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This is the front of right now

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Boom Williams’ dad is on the front page of this afternoon and it’s not because he’s awesome. No, it’s because America is still laughing at the Kentucky football team for its weekend-worst, possibly season-worst, game last Saturday.

Boom Sr. is the cover boy for the SEC’s disappointment in Week 1; however, the article does not mention Kentucky because Kentucky doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of college football.

So to sum it up, UK was bad enough to be the cover photo but too bad to waste a breath talking about in the article.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

28 Comments for This is the front of right now

  1. BluKudzu
    1:12 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

    I don’t care who you are, you get waxed by CUSA, you got no hope in the SEC, no matter how bad the other teams are. Back to the beggining, again. We have gotten worse, not better.
    Until the battle is won.

  2. DOCUK18
    1:18 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

    Sickening how this site continues its back handed comments toward the football team. I know it was ESPNs article, but the writer enjoyed rubbing ours and the teams faces in it. By “ours”, I mean true UK football fans. Really like the Go Cats at the end, final touch of sarcasm. Classy.

    • BluKudzu
      1:35 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      True UK football fans would demand better for the kids on the field, than what we have for coaching on the sidelines. This smoke and mirrors program has gone on too long.
      Demand change now, or the true UK football fans will watch the program get set back another 10 years. Then, after that, we can talk about class, or the lack thereof.
      The only people that could possibly be pleased with Stoops progress are Louisville fans.

    • DOCUK18
      2:31 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      I certainly didn’t say I was satisfied and the current situation, at this point, is not acceptable. However, the need to ridicule the team by what this writer calls “America laughing at us” is a bit much, in my opinion, for a real UK football fan to say. There is a history of bashing football on this site. I hope you were not insinuating that I am a Louisville fan either, the thought of that makes me sick. I couldn’t be a bigger fan of the Big Blue. Nowhere in that article did it even mention UK, the writer took it upon himself to interpret his view of the situation, which was my initial point. No true UK football fan would do that.

    • BluKudzu
      3:40 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      DOCUK18 Sorry you felt the message was directed at you, personally, as it was not. The problem is, and I hate to break the bad news, America is using UK football as a punchline right now. It is truly sad.
      Please understand, the only people that could possibly be satisfied in the performance of UK football, is the Louisville fans, who wish to see our program crash and burn. The SEC wants UK to be good to add to the bank at the end of the season, and not just keep the UK Football program afloat just on getting their share.
      It makes me sick, being a true UK football fan and have to listen and watch people point out our team as disappointing or laughable. That is why I am an ardent supporter of change, because what we have now is not working, and continuing on this path will keep us from ever gaining any respect in college football.
      You want to play with the big boys, Get some big money together and bring in the big boys.

    • DOCUK18
      3:48 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      Very well said, I just hope at some point this program turns the corner and decides that want to really win. UK has the money to make that happen, just gotta have the commitment.

  3. Catsby80
    1:52 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

    I hope UK wins for 2 reasons.
    1) because I’m a UK fan first and foremost, and 2) so some of these “fans” will stop posting so much negative shit.

    • Howdy Doody
      2:00 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      hope in one hand and s**t in the other…..which one filled up first.

    • BluKudzu
      2:10 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      I wish for a win too. I would love to heap praise for this team. I am not down on the players, I am not pleased with the coaches and AD at this point. I do hope it gets better. I really do. I don’t want a hand full of shi*, but it is all we got thus far.

    • Booby Petrino
      3:55 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      why would anyone $hit in their hand? Howdy, you might need some new hobbies.

    • RealCatsFan
      4:41 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      I guess he’s hungry.

  4. Catsby80
    2:15 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

    My only question to the two of you is, who do you suggest UK hire that we have a reasonable chance of getting? I just don’t see many coaches out there who are lining up at the door if this job suddenly becomes available…. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely not happy with the progress of this team and the coaches, but I’m also not going to abandon them after one game. Now if UK goes 3-9 or something awful like that, then maybe it’s time to start the reevaluation process.

    • inside info2
      2:33 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      How about 4-10? Because that is where we are going to end up.

    • Catsby80
      2:59 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      Rich Brooks,who is beloved by the majority of this fanbase, was 16-32 after 4 seasons at UK. If Stoops goes 4-8 this season, that would give him 16 wins, as well…. Here is the bottom line, Stoops is going to be here next year with almost 100% certainty. That is the year that everyone needs to point to as “chopping block” time. If he cannot get it done next year (assuming that he doesn’t find much success this year) then I will agree that it is time for him to go. Until then, I’m not going to turn my back and abandon the team.

    • damage_control
      3:16 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      @ inside info2- Since when did a non-postseason college football team start playing 14 games?

    • BluKudzu
      3:26 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      Catsby80: Great question. I am hoping this next time, he will not bring in a coach with zero pedigree in either head coaching, or building a program, in a conference like the SEC. With the money Barnhart has committed to Stoops for the duration of his contract, it will likely cost him more to keep him due to lost revenue.
      I do like your point about the comparative analysis, however, I do think you may wish to go deeper. Records are one thing, support on each is another, but I do not wish to jump into that. Let’s just say projecting Brooks record and Stoops record are two totally different animals.
      At this point Mitch really needs to make an absolute home run hire. If we have the money to pay this guy millions to win 12 games out of 37, why not dump more cash to go after a proven and more effective head coach, that has some major kick.I have several to suggest. It just takes the cash.
      Trust me the right stack of Benjamins, will blend oil and water.

