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Just Wait ‘Til…baseball season?

Although Lexington is not the best place to ‘beat a dead horse’, today’s game leaves me no other viable options…
Marco Killingsworth doles out more elbows than The Rock. That guy commits an offensive foul nearly every time he touches the ball…What hurts me most about this loss is the job security it adds to Mike Davis. I’d like to see him get the can so he can finally join the cast of SNL, a show desperately in need of a joke. I tipped my hat to UNC, but IU is not a very good team. They will be when D.J. White returns, but UK got waxed by pedestrian basketball…Saw 2 was easier on the stomach than this game. The whole purpose of basketball is to put a ball through a hoop. Yes, defense wins championships, but that’s void if your defense is forced to hold opponents in the 50’s all season…Maybe the ‘Cats should watch some Hugh Grant movies. If he can score from downtown so easily, why can’t division 1 athletes?

Tubby–I’ve always been a die-hard Tubby guy, and still am. But for the sake of humanity, please ease up on the stubbornness this year. With literally no legit options in the post, and shooting… well 2/25 from three, Tubby Ball simply can’t be an option. This team has to run and press to at least attempt to get easy baskets. The two strengths this team actually has, is quick guards and a lot of ‘em. Use it to your advantage. Also, is there not one high school basketball player in the entire state that can box out or make a jump shot? Leave the fancy athletes to Rich Brooks, and bring in a basketball player or two.

Woo–Possibly the worst player in D-1, but don’t blame him. He plays with enthusiasm and busts his tail. Blame the people that brought him to D-1 and gave him a scholarship.

Sheray Thomas– What do Celine Dion, Tom Green, and Rick Moranis have in common? All hail from Thomas’s native Canada, and all could contribute more in the post.

Rekalin Sims–Good player, nothing else. Would really flourish in a system where he could play a Scott Padgett style game, instead of being relied on to play a Jamal Magloire style game.

Shagari Alleyene–See “Woo” above. Belongs in D-1 like Hillary Clinton belongs in Victoria’s Secret.

Bobby Perry–Again I ask, is this really the best UK can get? Is hitting the underside of then rim on a put-back inexcusable? Yes. Is hitting the side of the backboard on an open three pathetic? Yes. But it’s not like he’s playing bad on purpose, he simply doesn’t belong at this level. He’d sure make a nice sixth man for Transy though.

Rajon Rondo–When he applies his freakish talent for 40 minutes it’s scary. Now, if he could only apply his freakish talent for 40 minutes…

Joe Crawford–His rebounding and defense is outstanding, but the system still has him gun-shy. Should be taking 10 free throws a game with his slashing ability.

Patrick Sparks–Simply cannot be on the floor unless it’s the one game a month where he’s shooting well. I will never understand how you can hit seven 3’s in one night and then proceed to go 6/23 from long range as he has done in the past 4 contests.

Smooth–Keep shooting, you’re our only hope on offense.

Preston LeMaster–Seriously, what’s the difference in having Sparks rather than LeMaster on the court?

Adam Williams–Look at it this way, just by being on the team you can score a job at Paul Miller Ford or something.

Article written by Intern