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YAHTZEE! 2021 Somerset QB Kaiya Sheron commits to KENTUCKY



The Kentucky football program has found its quarterback for the class of 2021.

This evening, 2021 three-star prospect and top-30 quarterback Kaiya Sheron has announced his commitment to Kentucky, choosing the Wildcats over early offers from Marshall and Eastern Kentucky, among significant growing interest from various Power Five programs.

“First off I want to thank God, without his blessing I would not be in this position,” Sheron said in the announcement. “I would also like to thank my parents and family for the sacrifices they have made for me. I want to thank my teammates for always having my back and helping me be the best I could be.

“Thank you to Briar Jumper Nation for your support! To all of my coaches over the years thank you so much for everything. With that being said, I am grateful to announce that I will be committing to the University of Kentucky. Go Big Blue!!”

Sheron, a 6-foot-4, 200-pound quarterback out of Somerset, KY, is considered the No. 28 pro-style quarterback in the class of 2021 and No. 8 overall prospect in the state.

As a junior at Somerset, Sheron finished the year with a whopping 3,218 yards passing, 960 yards rushing, and 36 total touchdowns.

Sheron becomes the fourth commitment for Kentucky in the class of 2021, joining the likes of William Mason (Ohio) offensive tackle Paul Rodriguez, Stow (Ohio) Walsh Jesuit offensive lineman David Wohlabaugh, Dublin (Ohio) Coffman linebacker Devon Williams.

In the class of 2020, Mark Stoops and the UK coaching staff secured signatures from in-state prospects John Young (Christian Academy of Louisville), Beau Allen (Lexington Catholic), Octavious Oxendine (North Hardin), Vito Tisdale (Bowling Green), and Izayah Cummings (Male).

Check out the newest Wildcat’s impressive junior year highlights:

The biggest highlight of the year for the three-star quarterback? His game-winning touchdown pass to win the Class 2A state title in 2019.

Welcome home, Mr. Sheron.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

Follow me on Twitter: @JackPilgrimKSR

28 Comments for YAHTZEE! 2021 Somerset QB Kaiya Sheron commits to KENTUCKY

  1. tdub
    9:30 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

    Welcome young man! Waiting for fb season

  2. FactsOnlyDude
    9:38 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

    Picked UK over MARSHALL and EKU??? #yahtzeeSERIOUSLY?????

    • JASUN74
      9:55 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

      You wait and see. He’ll get offered from everyone now. He just hasn’t been seen much from the rest of the the country, but now that Kentucky has offered, they’ll start rolling in. He’s the real deal. A country kid that tough as nails, has great food speed and a cannon for an arm. He’s got fantastic vision and out of this world football IQ, he’s got the size and will grow even more.

      He’ll be 220 by the time he comes to Kentucky and if he does camp a lot like most big time quarterbacks, every big school in the country will offer him on the spot. I’ve watched quit a bit of film on him and he’s someone who I wanted bad. I’m telling you all right now that this kid is going to be awesome and will become a top pick in the draft one day. This is a great pickup and well deserved Yahtzee!! Go Cats!!

    • chris43
      11:10 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

      He’s currently a 3 star who’ll most likely end up finishing as a 4. Home grown talent who wants to play for us…welcome aboard young man!

  3. JASUN74
    9:39 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

    Ohh Helllll yeah. This kid will end up a top fifty player and a five star if he gets a chance to be evaluated like he should. Welcome aboard my young brother. Wooo. Go Cats.

  4. Newtype
    10:04 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

    Cool name

  5. bbn606
    10:38 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

    Wow, we beat Marshall and Eastern for this one. Sounds like a Joker Phillips recruit. It’s always good to get the State guys but I don’t think this one will ever see the field.

    • Brutal Hustler
      11:11 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

      Who were Benny’s other offers? Josh Allen’s?

    • bbn606
      7:49 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

      For every Benny and Josh there is also a Matt Elam and Xavier Peters.

    • BlueByYou
      8:29 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

      That comment does not even make sense! You are basically contradicting your own dumb remark

    • bbn606
      8:56 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

      Well for the simple minded, for every player that exceeds expectations there is also those sure bets that falls on their face. This recruit is Walker Wood 2.0 should never have wasted a scholarship on him.

    • cats646
      10:26 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

      It’s like bbn606 doesn’t even realize that Josh Allen only had an offer from Monmouth. Lol. How can you not trust these coaches on judging talent by now? Of course there are always a few that are too lazy to work for it and become great. Why the hell come on here and complain about getting a recruit? Smh. People are ignorant.

    11:55 pm March 23, 2020 Permalink

    Agree @JASUN74. Like you, I’ve watched his highlights since we shown interest and from what I’ve seen, he could be a nfl qb with the potential he has. Got a little Pat Mahommes characteristics how he buys time, eludes rush, and keeps eyes downfield, with a accurate deep ball and decent short to mid level throw game. Speed up his decisions on where to go with the fb bc he won’t have that much time in the SEC, and I think he could be our best QB NFL prospect-wise in these next 5 years (TW=1,JG=2,BA=2,KS=1); assuming this is how the starter years play out. So excited for next season and years to come! Go cats! #keepemdicehot #711

    • BlueByYou
      8:34 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

      Someone call Stoops asap and tell them that the recruiting geniuses on KSR, who grade prospects by who the kid has offers from, say this kid is will never see the field. We’re wasting millions paying these coaches, when we have experts on this site that know so much more.

