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KSR is Goin’ Green!


You’ll have to forgive the ill-timing of this post, as it was meant to commemorate everyone’s favorite April Holiday, 420 Earth Day. But causes such as this don’t need fancy décor and a boost from Hallmark. For, every day is Earth Day, and I am proud to announce that we at KSR, famous and robust as we may be, are going Green! That’s right, we are buying what corporate America and Washington are selling us, and that is the color Green. What does it mean? It means you care, damn it. That little Green “H” on the back of that Tahoe is a symbol of an undaunted desire to clean up this perishable planet, once and for all…with a Tahoe!

It’s obviously working for NBC, who broadcasted an NFL Postgame show in the dark (In the dark? IN THE DARK!) to confirm their commitment to Mamma E. Luckily, they managed to recycle enough energy to broadcast the show in its entirety without missing one single commercial break. Bless them.
The message, and the screenplay, far ahead of its time

It’s time to cleanse the polluted air of the blogosphere. Shrink that carbon footprint. So, in conventional Green fashion, we are going to recycle some old posts, which will save energy and stuff. My energy, your energy, and Earth’s energy (suggested reading: Does the Earth Just Need a Redbull? And Other Debunking Questions, by Dr. Phil McGraw). All posts in the Green Series will use nearly 1/4th the wattage of a normal post, and ½ the creativity.

We will also be focusing a portion of our recruiting and sports coverage to this fine color created by yellow and blue and perfected by LL Bean, by highlighting athletes organic in name. UK football recruits E.J. Fields and Trevino Woods will be celebrated, and even the likes of Ryan Leaf, Tree Rollins, and former Yankees ace John Wettland deserve mention. Apologies to those of you who come here for your Urban Meyer and Oil Can Boyd updates.

Actually Kermit, it is pretty easy

Here’s a sampling of ideas we will explore in our Green Series:
A ‘Green Out’ at the first football home game.
“What’s yo’ favorite color baby? Green and white!”
Play one game in Rupp next season in the dark. If Ole Miss can do it, so can we.
Construct a new arena in Lexington Green.
Jamychal Green: what went wrong?

Join us, readers. Catch the Green fever—not the fatal kind that always ruined your game of Oregon Trail—but the type that compels you to preserve this great planet and even greater color.

I also ask that each commenter declaring themselves as “First!” to please change it to, “First to Conserve!” It’s subtle, but eloquent.

Today’s recycled goods:

Article written by John Dubya

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