8
    12:15 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

    For some reason, I can’t comment on Pilgrims post about politics. No way would I ever vote for todays democratic party

    • ukkatzfan
      12:24 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      On political posts, they often close the comment section. They don’t want to give people an opportunity to fight it out with cursing each other hahahaha

  2. ukisgr8
    12:34 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

    lol. Not a huge fan of either party but dang, moderate dems are gone

    • ukkatzfan
      1:11 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Democrats would say moderate Republicans are gone too. But both would be wrong. I am more middle of the road myself like you. A good independent like Perot (RIP)is what we need.

    • DelrayCat
      5:14 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      As are moderate R’s gone. Only Susan Collins remains and she will be cast out soon. Gone are Amash, Flake, McCain, etc. It is 100% Trump’s party now. Either kiss the ring or be banished forever. I hope Justin Amash runs as an independent. See the R’s heads explode as all the silent Never-Trumpers help elect the next Democrat in a landslide.

    • TPACAT
      8:17 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      I used to have respect for McCain. Even held my nose and voted for the RINO. But, after he cast the deciding vote not to kill Obamacare and the revelation that he personally shopped the phony Steele dossier you guys can have the POS…

    • DelrayCat
      9:14 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Phony Steele dossier…lol…god you people are so freaking gullible. Watch Mueller dispel that tripe on live tv next week and get back to us.

    • TPACAT
      11:22 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Gosh, you leftists just don’t know when to stop beating a dead horse. Just ask Keanu Reeves, I mean Rachael MadCow…

  3. bc79
    12:42 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

    Freedom of speech only applies to the press

    • ukcamel
      1:57 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Uhh, that’s an utterly false statement.

    • bc79
      2:43 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink


    • ukcamel
      3:22 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Freedom of speech is a right held by every American, not just the press. There is a separate right of the freedom of the press in the First Amendment.

      I don’t know what you were getting at or trying to say, I’m merely pointing out that what you said is inarguably wrong.

    • Cousins Fake Tooth
      5:37 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink


    1:22 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

    For someone as intelligent as Matt to want to align himself with what the Democrat Party has now devolved into is beyond me. I guess my Papaw was right – you can’t teach common sense…

    • ukisgr8
      2:20 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Yeah it’s crazy. I’m a rand/Ron Paul republican. I could really care less about most social issues to an extent but fiscally the Democrats other than a very few people like joe manchin are either liberal or like aoc and sanders, Marxist. I assume the ones running for president are just appeasing that crowd but whether Marxist or not, they are becoming subjects to that far left extreme. Trump is to the left of JFK so if people think trump is far right then the goalposts have moved way too far left

    • DelrayCat
      5:09 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      To say Trump is to the left of JFK is without a doubt the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. And you must have slept through the class on Marxism. It literally means the government controlling all resources and forms of production. Where in any liberals platform does that exist? You are nothing but a brainwashed foxbot shill for the illegitimate Putin/Kim bootlicker in office now.

    • TPACAT
      8:08 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Hey, DouchebagCat. Three words to answer your question – 1.) Single 2.) Payer 3.) Healthcare.

    • TPACAT
      11:18 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Hey, Delray. Are you a free-market capitalist? Do you believe in limited government? Do you subscribe to the concept of American Exceptionalism? Do you believe in God? Do you love your country as it was founded or do you want to change it? Show yourself…

    • DelrayCat
      9:11 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      Hey TP…where is that Big Beautiful Healthcare plan the orange buffoon promised. But instead they are fighting in court to take healthcare away from millions. Gotta love those so-called Christian Conservatives…only thing they serve is the almighty dollar.

  5. ukcamel
    1:55 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

    Regardless of Matt’s politics, I would just like to see him not begin his political career by running for the US Senate. It is ridiculous. City counsel or even state house would be a building block. The last thing this country needs is another inexperienced member of our most powerful legislative body. McGrath had a 20 year military career and at least has run a campaign before.

    But also we all know either one will get crushed by Mitch. Kentucky isn’t giving up having our senator as the most powerful in the country so that a guy who talks about sports for a living can be the junior member on a bunch of committees no one cares about, and get ignored there because he is a “celebrity” with no political chops.

    • DelrayCat
      5:17 pm July 9, 2019 Permalink

      This is actually a very sensible take. Matt would get crushed in a primary.

  6. ukisgr8
    10:55 am July 10, 2019 Permalink

    Apparently to McGrath trump winning the election was like al qaida killing 3,000 Americans. Good luck winning with that mindset