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UK answers your parking questions for the Auburn game


The University of Kentucky and city officials outlined plans for safety and transportation for next week’s Thursday evening game against Auburn. Anything you need to know about parking and transportation for the weekday football game can be found in the release on the UKNow website.

A brief summary:

— All students, main campus employees and UK HealthCare employees should anticipate a longer commute and plan accordingly.

— All vehicles without approved game day parking credentials will need to be gone from Commonwealth Stadium by 7 am Thursday.

— Students and employees who park in areas restricted for game day parking will be accommodated by UK in off-campus parking facilities.

— Three additional lots on campus will close earlier.

— An information line will be available Wednesday and Thursday to answer immediate concerns.

Check out the website for further information.

Beat Auburn.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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4 Comments for UK answers your parking questions for the Auburn game

  1. The Original WTF Guy
    8:53 pm October 7, 2015 Permalink

    Why won’t someone just speak the truth:

    “Athletics are more important than anything else the “University of Kentucky*” does, so everything associated with the “University” will be shut down so we can host an extracurricular activity on Thursday night. It’s more important that old, fat, alumni…hell, old, fat people in general and those who desperately want to relive their college days…hell, wish they had college days to relive, can hang out, drink beer, and roast meat. For those who park at CWS so you can go to class or those who park elsewhere so you can go to work, what fools you are!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! We* don’t care about those things!!! We only care about football and the ability for it to be shown from our stadium on television. LOSERS!!!!”

    *Please understand this is not limited to the University of Kentucky. Almost any “university” that has football will sell it’s soul to be on television. Hell, there are “universities” that have non-Saturday games that are not even on television. At least we are better than them.

    • Cal's Pal
      9:06 pm October 7, 2015 Permalink

      WTF Guy, Did you pour your cereal and then realize you were out of milk? Cause that makes me really angry too

    • WeareBBN
      9:17 pm October 7, 2015 Permalink

      Chill dude, it is one day. Not like they are making those changes on a permanent basis. Call in sick.

  2. The Original WTF Guy
    11:59 am October 8, 2015 Permalink

    You guys miss the point. Rather than tying themselves in knots, just admit the obvious and cancel classes. Why not make next Thursday/Friday Fall Break? It would be much easier on everyone and create a much better gameday atmosphere.