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Some Jo-Ja notes
one of the three babies sacrificed to the sacred jaws of UGA each year

The Georgia Bulldogs are pissed…
Not just the current group of players, most of which were on hand in Lexington last season to witness the sacrificial slaughtering of a beloved goalpost at their expense (and the UKAA’s), but former ones as well. Remember a week back when the opinion geyser that is Steve Spurrier’s pie-hole spouted off on Mark Richt’s decision to bust out Soul Train in the middle of the Cocktail Party? Yes, Ball Coach got all Geroge Dubya on Richt, decreeing his actions as fightin’ words, saying he’d send the “goons” in to brawl and incite some UGA suspensions if they ever pulled a dance-dance revolution in one of his endzones.

Well that rubbed former Dawg/Freak o’ Nature, Herschel Walker, the wrong way:
“So my question I say to him is, if he’s got that much guts, why don’t he step in a ring against me? You don’t say something that silly, because you’re going to get somebody hurt. Georgia was punished, because that’s a penalty. They didn’t go out to hurt anyone. [Spurrier] talks about hurting somebody. How much guts do you have? Step in a ring with me, and then we’ll see.”

So of course, we now find Spurrier on the defensive, hoping his Achillis holds up under the miles of furious backpeddling:
“It doesn’t matter one way or the other,” Spurrier said, and then reiterated that he was joking about sending scrubs in to instigate a brawl. “I didn’t say I would do that. I said it’s the way you’d stop [celebrations like that]. Then you’d have to change the rule or some thinking about the rules.”

“I was [kidding]. I don’t believe in fighting.”


Herschel vs. Spurrier. Heisman on Heisman. Push-ups vs. Tee-offs. Give a Cabbage Patch Kid to a Pitbull and I think you’d see how this one would end. Where have I seen this before…?

Back to relavance…
This was Jo-Ja QB Matthew Stafford after last year’s Kentucky game:
Yikes. Well, the little fella has since blossomed into a top-tier QB surrounded by a far better team than a season ago. Not only will the Cats be facing the nation’s hottest team in their unfriendly confines, but a team hell bent on revenge. The Wildcats, for maybe the first time since the 80’s, have Georgia’s full attention.

In other news…
Dear Women,

I’m lonely.

Turn Signal

Article written by John Dubya

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