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Pearl Jam’s Wednesday’s News and Views

Everyone’s got the swine flu, so, here I am.

As the years creep ahead I find that my appetite for early to mid 90’s alt-rock–“grunge” as we used to say in our unbuttoned flannel and artificial defiance–only increases in time. I’ve always wondered if the heroin inspired soundtrack to my coming of age would endure like the boomers’ LSD inspired records, or if CCR and the Beatles would always be considered “classic rock.” Pearl Jam, the original co-headliners of the Seattle Sound, is doing their part to keep the era alive with the release of their ninth album, Backspacer, due out later this month. There is no denying the eccentricity and political drivel from Eddie Vedder over the years can be nauseating, but no band has made better music since they first introduced themselves with the masterpiece Ten, in 1991. A few strange turns and inconclusive experiments notwithstanding, the band continued to pump out some of the most seminal jams of my generation. And some guy in Indianapolis ranks every Pearl Jam song ever recorded. Heroic and ridiculous.
Just for the record, my list would look like:
1. Black
2. Corduroy
3. Alive

Onto the n & v:
You know when you’re singing, “We’re from Kentucky, and we like it that way” in the shower, by gum it’s time for some collegiate football.

While the flashy star powered teams a couple of years ago garnered some national attention, it seems that the overall opinion ‘round the South is that the Cats don’t figure to improve much from last year’s less explosive squad who struggled in conference play though ultimately securing 7 wins. Pappy may grow a mean mater but he’s no sugarcoat. Back in his day sugarcoats were stoned in the public square, and left for the buzzards. If Pappy thinks he has some live horses than I’m willing to play. I’d give you my heart, but it’s been shattered one too many times on that there field.

As with any season there’s a mountain of variables to endure and you can be assured events will occur that will make you high and events will occur that will make you brown out, but it’s always good to be undefeated. Beyond the obvious expectations of beating Louisville and then winning the national championship, I have but a few requests from this season that could define me as a person for the next year or so of my life. Behold readers, for this is the year of the slumpbuster.

While Kentucky holds the nation’s second longest winning streak vs. non-con opponents (14), the other end of the spectrum is gruesome.

Beat Auburn: Auburn doesn’t come around much, and for the most part, we coo, we coo, but they have won the last 14 meetings. Though the jury is still out on Chizik, you have to assume this is about as ripe as a late summer Rich Brooks BLT. Summons the powers from Fayetteville two years ago and stave off an early season breakdown.

Beat South Carolina/Spurrier: At least Florida, Tennessee and Auburn have sterling football pasts. South Carolina’s now decade-long grasp on their conference rival is perhaps the most inexplicable of all. I can think of maybe 3 or 4 Gamecock teams in the last 10 years where you could say they held a legitimate talent advantage. But even a moxie-less Steve Spurrier has been able run his career tally to a tidy 16-0 over UK and it stings even more when this is the team you must supplant in order to turn the next corner.

Beat Tennessee: Beyond words. Succumbing to the Vols in Fulmer’s zenith is one thing, but 24 years in a row is torturous in ways waterboarding can never convey. Mark Higgs had 4 tries from the goal line, Chase Harp took a few too many steps, Lones Siber kicked one too many low knucklers and 4 overtimes was ultimately wasted time. New coach, new streak?

Florida: Might I just say I hope this is the nation’s new longest losing streak.

Read Doyel’s Column. Sometimes Greggo is out of my reason of understanding but he’s always honest, and he reads this site (hey Gregg!), and today he painted a most gorgeous painting of a fallen sot and former Kentucky basketball coach: you have two guesses. Meanwhile, Andy Katz served up a hard-hitting, poignant piece involving the Ohio State Buckeyes and a late night game of capture the flag. Outrageous! And that’s not innuendo, they were also cornholing. Chalk up another grand slam from the K Man.

Bad day for former Wildcat Ed Davender, as the hits just keep on coming. Davender is charged with trip felonies for allegedly taking cash in advance for basketball tickets he aint got. So not really scalping, more, theft. Though I could see the angle Ed was playing, I typically assume people will just say, “eh, eff it, it’s not like I knew who that guy was anyway.” I suppose there are worst things to be labeled with than bad criminal, though felon would certainly not be on that list.

–I don’t have anything to add on the basketball or recruiting front because frankly my dear readers, I don’t give a damn. I hope some of you can peer away from your Dodson updates and Stacey Poole flight trackers long enough to catch a football game this weekend and prepare for another whirlwind in the SEC. It’s football season…show some decency.

Oh and with the continued requests for links and motivational speeches, I am promoting myself and will no longer be known as Intern. It’s been a cush ride as the mythical Xeroxer but I will soon be going by my actual name, Da’Quan Dantzler.

So much more to come today, including some luscious links, quick hits, cheap shots, and probably a few whiffs. And maybe, just maybe Dodson will be updated. You don’t need an invitation, so come on and jump right in…

Article written by John Dubya

The Twitter: @Johnawilk