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And now, a word from someone who knows things


This may be old news to some of you by now, but worth highlighting during these gossip-mongering, finger-pointing dog days. The CJ’s Eric Crawford interprets the current Big Blue malaise better than any Newspaperman has to this point.

Crawford’s premise is heavy on the truth:
But UK fans, contrary to national reputation, don’t demand perfection, how else could one of their most beloved teams of the past two decades be one that was 14-14? What they do demand, however, is that the team on the court reflect this state’s longstanding passion for the game.

Ding, ding, ding, ding.

Fans are split when saddled with the role of armchair AD, but Crawford’s point that we don’t demand ’96 Kentucky’s talent usual post season accomplishment every year contrary to what people who don’t live in Kentucky curiously like to lecture, cannot be underlined enough. You see, rather than relying on banal observations like the gamut of national “analysts”, you know, the whole UK-fans-ran-Tubby-out-of-town and-now-I-hope-they’re-happy-and-I-told-you-so song and dance they like to skip to while on the outside looking in, it’s refreshing that Crawford opines on topics he is privy to and does not just take a stab at it with hackneyed logic.

All we want, all we expect, is for the players to have as much fun as we do. All we want, all we expect, is a coach who not only realizes but cares about the history of this place and the players and coaches that have created this collegiate enterprise where the name on the jersey has always superseded anything on the back, and anything in the win/loss column.

I’m not into history,” Gillispie said after the Georgia game. “We got our tails beat. … You try to put your hard hat on. You try to understand what you need to get better at, and you try to get better at it.”

Touche Billy. I hope you try to find this understanding soon.

Crawford for threeeee [Courier-Journal]

Article written by John Dubya

The Twitter: @Johnawilk