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Today on KSR: Donut Drennen is the Coolest Kid on Campus



Mike Drennen has only spent one week on the UK Football practice field, but the talented athlete is already turning heads. Known by many simply as Donut, the receiver/running back earned some early praise from Eddie Gran.

“He’s very athletic,” Kentucky’s offensive coordinator said last week. “I’m going to tell you, he can do a lot of things. I’m looking to see how he keeps improving.”

When Gran said, “he can do a lot of things,” I thought he just meant on the football field. I thought wrong. Turns out, Donut is an athlete on four wheels too.


And he’s grabbing one-handed passes like this?

UK Athletics

What can’t Drennen do?

The Kentucky football team is returning to practice this afternoon. Gran will Zoom with reporters afterwards, hopefully sharing Drennen’s other skills. From punting to rock climbing, at this point nothing Drennen does will surprise me (and he’s only been here a few weeks).

High School Football Moves Forward 

The state of Kentucky will play high school football in 2020. After parents, coaches and athletes rallied at the state capital, Governor Andy Beshear begrudgingly gave fall sports the green light by approving the KHSAA’s plan.

“We’re not going to overturn that decision and it’s not because I think that it’s a good decision or a wise decision,” Beshear said. “I have concerns, and I think Dr. Stack will share his, that by starting with some of the most high contact sports, we risk a shortened season, we risk what I think can be successful plans to get our kids back in school, we risk every other sport that’s going to follow.”

By rubber-stamping the measure, Beshear passed it down to individual school boards and superintendents to make the call. Fayette County did not formally vote to approve the KHSAA’s plan; they simply accepted it, kind of washing their hands on the matter. In Louisville, the JCPS school board voted on a phased-in approach where low-contact sports will begin as planned, followed a week later with volleyball and soccer beginning competitions Sept. 14. JCPS schools will play their first football games a week later than everyone else on Sept. 18 with a number of additional safety measures in place.

Flint is Official, Lucas is Closer 

The shake-ups on Kentucky’s coaching staff are nearly complete. Monday morning the University of Kentucky officially announced the addition of Bruiser Flint, reuniting the former Indiana assistant with his old boss at UMass, John Calipari. A few hours later Pete Thamel reported that Kentucky and Jai Lucas are finalizing a deal to make the former recruit a special assistant to the head coach. To get a semblance of when you can expect a similar press release regarding Lucas, the official job posting expires Thursday.

Peevy Departs for DePaul 

We can no longer deny the reports from DePaul’s student newspaper. DeWayne Peevy is officially the Blue Demons’ next athletics director. John Calipari’s righthand man, Coach Cal bid farewell to the longtime UK administrator.

“DeWayne is not only a colleague, he’s become a dear friend,” Cal said. “It’s why I have a lot of mixed emotions today. I know the impact he had here and what we are losing, but more importantly, as a friend and as someone who knows he’s long overdue for this opportunity, I’m just so happy for him. He deserves this. DeWayne is someone I trust wholeheartedly, to the point where he became the center of our scheduling and worked hand-in-hand with me on just about everything we do. It made it so that he and I talked every day, oftentimes multiple times a day. Both Mitch and I trusted him to care about these kids and be about the program, and we knew he would do it with great integrity.

Can the Reds Bounce Back? 

They fell to the Brew Crew 4-2 Monday night, but things could change tonight when the first pitch is thrown at 8:10 pm ET. Enjoy all of the action at KSBar and Grille.

Anthony Davis: Still Good

The Unibrow is a freak. He was hitting fadeaway 20-footers in the first quarter to help the Lakers build a comfortable double-digit lead they would never give up, building a 3-1 series lead over the Blazers. Earlier in the day Tyler Herro’s heroics at the end of the game made the state of Indiana weep to complete a sweep of the Pacers. Unfortunately, it was the last time we’ll experience four NBA games a day during the week. This evening there are only two: the Jazz will try to close out the Nuggets at 6:30 pm, followed by the Mavericks and Clippers at 9 pm ET.

Mad Hatter: Still Mad


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

13 Comments for Today on KSR: Donut Drennen is the Coolest Kid on Campus

  1. PensacolaCat
    9:39 am August 25, 2020 Permalink

    Wow, he can catch a football and ride a skateboard – this guy is a super hero. Sarcasm aside, I hope donut is a game changer. And no one cares about baseball and the Reds.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      10:12 am August 25, 2020 Permalink

      I do. 😉
      I would care a LOT more if the Reds would show some signs of life though. I miss the Big Red Machine and the Eric Davis/Nasty Boys teams. *sniff*

    • 2andToodleLoo
      10:48 am August 25, 2020 Permalink

      Wire to Wire in 1990!!! Still have the VHS tape from Sports Illustrated about that Refs season.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      11:19 am August 25, 2020 Permalink

      Hey man, you need to digitize that and put it on YouTube!!! I got to see that team play the Braves in Atlanta early during the win streak they started the year with. Saw Dibble & Myers both pitch that night. The Braves were bad that year but the next year I think was their first divisional championship of the 90s (I may be wrong…it may have been 2 years later).

      The World Series was unreal the way they crushed the team that everyone was already hanging the dynasty tag on. They pounded Eckersley AND Dave Stewart, their A’s 2 aces. It was like what Piniella said when told in the locker room after game 4 that Stewart had just said the best team didn’t win. He looked incredulous and said something like “We won the blowouts AND the close games”. What a team. I wonder if they could have won more if Davis stays healthy and if the team didn’t start breaking up so quickly, but that’s free agency.

    • csnailnrun
      3:04 pm August 25, 2020 Permalink

      The man is correct. I, also, don’t give a rats ass about that boring game.

  2. Ryan Lemonds Toupee
    10:01 am August 25, 2020 Permalink

    Gotta keep the kid off skateboards. Risk aversion. It’s football season, Set priorities

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      10:13 am August 25, 2020 Permalink

      Yeah, you’re right, but that could be an old pic (old enough that we didn’t know if we would have football anyway…I realize he is wearing UK gear).

  3. ukwildcat1991
    2:50 pm August 25, 2020 Permalink

    who acres about the NBA? only 1.3 million people do apparently. NBA is nothing but street ball. ill just stick with college basketball thanks…

    • csnailnrun
      3:03 pm August 25, 2020 Permalink

      Agreed. Sticking to my college, team oriented, sports.

  4. ukwildcat1991
    2:51 pm August 25, 2020 Permalink


  5. J. Did
    5:30 pm August 25, 2020 Permalink

    “Look upon the Donut, and not upon the hole.”

  6. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    9:30 pm August 25, 2020 Permalink

    A donut just big enough a football sticks in when thrown.

  7. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
    9:34 pm August 25, 2020 Permalink

    This is what it looks if you use a donut to play ultimate frisbee.