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Vince Marrow got a big raise




Vince Marrow just signed a brand new deal with the University of Kentucky to become the football program’s recruiting coordinator and the new job title came with a much-deserved pay raise. It’s a two-year deal through June 30, 2015 worth $275,000 per year, up $100,000 from his previous annual salary of $175,000. It also includes several incentives in case he and the team do anything awesome, like win an SEC title.

Marrow’s new contract can be found here on

Congrats to Vince. He deserves it.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 Comments for Vince Marrow got a big raise

  1. jimmyhat
    5:10 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Keep it up big fella! Well deserved.

  2. Bubba
    5:32 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Guess he doesn’t need to worry about the incentives.

  3. Catlogic15
    6:02 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    At least $100,000 short for what he’s accomplished. Insult.

  4. bluegrass79
    6:27 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Marrow is our next coach should Coach Stoops leave.

  5. Color Blind
    7:09 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Vince Marrow is the Man for UK in recruiting, I see the UK overjacket, but what the H is up with all the orange? I’ve missed something.

  6. bluegrass79
    7:11 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Denver broncos colors. we got 3 on the team

    • Color Blind
      8:58 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      ..Oh..never mind..channeled RL for a moment there. Thanks.

  7. Blue To The Bone...
    8:37 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Man it is GREAT to have a coaching staff that GETS IT!!!…And Thank you Coach Cal for the fb support!!!..Go Broncos…

  8. bosshogg24
    9:02 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Marrow is still under paid he didn’t get enough! Mitch should have give him another 100,000 from that million that he is making!

  9. BoNoseRecruiters
    9:12 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    It is still $75K less than Clint ‘cheater’ Hurt was making at Loserville. Lock Vince in for the long haul.
    GO CATS!

  10. Bunny
    1:53 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    Keep bringing in the talent – it’s the only way we’ll ever compete in the SEC…

  11. Some Guy in Kentucky
    10:56 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    If this UK staff stays at UK for 10 years with the way they recruit, UK football should be very fun to watch.

  12. Bob H
    10:59 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    $275K??? Seems VERY light compared to what U of Smell just paid their new offensive coordinator. Which begs the question – why such a disparity??

  13. catfanmike
    12:41 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

    Exciting as hell to see that kind of effort and success paying off! He will probably get his next big raise when it pays off on the field. Which is fair in my book. Just hope bigger schools don’t come snooping around looking to pay outrageous money for recruiting coordinator. The fact that we are close to Ohio is good in that our recruits families don’t have to go far to see their kids play. The further he gets away from KY(Ohio) the less effective his recruiting might be.

  14. Marrow is the M A N !!!
    1:56 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink


    I hope you understand how much BBN appreciates what you and the staff are doing! We wan’t to be competitive. You guys have been nothing short of amazing since you got here, and we couldn’t be happier. I think the raise is great, but not enough. Keep bringing in the talent, and Mitch will have to keep you around (more money). Thanks, BBN


    Its time for us to do our part. I know we have had a tough couple of seasons. It’s not all about the money. If we wanna keep the momentum, and keep this staff around, we need to show out EVERY game. They need us as much as we need them.

  15. Adam
    12:18 pm January 28, 2014 Permalink

    Thanks for letting us know that $100,000 raise from $175,000 is $275,000.