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What A Difference Four Years Can Make

Mark Zerof-US Presswire

Mark Zerof-US Presswire

Mark Zerof-US Presswire

Many are understandably upset and frustrated with Saturday night’s game against Eastern Kentucky.  Losing to an FCS team simply doesn’t cut it.  The Cats did NOT (thankfully), but it wasn’t that long ago that we were losing on the same field (well, the grass version) to the state’s other directional school.

In 2012, WKU was two-years removed from a 26-game losing streak upon entering the FBS.  Andrew Jackson was a pro-caliber linebacker that was eventually drafted, but still a step down from EKU’s explosive defensive end, Noah Spence.  EKU’s Dyshawn Mobley and WKU’s Antonio Andrews are comparable, with a caveat that Andrews almost broke Barry Sanders single-season all-purpose yardage record, twice.

The climate around the UK program was different each time.  Entering the WKU game, people were beginning to question Joker Phillips.  The loss would be the first strike in his downfall.  Before the EKU game, the program was at a new high with a new coach in a new stadium.  Completely different scenarios, producing ALMOST the same results.

Both games eventually came down to one play.  Both opponents ran (practically) the same play.

Look at all of the Kentucky defenders ready for WKU’s overtime throwback.

This year produced different results.

Needless to say, they were prepared.



Even though Saturday’s game was a muddled mess throughout, when it came down to crunch time, good habits reflected good coaching. Most importantly, the Cats won.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

9 Comments for What A Difference Four Years Can Make

  1. Courtney
    9:08 pm October 6, 2015 Permalink

    The assistant coach that came up with that play in the WKU game is now an assistant at EKU. Coincidence??

  2. John Ross
    10:07 pm October 6, 2015 Permalink

    Except WKU ran that play as a 2 point conversion for the win and EKU ran it on a 4th and 12, huge difference.

    • Walls
      10:20 am October 7, 2015 Permalink

      Exactly. Huge difference on defense when you don’t have to actually account for a run play or worry about a screen pass when there are 10 yards in front of you.

  3. James K
    10:36 pm October 6, 2015 Permalink

    God, that WKU play makes me nauseated.

  4. Bill Goldberg
    12:28 am October 7, 2015 Permalink

    One thing that hasn’t changed. WKU would beat us this year to.

    • Ha!
      1:34 am October 7, 2015 Permalink

      *too, you illiterate mouth-breather. I bet WKU could beat Houston, too.

  5. Unboltedharp
    12:32 pm October 7, 2015 Permalink

    I was at the WKU game. KY lost that game because of a pitiful coaching staff. I never saw a flash of anything out of Joker. It was same old nothing play after play. Great play, nothing. Pitiful play, nothing. He turned the players into mindless lumps. If I had been Barnhart I’d fired Joker that night. The difference with Eastern is this coaching staff and players never gave up. The fight and excitement is clearly visible from this group of coaches. That transfers to the players and it shows on the field. Yes, Eastern pushed KY around, but they hung in there and made plays when it mattered most.

  6. John
    3:37 pm October 7, 2015 Permalink

    This article is stupid. Fishing for positivity it’s pointless.

  7. Tampa satchel
    4:19 pm October 7, 2015 Permalink

    Don’t feed the trolls!