    • JASUN74
      5:15 pm March 24, 2020 Permalink

      Yes Sir my friend. He’s going to be a steal. We have been on him for a long time and his whole family are Wildcat fans. Love this pickup and kids will love playing with him. I think a lot of fans see his offer sheet and don’t understand that he’s just now starting to get offers. We’ll have to keep the big dogs away from him but I’m almost sure we will.

      He’s going to get compared to Tim Couch a lot because of his size and talent, but he just needs to keep working and not listen to that stuff. Tim is a living legend and Kaiya need to make his own name. I’m not saying he’s close to Tim at this point, but he’s closer to Tim than Drew Barker Or Patrick Towles were. Lol. Truth is, he’s a hell of a prospect and will help Kentucky stay on the upswing we’re in. Also he’ll help recruit some great players to play with him as well. Lol. I’m tickled to death over him and hate to get too excited, but he’s a very hard worker and those are the kids you want on your program. Thanks brother. Go Cats

  7. bigbluebg
    12:17 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

    To those who read “picked Kentucky over Marshall and EKU” and were disappointed:

    Under Stoops, UK has consistently evaluated players early in the recruiting process and offered. This is how we have beat schools out for kids like Justin Rodgers.

    Identifying talent early and establishing a relationship, so when the kid suddenly rockets up the rankings and gets offers from the blue blood programs; we still have a good shot to land the prospect.

    Have some faith in our coaches!

    • JASUN74
      5:25 pm March 24, 2020 Permalink

      100%!! Read this post everyone! I think we have the best staff in the country to be honest with you , they can identify talented players at a younger age than almost every school in the country, the greatest thing they do is develop they players we get. There’s no one close to us at developing talent. It’s why more and more big time players are coming to Kentucky and it’s why Kentucky is starting to be a real threat in the SEC EAST.

      It’s just a matter of time before we take the EAST and a spot in the playoffs. It’s been happening right before our eyes and everyone around the country has been paying attention. All you have to do is look at the team’s second and third string guys. A lot of them would start at 75% of the other programs. Our depth is unbelievable right now and that’s leading to competition. We’re soo close and like I already said, it’s just a matter of time. Go Cats. Great post bigbluebg.

  8. dave1964
    9:27 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

    Have not seen any film on this kid at all my first thought was a 3 start and only has two low lever offers, but I am going to trust Stoops on this one he is normally ahead of the curve bet this kids offers start rolling in. Welcome aboard.

  9. WKY Cat
    9:39 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

    He’s listed as a pro style QB but it looks like he has great vision to escape the rush and good running speed. Could be more of a dual threat than advertised. Looks like a great pick up for our staff!

  10. Headhurts
    9:45 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

    Clipboard holder, send signals

    • JASUN74
      5:32 pm March 24, 2020 Permalink

      We don’t just take guys to fill spots anymore my friend. Kentucky has arrived! Go watch some film on this kid and judge for yourself instead of what you read. He’s the real deal and we’ve wanted him for a couple years now. He’s a Cat an the only thing to stop him will be injury’s.

      It’s a shame that we have people come here and say they’re fans, but don’t believe in what we’re doing here. That’s fine I guess, but I’d rather you buy in and believe in what’s happening. Your choice I suppose, just give players a chance before writing them off first. Go Cats

  11. UKfansNKY
    10:05 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

    You AH with the negative comments just need to move your asses on, go cheer for LV

    Welcome young Man, BBN is glad to have you!

  12. satcheluk
    10:10 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

    It’s easy to pick out the intellectually lazy folks on here. They look at the stars and offer list and comment without trying to understand context. If you are really into recruiting, and I’d say I qualify to some extent since I pay $ for two recruiting websites, you’ve been hearing about this kid for a year or so. It seems he hasn’t received any national exposure yet since he has only camped at UK. He was set to attend the Elite 11 Regional QB competition in Atalanta, but it was cancelled, so he likely won’t get any real exposure before he graduates next year. So will he pan out? Who knows, but this kid’s floor is high 3 star and one could argue, after watching his tape, that he could climb to 4 star if he had access to the typical camp circuit. I’m glad we picked him up despite what a few ignorant knuckleheads have expressed here.

  13. cats646
    10:21 am March 24, 2020 Permalink

    I’m from Wayne County so naturally I hate somerset. Haha. But this kid is legit and I’ll cheer him on from this day forward!! Congrats! And GO CATS!!!!!!!!!

  14. cathatter
    12:16 pm March 24, 2020 Permalink

    hit an uncovered receiver for a game winning td! were they playing uk???

    • BlueByYou
      5:20 pm March 24, 2020 Permalink

      Get lost! You can’t even spell cat hater right, which what you are troll!