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SEC Slant: Week fo

Lessons Learned in week 4
There is but one dominant defense in the SEC, and it’s no coincidence Bama appears to be the only legitimate national title contender in the league at this point. Mark Richt and Steve Brown would make a great package deal for an up and coming MAC program. Cam Newton is a Heisman contender. So is Patrick Peterson, apparently. Arkansas lost not because of Mallet’s INT’s, but because of his line beard. Spurrier’s approach is no longer the fun n’ gun, but is now the shits n’ giggles. LSU beat West Virginia, but remain less inspired than the state of West Virginia. Wheelchairs belong in this world just like everyone else, just, maybe not on the sideline.

Bama (beat Ark. 24-20)
Make no mistake, Bama is a living, breathing professional organization. Yes, it seems as if every big time college program is about as “amateur” as Dare Dorm, but their unwavering swagger is something the SEC really hasn’t seen since the Bear. Sure, Spurrier’s Gators had swagger, but it was more cocky, arrogant, and well, it was Spurrier. The way Saban’s teams approach a game displays a more workmanlike swagger, brimming with arrogance that’s disguised as blue-collar and over-achievement. Just because Saban talks to the media in a careful, dulcet manner, does not mean he’s never made an intern wipe his ass with a $100 bill.

While just about any other team would show at least a feint of panic falling behind a high powered offense playing their super bowl in front of a record crowd, Bama just rolled up the sleeves and got to work. They didn’t stop until the clock ticked down and they had the lead. They’ve done it 19 times in a row in the SEC now, and who exactly is going to stop them?
Next up: Florida

Auburn (beat SC, 35-27)
So, Cam Newton is Terrell Pryor, after all. Or is he more Denard Robinson. Either way, he’s not Brent Schaffer. And, Spurrier, well, he’s officially got two feet in the “I’m just here for the perks” camp now. After riding Stephen Garcia down to the wire, Ball Coach threw in true frosh Conner Shaw to run the potentially game winning 2 minute drill, on the road, in Auburn. Yes, Garcia appeared to get dinged up late in the game but Spurrier says he felt it was time for a change. Caack fans are beginning to agree. With Cam Newton under center and a plethora of offenses weaponry, you’d have to believe Auburn is Bama’s primary threat to end their championship run.
Next up: LA-Monroe

Kentucky (lost to UF, 48-14)
We all loved the Hal Mumme offense. The timing of the Air Raid could not have been more opportune, as Bill Curry had all but killed the idea of college football in Kentucky by building an offense around the punter. Mumme loved scoring so much, he decided to abandon defensive strategy completely, since the offense can’t score if they aint on the field. His playbook was famously basic, as in plays drawn up in the dirt. Sort of like what Urban Meyer and Co. presented to the Cats on Saturday, when they rode the same 3-4 plays to the blowout win. Not only did Steve Brown’s unit fail…I was going to list things here, but they just fail. No adjustments, no pride. To put it in words you’ll understand, giving up 6 TD’s to a single player is like Tennessee letting Jodie Meeks go for 54. Only, this guy was a freshman. Shame.
Next up: Ole Miss

LSU (beat WV, 20-14)
Les Miles is shaving points. Either that, or he wants to get fired. Golden retrievers have more killer instinct than LSU, who yet again built a nice halftime lead, then spent the closing half discussing field position and waiting for the clock to expire. Kind of like an evening with Beano Cook. I’m just not sure anyone who has concern for their job would continue to start Jordan Jefferson at QB. The fact the Tigers are 115th nationally in passing is an indictment of Jefferson, no doubt, but even more so on Miles and Co. for their “ball-line” approach to football. If not for the heroics from the nation’s top CB, Pat Peterson, LSU could very well be 2-2, and Bobby Petrino would already be circling the moving vans.
Next up: UT

Georgia (lost to MSU, 24-12)
Call it Fulmeritis, or what we know it as, Tubb-berculosis, but Mark Richt has just about sealed his fate in Athens. The early career success, the strong family values and public approachability can carry you awfully far, but it doesn’t take long to overdraft that honeymoon account. It’s one thing to see a team’s performance consistently tank, but add on a perceived lack of respect and control of your players and it’s time to shuffle the deck. Like UT football and Kentucky basketball, there is no excuse, not one, why Georgia should not challenge for the division crown every year.
Next up: @ Colorado

Pa’er Rankins
1. Bama
2. Auburn
3. Florida
4. Arkansas
5. LSU
6. SC
7. UK
8. MSU
9. Vandy
10. UGA
11. UT
12. Ole Miss

Article written by John Dubya

The Twitter: @Johnawilk