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There are a whole lotta tickets left for the season opener

Want to go to Kentucky’s season opener vs. Central Michigan next Saturday? You’re in luck because there are plenty of tickets still available; 20,000 in fact.

This morning, Jen Smith did some digging and found out there are just over 40,000 tickets out for the season opener, well below Kroger Field’s 61,000-seat capacity. According to UK’s official figures, 54,868 fans attended last year’s home opener vs. Eastern Kentucky, so these numbers are concerning to say the least.

In response, UK released this promo on Twitter asking fans to lift the program up, offering tickets for as low as $32 each, or $53 in the lower level:

Interested? Click here to make sure you’re inside Kroger Field for the opening kick.


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35 Comments for There are a whole lotta tickets left for the season opener

  1. dylangeorge7988
    11:43 am August 23, 2018 Permalink

    By the time you pay the processing fees through ticketmaster, you’re still spending over 70 dollars for two upper stadium seats to Central Michigan.

    I would love to go to the game- but it just costs too darn much!

    • nellis234
      5:00 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Stubhub has them for $13 a piece. Don’t use Ticketmaster. They are always gonna be more expensive

    • Not to mention concessions, and adding even 1 or 2 kids to the mix drives it way up. I don’t live there, but I would imagine there are parking costs involved too.

    • Kat 308
      5:10 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      I agree I really want to go but for a good ticket it is just too much for me to afford

    • mashburnfan1
      12:12 am August 24, 2018 Permalink

      I have season tix in upper level but 1st row, is a great view. Chris I actually park for free and take the shuttle in bad weather, cost $1 each way so $4 total. In good weather we walk, is not that far at 10 minutes or so. Concessions are high but for the most part we avoid them, really hot days kid needs a drink and cold days usually a hot chocolate but other then that we eat before or after games depending on kick times.

    • mashburnfan1
      12:13 am August 24, 2018 Permalink

      And I live near Columbus Ohio, drive 3.5 hours each way for the games.

    • Brian in Franklin
      9:10 am August 24, 2018 Permalink

      We’ll be there! Just like all the rest of the home games. 2.5 hr drive both ways.

  2. Kernel Sanders
    12:10 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    Word to the wise…if there are 20,000 available seats, don’t pay the $32 and certainly don’t pay the Ticketmaster fees. Show up at CWS Saturday, go near the ticket gate at about 30 minutes prior to kickoff and you won’t have to yell this too loudly before you are swarmed: “Need two tickets!” You’ll pay about $20 per seat, if that.

    • ClutchCargo
      1:20 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Absolutely. Right near kickoff they should be really cheap.

  3. stratblend
    12:17 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    This is the new era of sporting events. Tickets are too expensive and televisions too high definition to justify a $200 afternoon, when I could sit on my couch and watch all the games with much cheaper concessions.

    • Angelo
      2:27 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Yep and alcohol!!

  4. Mathlete
    12:31 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    This news badly hurts season ticket sales too. Why pay the K-fund donation plus full price to each game if you can get discount tickets later? If you’re looking to encourage season ticket sales, there has to be *something* of value to the buyers for that donation besides a form letter from the coaching staff or a personal phone call from one of the players (which, don’t get me wrong, is incredibly awesome of the players to do).

    Something needs to be exchanged beyond gratitude for it to be worth the extra cost. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be cool and available to everyone who buys in. A few suggestions:

    a free parking pass every year to a randomly drawn home game
    a restricted shuttle for those parking elsewhere
    reduced concessions prices on most food, or free soda (at least a few people would get their K fund donation back Mountain Dew alone)
    exclusive group tours of the new training facility during the offseason
    away game watch parties

    • Bluebloodtoo
      1:02 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Good ideas and agree with the economics, but Kentucky can’t pay high coaching salaries if they don’t have the fan support dollars. If you as a fan want an elite, competetive team, then someone needs to get creative and work out this issue.

    • ClutchCargo
      1:22 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      I don’t believe any amount of creativity will solve this. The best way to increase demand is to win games. Do that, and it takes care of itself. I know attendance is down across the country, but it should still get a lot better if there is a consistently competitive team on the field.

    • krautdog
      3:05 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Amen! Better product on the field AND the sidelines.

