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SEC Slant: Week 3


You want domination? After 3 weeks of play, 50% of the AP Top 10 is comprised of SEC institutions of higher learning. Smells like supremacy to me. It will be interesting to see what the polls look like next week as we finally begin to gnaw on the meat of the season. The patty cake is done, and it’s time for good ol’ southern football to once again impose its dominion and Riiiiise again!…up the polls, of course. Tennessee/Florida fireworks, LSU/Auburn bloodbath, South Carolina/Wofford intrastate, uh, unities!? Tis heaven, indeed.

Kentucky (W, 20-14 MTSU)
Despite the ‘oh, what could have been’s, this game ‘should have been’ comfy. However, with 12 points lost on the foot of Lones Sieber (it’s an emo foot, probably dressed in Samba’s or Airwalks), and rookie WR mistakes that cost the Cats at least 2 TD’s, the near dagger at the end ‘would have been’ truly a season crusher. This was another stellar performance from the Kentucky D, who managed the pesky spread option admirably. And you have to be pleased with Mike Hartline’s effort after the certain blow to his confidence last weekend. The kid has proved to be a capable game manager and still has yet to throw an INT this season, all without much of a crutch from the running game and wide receivers. But how Kentucky will handle the SEC gauntlet remains to be seen, as does a complete 4 quarters of football on both sides of the ball.
This week: bye

Vanderbilt (W, 38-21 Rice)
With Jay Cutler and Earl Bennet in the NFL, this year was supposed to be a revert back to the doormat days. But give credit to Bobby Johnson and Co. as Vandy is on the cusp of the Top 25 and in the driver’s seat in the east (some things can only be said for so long…). Vandy has outscored its opponents 45-10 in the second half this season. That’s domination, people. Vandy, domination. Domination, Vandy. Doesn’t taste quite right, does it?
This week: @ Ole Miss

Georgia (W, 14-7 @SC)
Sure, UGA’s TD victory in Columbia lacked vanity (as noted in the polls), but that’s a heckuva defense down there at Carolina, and Spurrier has been the only man able to lay claim to Richt-ownage (i.e. since 2001, UGA is an astounding 26-4 on the road; unreal in the SEC). I’m not a fan of UGA by any means, but I do enjoy watching this team play. RB Knowshon Moreno just looks like he’ll shimmy his way to a TD every time he touches it, and the velocity and accuracy of a Matthew Stafford ball is something to behold. Add some electrifying WR’s and a blitz-heavy defense, and I think they have the potential to be the best team in the nation by years end if they can survive that grueling schedule. The random-ass trip to the desert this weekend should be a solid indicator.
This week: @ Arizona State

Auburn (W, 3-2 @Miss. St)
There have only been six games in the history of Division I college football that have ended with a score of 3-2…six more than I thought there would be, and certainly six more than there should ever be. So congrats fellas! Truly elite company of offensive suck, and a reminder of why American football is the preferred drink of choice in this corner of the world. A combined 3-30 on 3rd downs is downright grotesque, and an unwelcomed reminisce of the bygone days of Curry when Doug Pelphery FG(s) were the only points on the board and the UK administration ran out of space to store the surplus of fireworks. Still, the Auburn defense remains steely and blatantly vicious. Opponents are a staggering 3/46 on third-down this season against the Tigers, and no opponent has scored a point in the first half yet this year.
This week: LSU


South Carolina (L, 14-7 UGA)
What was heralded as a resurrection year (resurrecting what, I don’t know) for the Cocks and their National Championship winning HBC, begins with an 0-2 hole in the SEC. Despite being outplayed for most of the game and without do-aything WR Kenny McKinley, SC had a chance to tie things up in the 4th, but a fumble in the endzone put the upset hopes to bed. It will be interesting to see how they handle this early shot of adversity; perhaps better than last season’s five game losing skid?
This week: Wofford

LSU (W, 41-3 N. Texas)
Alabama (W, 41-7 WKU)
Ole Miss (W, 34-10 Samford)
Tennessee (W, 35-3 UAB)

Week 3 Studs:

QB Mike Hartline, Kentucky: 28-47 for 254 and 2 TD’s. Not in the stat sheet: the poise he showed late in the game and the general confidence us fans had in watching him do so.

RS Trindon Holliday, LSU: 4 punt returns for 163 yards including a 92-yd. TD. Weeeee!!!

LB Rennie Curran, Georgia: 6 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 huge forced fumble.

RS/DB D.J. Moore, Vandy: talk about a handy-man: accounted for 206 all-purpose yards against Rice (84 punt return, 54 kickoff return, 37 rushing and an interception for 31 yards).

Pa’er Rankins:
1. LSU
2. UGA
3. Florida
4. Alabama
5. Auburn
6. Kentucky
7. Vanderbilt
8. Tennessee
9. Ole Miss
10. South Carolina
11. Miss St
12. Arkansas

Article written by John Dubya

The Twitter: @Johnawilk