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Waking up from a tough (not bad) loss


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Losing is never easy. But if it’s any consolation, imagine how this loss would have felt two years ago. We’d be a little frustrated, but still pretty darn excited–the fact that now we’re just flat-out PO’d means something. It means that this program is at a higher level than it was before. That may sound obvious, but it’s good to keep that kind of thing in mind, because now we expect more. As Stephen Johnson said postgame:

“We expected to win this game, we didn’t fight to win this game.”

Regardless of how you felt about Johnson’s 10-of-20, 1 interception performance, he’s got a point.

There’s not much need to rehash the mistakes from last night (Badet drop, etc) or anything along those lines, but if you want a more in-depth look at why/how we lost, check that out here and here. And, of course, coach Stoops’ postgame comments will shed some light on the loss.

Kickoff in Neyland Stadium against a beatable Tennessee is set for noon next Saturday.

Onto other news:

NBA Cats update

  • Karl-Anthony Towns was by far the best player on a mediocre team last night, dropping 33 points and pulling down 6 boards in the T-Wolves’ loss to the OKC Russell Westbrooks Thunder. For OKC, Enes had a 20, 10 double-double. It’s early, but at 1-4 I’d say we can  those T-Wolves playoff predictions on hold. This team will be good, but they’re still pretty darn young.
  • Rondo looked run-of-the-mill in the Bulls’ loss to the Pacers last night, posting just 9 points and 5 assists. The 3-3 Bulls got off to a tear early, but have simmered down recently. I was skeptical preseason, and I must admit that I didn’t see how Fred Hoiberg’s offense fit w/the ball dominant Rondo, Wade, and Jimmy Butler. But things seem to be working a little more smoothly than I expected–Hoiberg isn’t focusing on threes as much as he is on pushing the pace, which all three guards can do. Did you know Lamar Jackson once beat Rondo in a foot race?
  • A little bit worried about John Wall as he sat out in the Wizards’ loss to the Magic, still recovering from offseason knee surgery. The fact that he’s just sitting out now for the surgery tells me that the surgery affected him more than he expected. Maybe I’m reading too much into a rest game, but it’s something to keep tabs on with the Wizards at 1-4.
  • Skal made his pro debut last night in the Kings loss at Milwaukee. Boogie had a rough go at it (15 points and just 4 rebounds) but Skal did pretty well for himself in 15 minutes, scoring 8 points and 3 boards. Not a bad debut.

NFL Schedule–week 9


Eagles/Giants should be interesting. With the Cowboys in charge of the surprisingly strong NFC East, the winner of this game should set themselves up nicely for a wildcard run. The loser will have themselves a might-big hole to dig out of.

Showtime “One & Done/Ben Simmons”



Showtime is airing a 91-minute documentary on Ben Simmons’ year at LSU, the frustrations of going to school knowing that you could be making millions, and of course the kinda dumb one & done rule. You can watch it on Showtime at 5 ET or stream it here right now (I think).

So, there’s an election in two days

But let’s not think about that. Leave that to Nate Silver, or whoever. Let’s think about the new Star Wars movie that’s coming out in just 6 weeks.

May the force be with you, BBN


Article written by Austin Horn

Follow him on Twitter @Lilbighorn23KSR

6 Comments for Waking up from a tough (not bad) loss

  1. Kray502
    10:38 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Not bad? Since when did losing to an inferior team at home, by blowing an 8 point 2nd half lead, and blowing chance to make the SEC title game become not a bad loss? We literally had our ticket in our hands, and slipped stepping up onto the train and fell back and knocked ourselves into a coma as the train slowly pulled off and headed for Atlanta. Wow.

  2. Jiminy Crickets
    10:59 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Stoops records at UK…..

    0-9 against AP top 25
    1-16 against RPI 50
    14-28 against “major” conference teams
    17-28 overall
    ONE win over a team that finished the season bowl eligible (USC was 6-6 at year end)
    ZERO wins over a team that finished with 7 or more wins
    we are currently RPI #67, with Vandy #70 and Missouri #71

    STOP this “we’re at another level” hyperbole.

    What we are is barely better than Vandy and Missouri. USC would probably beat us if we played again. So, are we better than Jokers last year? Sure. But lets not pretend we are good

  3. BluKudzu
    11:13 am November 6, 2016 Permalink

    Stoops just needs more time. He is doing it the right way. We have cool marketing videos, and we have cool uniforms.
    We are going to win 6 this year, and go to a bowl.
    We are better than Joker’s teams. He ruined UK Football. Mitch Barnhart is a genious.
    Thank God he got rid of that women’s soccer coach who had a career winning record at UK, but had a bad season.
    Go Cats.

  4. a21CATSfan
    12:43 pm November 6, 2016 Permalink

    When will this site stop with the moral victories? We had a chance to take the lead in the EAST and missed our opportunity. There’s no way UK loses that game with competent coaching. The “Wildcat” 12 times in a row with the same back is more than overkill. Especially when Georgia takes a TO to exclusively stop the idiotic formation. And the time management is still laughable. There are no excuses to lose that game and let a freshman QB just light us up in the 4th quarter. Sorry not sorry.

    • BluKudzu
      6:13 pm November 6, 2016 Permalink

      Not Stoops’s fault. The team played without urgency. You can’t win without urgency, everybody knows that.

    • UK Big Board Update
      11:20 pm November 6, 2016 Permalink

      BluKudzu still trolling…