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SEC Post: an intro

It began as merely a pipedream. A weekly SEC basketball update cut from the same cloth as the viral internet sensation, SEC Slant. Logic told me, “look, I hate to be so blunt, but outside of UK and perhaps the Vols and Gators, no one gives a rat’s ass about SEC hoops this year.” I was taken aback, needless to say. I was prepared for logic’s frankness, but certainly not for its foul mouth. But I’ve never put much stock in logic, at least not in this current market, so when my gut called, begging for an SEC basketball slant and/or a bowel movement, I answered. Then, I posted…

da, da-na-na, na-na-na…

It’s No secret college basketball is about as popular in SEC land as Gen. Sherman and the state of Ohio. How else can you explain Mike Gottfried’s employment? And, how many Auburn fans know the name Jeff Lebo? (A: 11) Still, the SEC has always been a top level basketball conference, occasionally even rating out as the best. People like to think SEC basketball is all about Kentucky and football recruiting, which is of course true, though rather misleading. You only have to riminisce on the past 15 seasons to see that the SEC has produced 12 Final Four teams, just one below the ACC for top honors. The “storied” Big East? 7. Even when times are tough, the SEC has always been laden with talent. In fact, yes, fact, the SEC is the only conference to have each of its teams produce at least one NBA Draft pick this decade.

This season, however, yeesh. The SEC is bad. Atrocious. Worse than the offense it yielded on the gridiron kind of bad. We knew it was coming but we hardly prepared for the impact. Perhaps it’s like The Mortgage Crisis where years of mismanagement, questionable ethics, and the NBA Draft were all too often overlooked before infusing into a perfect storm. But look around the nation, at every conference…we are facing a talent recession. It’s North Carolina and everyone else. Judging by the season thus far, I’m not sure there’s a second team out there capable of picking up the pieces after the forthcoming Roy Williams choke-job.

“I asked you to paint me a Birmingham. Does this look like a Birmingham?”

Alas, we carry on. Why? Because Kentucky Basketball is bigger than all of it. Logic. Gut. Donovan. Stats. My dump. All of it. So after a month of action, here’s your SEC Post.

How bad is it?
The SEC has 1 team in the RPI top 50 (UT #46). After UT’s win over G’Town, the SEC’s next best non-conference wins are Kentucky’s Vegas pair of Kansas State and West Virginia. Basically, just about every time the SEC has played a school not named after a person nor containing at least two of the cardinal directions, they have lost. If Mercer were in the SEC, they’d be in first place at 2-0 in the league.

SEC/Big East Challenge
I said, it’s the SEC/Big East Invitational!!! Get pumped, stay pumped!
South Florida v. Vandy Nashville, 6
Marquette v. Tennessee Nashville, 9:30
Miss St v. Cincinnati The Nasty 5:30
Ole Miss v. Louisville The Nasty 8

Sampling of stats…League Leaders
1. Jodie Meeks, UK, 22
2. Daivd Huertas, Ole Miss, 21
3. Chris Warren, Ole Miss, 20

1. Jarvis Verando, MSU, 10.5
2. Michael Washington, Ark, 10.4
3. Mike Holmes, SC, 9.3

1. Pat Patterson, UK, 71%
2. Alex Tyus, UF, 61%
3. Korvotney Barber, Aub, 58%

Article written by John Dubya

The Twitter: @Johnawilk