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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: Monday Morning Playcalling Breakdown (Eastern Michigan)

Each Monday I will break down the offensive numbers in hopefully a more interesting way that you normally see.  I like to see if there are certain situations where the UK offense excels, based on down and distance.  I will also keep a running count of the stats over the course of the season.  Against Eastern Michigan, the run game was a complete non-factor and protection of Stephen Johnson was lacking.  The Cats did just enough to win:   

1st Down
Pass: 11-11, 101 yards, 1 TD, 3 sacks for -23 yards (1 fumble lost)
Run: 13 rushes for 38 yards (2.9 ypc), 1 TD

Combined Season Statistics
Pass: 36-49, 509 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT, 5 sacks for -33 yards (1 fumble lost)
Run: 84 rushes for 381 yards (4.5 ypc) (2 fumbles lost)

Breakdown: Despite the fact that Stephen Johnson was basically perfect on 1st down the entire game, the Cats still ran 14 pass plays against 13 run plays.  At some point I think we have to admit the pass game might be more effective than the run game.  The numbers back it up and now we need to see the play calling back it up.  3 sacks was a disappointment as well.
2nd Down and Long (6 yards or more)
Pass: 2-4, 4 yards, 1 sack for -9 yards
Run: 7 rushes for 26 yards (3.7 ypc)

Combined Season Statistics
Pass: 17-28, 180 yards, 2 TD, 3 sacks for -21 yards
Run: 42 rushes for 161 yards (3.8 ypc)

Breakdown: As it has been most of the year, the rushing attack was completely ineffective.  Against EMU, the pass game was also poor, making -5 yards in 5 plays.  A yards per carry under 4.0 in college is really bad and it seems the Wildcat is used often in this situation to little success.

2nd Down and Short (5 yards or fewer)
Pass: No Plays
Run: 7 rushes for 9 yards (1.2 ypc)

Combined Season Statistics
Pass: 5-7, 46 yards
Run: 20 rushes for 44 yards, 2 TD (2.2 ypc)

Breakdown: UK did not make a single first down on any of these 7 plays.  Not once in 2nd and short.  And for the season they have been pathetic running the ball here.
3rd Down and Long (6 yards or more)
Pass: 4-9, 65 yards, 1 TD (converted 4 of 9)
Run: 1 rush for 5 yards (5.0 ypc) (converted 0 of 1)

Combined Season Statistics
Pass: 15-29, 180 yards, 1 TD, 5 sacks for -35 yards (converted 10 of 34)
Run: 10 rushes for 86 yards (8.6 ypc), 1 TD (converted 3 of 10)

Breakdown: Actually not too bad here except all of the conversions came in the 1st half.  The pass game on 3rd down dried up in the 2nd half and kept the game within reach.

3rd Down and Short (5 yards or more)
Pass: 1-3, 5 yards, 1 sack for -4 yards (converted 1 of 4)
Run: 4 rushes for 9 yards (2.3 ypc) (converted 2 of 4)

Combined Season Statistics
Pass: 5-9, 36 yards, 1 sack for -4 yards (converted 5 of 10)
Run: 16 rushes for 68 yards, 1 TD (4.3 ypc) (converted 8 of 16)

Breakdown: Cats continue along 50% conversion rate for the season, which is not nearly good enough.  In short yardage situations, when in theory running the ball is your strength, at least a 2 out of 3 conversion is necessary.  It hasn’t burned the Cats too bad just yet but it also has prevented them from extending drives in the 2nd half of games, keeping them close.

Article written by Bryan the Intern