    • Mathlete
      1:51 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Kentucky sold a whole lot of season tickets even when the team wasn’t this good because the games were still fun to attend. The football itself doesn’t have to be the only reason to go, but you have to do something to compete with TV coverage. Being more fun than somebody’s living room is the best way to do that

    • mashburnfan1
      12:19 am August 24, 2018 Permalink

      Mathlete I agree, no reason they can’t give us a discount on concessions, at those prices they still make money. Also maybe one free drink per game would be nice. I guess I am in the minority as I love being at the games. I don’t make a ton of money but budget for these games. I drive 3.5 hours each way so have high fuel cost, we always stay one night {Friday if a noon kick and Sat for 3 and 7 kick times}. I do have a $100 per ticket Kfund but my seats are in front row of upper deck at about the 8 yard line and it is a great view. I make 5 to 7 games each year depending on work schedule and Bengals games which I split season tix with another guy. Love it when UK is at home Sat and Bengals at home Sunday, last 2 years it happened 4 times, this year ZERO times. Living near Columbus it made for a nice football weekend trip.

  5. VMI1957
    12:55 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    Let’s face it – the fans are already aware of how bad the Kiddy Cats will be this year!!! 3-8 should be about right, maybe on a good day 4-8. Who wants to see “some junior high school team” stink up Commonwealth?

    • stratblend
      1:09 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Hey Tard fan…. move along. Also, take a GED math class.

    • Kat4Life
      1:24 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Dumb ass…….get lost.

    • Mathlete
      1:27 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Oh, trolls… you’re the best. Especially when you don’t even know how many games are played in a season. Here, I’ll help you: “3-8 with one cancelled for a hurricane or something, or 4-8”

      Also, go check out They can help you sort out your need for attention and develop some coping strategies besides trolling.

    • ClutchCargo
      1:46 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      U6 fan passing a GED math class? Yeah, right.

    • ClutchCargo
      1:49 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Ok, here’s your math final exam. A commuter school in Louisville, KY has 3 NCAA championship banners. The NCAA comes in and takes 1 away. How many banners remain?

    • natertatter
      3:46 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink


  6. timosee
    1:27 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    Beat Florida in the swamp and ticket sales will soar.

  7. Rocket868
    1:51 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    Beat Florida… tickets will take care of itself… just an FYI

    P.S. Stop asking us to buy tickets to a mediocre product…

    • Cmart0907
      2:18 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Sure will. I was the Florida game when we lost on the last minute play. I told myself i wouldn’t come to another one. Why waste money , time and energy for something these coaches keep screwing up? I can cheer my team on from my house.

    • Bluebloodtoo
      2:32 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      Chicken and the egg problem here. UK has invested in a good coaching staff and the product is improving each year, whether the win total is showing that or not. Who was the last coach to go to two bowl games in a row? What fan support did he see? Ever wonder what impact it has on the players when the fan support declines right when basketball games start happening?

    • krautdog
      3:12 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      When the football team displays a product like the basketball team does, the ticket problem will disappear.

    • Mathlete
      3:13 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

      @Bluebloodtoo – Last coach to go to consecutive bowl games was Papaw Brooks, and some segment of the fan base continually called for his job until the day he retired for… reasons? The last couple of years, attendance fell off a little bit for football after basketball started but most stuck around.

      I think most fans want to stick with the team and generally believe we’re going in the right direction, but there’s an annoyingly loud minority who wouldn’t shut up if we won a national title because we don’t have as many titles as Bama.

  8. natertatter
    3:48 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink


  9. jaws2
    4:07 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    Pleas define ‘common’. Oh, and do you need a magnifying glass to read?

  10. CombatMedic_98
    4:21 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    Wow when KY wins big this season and the prices raise for next season…is everyone gonna switch to another team because of prices for tickets…Gotta pay Kroger back somehow!!!

  11. Memphis UK Cat
    8:31 pm August 23, 2018 Permalink

    40 bus check, rv pass check, season tickets on 50 yard line check, driving from Memphis check. Go cats!

  12. unbiasedfan
    1:44 am August 24, 2018 Permalink

    So pathetic. Why would someone waste their time on another teams message board? NEVER , EVER, found myself even thinking of going on say a Louisville message board. What’s the point? VMI 1957 you really need to place more value on your time. Life’s short. Support your own team. We’ll take care of #BBN