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UK vs. Tennessee LIVE BLOG

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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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26 responses to “UK vs. Tennessee LIVE BLOG”

  1. My Dixie Wrecked

    Stupes looks like he’ll burst if he gains any more weight. Starting to look like he’s from Eastern Kentucky.

    1. 4everUKBlue

      Spoken like a true UofLittleBrother fan. Got your line beard and your Crown Royal, hooking underage girls.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Thanks for that really intelligent comment. Way to go. *clapclapclap*

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      My comment was in response to Dixie of course.

    4. 4everUKBlue

      Of course CG.

  2. Jordan Coleman

    Tom Hart just plugged Free Matt Jones!

  3. gobble gobble

    Ok, Stoops is officially the worst at clock managment/deciding what to do on offense in the last minute of 1st halves. There was 25 seconds on the clock when we had it at 4th and 1… at the halftime interview, Stoops says, we didn’t have any timeouts so even if we got it we wouldn’t have had enough time. That’s plenty of time…

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I have to agree on that one. Clock management is still a weakness IMO.

    2. 4everUKBlue

      I agree, I was so disappointed he didn’t go for it on 4th and 1 and his reasoning was even worse.

  4. TOMCATS1990

    Here we go with the backup QBs

  5. dm1960

    Starting to fall apart here

  6. MyBoyBlue

    So when do we start teaching these guys how to tackle …?

  7. makeitstop

    We have seen this movie we know how it ends

  8. makeitstop

    I’d say it was the worst coaching we hv seen but I’d be lying

  9. makeitstop

    Playground offense

  10. TOMCATS1990

    Play Smith at QB the 4th quarter

  11. makeitstop

    Switch my vote to we need a new coaching staff – I get going with the guy when you don’t have an option but now you have an option and this is what you come up with just plain stupid

  12. dm1960

    This ones on grandpa Eddie and stoops. Defense is stacking 8 in the box and Bowden can’t throw

  13. Mad Hatter1201

    We prepared for 2 weeks and this is the results….

  14. makeitstop

    Playground football. I’m the star, I carry even if the pitch it there.

  15. wes720

    Hero ball gets you beat every time

  16. BobofKy

    Kroger field built on sacred burial grounds, I tried to tell them!

  17. makeitstop

    We genuinely had the worst coaching staff in the league

    1. Cmart0907

      Bingo. Same old plays every call. Smith should’ve came in. Would’ve kept them on their toes. But hey I’m not a coach.

  18. Lhw

    FSU. Please help us!!!!

  19. Secret Squirrel

    Last year we had a QB that couldn’t pass and would rarely run. This year we have a receiver who can’t pass and runs too much. The difference is we don’t have the defence or Benny to overcome our QB and OC.

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