    • inside info2
      3:29 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      Damage control — LOL my bad. You are correct, we won’t lose any games we don’t play. 4-8

      @Catsby, you are correct. Stoops knows he is getting next year too. The problem is that if we go 4-8 this year, recruiting is going to drop off by quite a bit. That means next year will be another sub .500 year. Stoops gets fired and we are right back where we started with a bare cupboard for the next coach.

    • Catsby80
      3:44 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      @ Inside Info: If recruiting goes down next year, it will have zero impact on next year’s season, as none of those recruits would play next season anyways. I honestly think that we have some of the best talent we’ve had in quite some time and as these guys grow and mature both physically and mentally, they will be capable of winning more than 5-6 games… I’m just not ready to mail it in on Stoops yet.

      @BluKudzu: Give me some suggestions as to who you would hire. I appreciate dialogue that isn’t full of insults and ignorance.

    • inside info2
      3:58 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink


      This season is going to be easier than next year more than likely. I doubt the rest of the SEC stays down next year like they are this year. And don’t we play Southern Miss at their home next year? So MAYBE we win 5 games next year. More than likely 4 again though.

      So the next coach gets some decent 5th year seniors that couldn’t win more than 4 or 5 games a year and then a bunch of underclassmen that are 2 star talent thanks to this year and next year recruiting from Stoops.

      This is all very hypothetical, I realize that. But it can easily play out this way.

    • Catsby80
      4:15 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      The chances of us playing at Southern Miss next year are very minimal. I imagine that we will likely pay some fine to not have to play that game…. It’s hard to predict the future and what it might hold – hell, we might still win 6 games this year (unlikely now, yes I know)…

    • BluKudzu
      4:16 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      Very first name on the Screen for me is Charlie Strong. I realize he is at Texas, but the man has a heckuva resume when it comes to turning around programs. The next person on the list Is the Coach at Houston, I think his accomplishments are well documented. The next person is the HC at Iowa. All these teams bring defense first, and keep the pressure on with an up tempo pace on offense. I also like what Brohm has been able to do at Western, but I really have not followed the program as closely as I have the coaches from the others. All of these schools put hard nosed football products on the field, are well coached which can and will make adjustments throughout the game. I would have more confidence in these guys, by far, than to ever trust a no experience coach that has never turned a program around, especially in the SEC.

    • RealCatsFan
      5:02 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      Charlie Strong? Wouldn’t that be something! I like Charlie, but just couldn’t see the UK staff going after him for the hire, but ya never know. I agree that it has to be someone with solid HC experience. No more assistant coach or “coach in waiting” experiments.

      Of course, let’s face it, we have tried it just about every way it can be done. Assistant coaches, coach in waiting, bringing a HC out of retirement, hiring a relatively unknown up-and-comer with a fast paced offense, hell, we even hired a former coach from Alabama who took them to a major bowl game. The common denominator is failure in the SEC. The only time we really had success in the modern era was under Curci, and he got busted for cheating. Hell, let’s just start cheating. Works pretty well for the school down the road! 🙂

    • BluKudzu
      8:09 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      You are correct, just about every way, except hiring someone wirh a successful track record, of turning programs around, I think. Any of those three would work in this situation I believe.

  5. secrick
    2:52 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

    Nick Saban could not win at UK, i don’t know why but it just can’t be done. I think the Dawson coaching change proves that. We have a football jinx for some reason.

    • RealCatsFan
      4:56 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      Curse of the Bear. Time for someone to sacrifice a live chicken on the 50 yard line while reciting in Jamaican. 😀

    • cats paw
      5:50 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

      Petrino would have this same group ranked in the top 25 and seriously competing for SEC east crown. it just eats your hearts out to admit it! this program and its fans would be at an all time high. it was there for the taking but barnfart would rather give million dollar raises to a first time coach with 2 wins. couldnt let Stoops get away ya know

  6. hootie99
    10:17 pm September 7, 2016 Permalink

    I don’t understand why contracts for coaches can’t work both ways. Shouldn’t there be a clause in the contract that if a coach under performs at a certain level that they could be fired with out having to pay the rest of the money or at least only a percent of it.

    Especially in the case of bully Gillespie. I mean he was told by Mitch to cool it with the media and he went out and was a douch again to the same reporter. Wouldn’t that be grounds for insubordination. It was almost like he was doing stuff intentionally to get fired.

    I mean it just makes since

    • ClutchCargo
      2:52 pm September 8, 2016 Permalink

      “I don’t understand why contracts for coaches can’t work both ways. Shouldn’t there be a clause in the contract that if a coach under performs at a certain level that they could be fired with out having to pay the rest of the money or at least only a percent of it.”

      What coach worth a damn would sign something like that? It wouldn’t make any”since” at all.