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UPDATE: More on Mark Stoops’ Meeting with Florida State

(Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports)

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Sports Radio has learned more about the meeting that took place last week between Mark Stoops and Florida State officials.

KSR can confirm the basics of the report filed by 247 Sports’ Josh Newburg. Mark Stoops met with FSU officials in Cincinnati last week. After the two parties extensively discussed the job, Florida State did not issue an offer.

Officials informed Stoops they would take some time to make the decision. Not long after the meeting, sources told KSR that Stoops informed Florida State he was not interested in their head coaching vacancy.

While Stoops chose to remain at UK, a second source shared that his assistants spent extensive time on the phone with prospective recruits to inform them the staff would remain intact before the news broke.

The message to fans and recruits is clear: Mark Stoops is staying in the Bluegrass.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

24 Comments for UPDATE: More on Mark Stoops’ Meeting with Florida State

  1. Kat 308
    10:45 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

    YES!!!! Now let’s win out

  2. makeitstop
    10:50 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

    Ok now THAT is different than the first report, and far more encouraging, especially the staff calling recruits.

  3. DelrayCat
    11:04 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

    Another fat raise coming! He’s trying to get his salary to equal $1 Million per win.

    • makeitstop
      11:07 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

      Then I hope we pay him $10m.

    • ukkatzfan
      11:18 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

      Make it $15 mill and we got a deal.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      12:13 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

      Even Saban and Dabo don’t make that. Dabo is at 9 and Saban is 8 or 9. Heck, when you look at other SEC coach’s salaries, if they’re really worth 5 – 7 mil like so many are making, Saban should be making 35 mil with all his nattys. Jimbo is the only other one who has won ONE, and so far A&M isn’t that great. He has 75 mil GUARANTEED!

    • antiquefurnitureandmidgets
      11:54 pm November 24, 2019 Permalink

      10 wins last season says this is a weak troll.

  4. ukkatzfan
    11:20 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

    Stoops brought it……back to his Old Kentucky Home. Yes Yes Yes !!!

  5. BigBluSoTru
    11:22 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

    The fans at Fl.St would have revolted with Stoops. We are stuck with an over payed coach who will never win the Sec East FL is back Vols are getting better and still beating us. Ga not going anywhere.

    • dcforuk
      11:28 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

      Even though this statement may make you (Big)Blu, it is SoTru that progress must sequentially precede perfection!

    • RoseStCat
      5:17 am November 24, 2019 Permalink

      Find a new team then, loser.

  6. CrystalBall
    11:23 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

    But we have heard this story before. Not interested today, accepts the job next week. Not saying that will happen in this case,
    but will only be confident when FSU has officially inked another coach.

  7. makeitstop
    11:24 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

    I’ll say it again: FSU is not a great job. People talk about “recruiting Florida” like it’s one place. It isn’t. Tallahassee is closer to Mobile or Biloxi than to Tampa Bay, or Orlando, let alone south Florida. It’s the second school in the state and that will never change. Like most Southern states where they Co-exist, SEC schools are THE state school and the ACC school is the other place. Even in PA, PSU is the state school, w more fans from Philly and Pittsburgh than Pitt has, so it plays second fiddle to the Big Ten and SEC in every meaningful market where they compete. Can u even FIND the ACC Network? UVa is pretty good this year and half the time they’re on a network I’ve never heard of. That matters to recruits and families. Bobbie Bowden built FSU like John Wooden built UCLA… try as they might, they never restored that tradition. Indiana since Bobby Knight? Largely irrelevant. Alabama after the Bear? Took decades to replace. When a coach that synonymous w ur program leaves, the expectations linger but the capability doesn’t keep up. Lousy city, second place in their own state, outsized expectations and living off their reputation. Sounds perfect for someone who wants a stepping stone but not a home.

    • dcforuk
      11:30 am November 23, 2019 Permalink

      Those are some interesting points you laid out.

    • DelrayCat
      1:56 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

      Everything you said about FSU is right on the money…especially about Tally being a lousy city. I would even say FSU is barely holding on as the #2 program in the state. Miami is re-emerging and UCF is enormous with the luxury of being in Orlando. Plus FAU, USF, FIU are all solid, and all the big boys (Clemson, Bama, Georgia, etc.) raid Florida like it is their own.

  8. CJKAssassin123
    1:09 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

    I’m not surprised in the least!

  9. CJKAssassin123
    1:16 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

    Don’t be shocked if FSU hires Mike Norvell which would a really good outside the box, low key “inside the park” home run hire. It would also be a fairly cheap hire as well Novell also has a $500K buyout which could a huge factor and likely will be. FSU is trying to get the biggest big name coach they can and even have gone as far as to ask school boosters and alumni for more donations into their athletic fund. However they probably are going to have to settle for someone like Norvell, at least for now. Like I have already said above that would be a phenomenal hire and probably the best option they have at this point.

    • CJKAssassin123
      1:17 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

      “Which would be” not “which would a really good hire”. Sorry the bad grammar I hate my phone keyboard.

  10. csnailnrun
    1:28 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

    Stoops and Troops back to work and winning.

  11. lizzyuk
    2:20 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

    Pay the man ALL the money. Those of you mad about our grind it out offense/defense style name me one other coach besides Papa Brooks that went to 4 straight bowls. Even Mumme and Papa Brooks were fortunate to have those rare KY QBs (Couch, J Lo, Woodson) that were talented enough to play anywhere, yet stayed home to play for UK (and didn’t get hurt a la Barker). Just imagine what Stoops will do when he finally gets a QB in his system for more than 1 year without getting hurt!

    Look at the teams getting better recruiting classes than us (1-30ish) and look how much consistently better we are than many them in the past 2-3 years. That is coaching. We all know Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio State all sit on a gold mine of football talent; recruiting in Kentucky is harder and therefor it makes sense that you need a better coach to compete at the same level.

    so yea, pay Stoops and Staff all the moneys and let’s go win the east next year. We are one QB away from being a top 10 team (we would have beat Florida and TN with any kind of QB at all this year–prolly would even have one if Gran had had a few more games to figure out how to play with Bowden at QB) and would be sitting at 7-3 right now with the potential to go 9-3 and a bowl game (potentially 10-3 if we win). This is after losing generational players like Josh Allen and Benny Snell and the entire secondary that is now all on NFL rosters.

  12. Jester
    5:32 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

    Translation: Florida State wasn’t interested, so he got out in front of that and claimed he didn’t want the job to save face.

    • Jester
      5:33 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

      “claimed he didn’t want the job, to save face.”

    • lizzyuk
      5:42 pm November 23, 2019 Permalink

      FSU’s loss. Let’s just hope Franklin doesn’t get hired away from Penn State and the OSU job doesn’t get vacated bc I could see Stoops leaving for those jobs and Stoops is the best coach we’ve had at UK prolly since Bear Bryant so I for one hope he stays as long as possible.

      FSU’s AD is prolly dumb and wouldn’t guarantee Stoops 2-3 years to turn the program around.. people underestimate how much discipline and culture matters in teams and organizations. Stoops is smart enough to know he has a secure situation here with Barnhart.