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A Columbus Day Poem For The BBN

Editor’s Note: The following was written by Harold Leeder, editor-in-chief of The New Circle Circular, Lexington’s #1 source of fake news you can’t count on.

Look now it may seem silly, but we all remember that in “1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Rhymes can help us remember versions of the past that may or may not be true. Since rhymes are so fun and since Columbus is offensive now we’ve come up with a new fun history-based rhyme.

In Nineteen Hundred And Ninety Two
UK had their worst loss ever, to that other team in blue

Rick had oceans of shooters, but one Timberlake in pain,
so we’d wait four more years til his Turn with Wayne

He pulled cats from the ashes, and freed the team from probation
Some sad to see him go, but happy he left us with a solid foundation

In the 90s all of Kentucky citizens were certainly on board
then came the affairs both short lived and untoward

Day after day the NCAA looked for the coach to be banned,
They found the coach was a creep, their women indiscreet, but never saw cash in hand.

A city saw that indiscretions down your leg can be swept under the rug,
but they can make big holes in your roster, that only shoe companies can help plug

However the NCAA never found evidence of the Coach’s willful misdeeds
until the FBI stepped in with Pitino-like speed

A shame for the city, they even lose 2013’s greatest success
and their program looks like their dorm rooms’ ceiling, a disgusting sticky mess

A Kentucky hero, a legend? No not quite
As old Rick was brave, but unfortunately not bright

Be careful of who you name your holidays after,
for 15 seconds they’re heroes, the next second disaster.

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Article written by Harold Leeder

2 Comments for A Columbus Day Poem For The BBN

    7:12 pm October 9, 2017 Permalink

    You should of ended last sentence with zero not disaster. Kind of botched that one there! Wonder who the turd was that wrote that!?

  2. loservilletard
    2:18 pm October 10, 2017 Permalink

    please don’t post this garbage on KSR. If someone wants to read crap, they will go to the idiots web site.