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The (Worst) One That Got Away

Mark Zerof | USA Today

Mark Zerof | USA Today

During the excruciating 29 year Florida losing streak, there’s been a few that slipped away at the game’s end. Tonight’s loss trumped the Chris Doering last second touchdown catch, as well as every other “close but no cigar” game against the Gators. In the foreseeable future, Florida will never be as vulnerable as it was on Saturday. He may be inclined to sideline tirades, but Jim McElwain is a good coach at a school with deep pockets in a recruiting rich state that demands football excellence. The Gators are going nowhere but up from here. IF the streak was to end, tonight was the night. Of course that’s been said before and I’m sure will be said again.  And yet, another one got away.

There were many reasons that Florida won the football game. Contrary to popular belief, Florida won the football game more so than Kentucky lost it. The Gators were the aggressors and forced intolerable Wildcat errors. Kentucky had chances, but folded at critical moments. First and goal at the two that eventually led to a field goal is one. Following extended film study, another “Eye in the Sky Don’t Lie” piece will be written Monday afternoon. We’ll dissect the Xs and Os, but for today’s post, raw emotion and immediate reaction seems more appropriate.


Easy choice, the fans of the BBN did their part, and more. It showed up early, glowed in all things Cat Walk and then packed the stands from the opening kick to the last inevitable interception. For that, my hat’s off to you. Heck, I’m proud to be one of you. Sorry the game flowed and ended like it did, you deserved better. But the BBN left angry. Not so much that the streak was extended for another 365 days, but more so that it felt as if its team was better than the visitors. In many ways that was painfully correct. Execution wise, not so much.




Perception was that Florida dominated the football game. Take a look at the final numbers. Oddly, much closer than it felt.

First Downs: UF 16, UK 14

Net Rushing Yards: UF 120, UK 115

Average Yards Per Rush: UF 3.2, UK 2.8

Net Yards Passing: UF 125, UK 126

Total Offensive Yards: UF 245, UK 241

3rd Down Conversions: UF 2-11, UK 6-18

Sacks: UF 6, UK 2

Final Score: UF 14, UK 9. The only numbers that really matter.

Numbers are deceiving. A 14-9 game never seemed that close. Following Dorian Baker’s first quarter dropped touchdown pass and tipped ball that All-American Vernon Heargraves III intercepted and returned deep into UK territory, at no point did it feel like UK would win the football game. Yes, that includes when the Cats had the football down five with 2:26 remaining in the game. It just didn’t feel right. I’m ashamed to write that, but an honest assessment. Could it be the streak infiltrated my mind and led to a worst case scenario expectation due to logo familiarity? Not sure, that’s what’s so troubling. That’s also what’s so disappointing, leading to more self-inflicted anger due to late-game skepticism.


Holding Florida to 14 points was an accomplishment. Much like against South Carolina, DJ Eliot’s group bent but did not break. From Regie Meant’s early sack to JD Harmon’s end zone interception, the defense played winning football. The unit that was questioned the most has played the best. Much like the fans, the defense deserved to win the football game.

Sure, Will Grier slipped away from sacks and made big plays that extended drives. But limiting the Gators to 245 total yards and one touchdown on an extended drive is commendable. Defensive tackle CJ Johnson and defensive end Farrington Huguennin were exceptional. As were the defensive backs. Florida’s leading wide receiver Demarcus Robinson was held to three catches for 16 yards. That’s the same Demarcus Robinson that torched the Cats in the Swamp last year for 15 receptions, 215 yards and a score. Gator running backs totaled all of 66 rushing yards. Again, Will Grier’s ability to escape impacted, but did not dictate the final score. Linebackers Josh Forrest and Khalid Henderson led the Cats with nine and eight tackles respectfully. Denzil Ware displayed continued development. The game’s irony is the side of the football that was expected to fail, actually prevailed in all areas other than the final score.




Where should we start? Statistically, the Cats and Gators were virtually even. However, UK’s incompetent passing game must be addressed. Patrick Towles’ 8-for-24 and two interception game will be the most scrutinized aspect, as it should be. It comes with the territory; with high expectation comes even higher examination. The Cats completed 33% of its passing attempts. There were drops. There were sacks and quarterback hurries. Some self-inflicted by Towles, others derived from Gator coverage and defensive line dominance. Collectively, the passing game was insufficient and problematic. Florida’s defensive line controlled the line of scrimmage. That’s actually being kind. Going into the game, the Gators’ defensive line was described as aggressive and disruptive. It didn’t disappoint. Florida’s secondary was proclaimed as one if not the SEC’s best. It was. However, New Mexico State and East Carolina were both successful through the air against virtually the same defense, in the Swamp. Florida did return its best player in Heargraves as well as Safety Keanu Neal. But still…

Should there now be a quarterback controversy? Is Patrick Towles the answer going forward? Yes, with a caveat. If inaccuracy and passing game ineffectiveness continue against Missouri, then serious and season determining questions must be addressed. I am not a fan of rotating QBs. Nor is there value in a starter continually looking over his shoulder following an incompletion. But there’s no way around it: Patrick has to produce.

One of the few encouragements was Boom Williams. 16 carries for 82 yards was a herculean effort for the sophomore. But he got very little help. Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson was second guessed in the press box and in the stands. Justifiably or not, he is now under the BBN’s microscope. Similar to the quarterback position, scrutiny accompanies the job title. UK has not scored an offensive touchdown in six quarters. With Mizzou coming to town with an equal to or better defense than Florida, it doesn’t get any easier moving forward. On that side of the football, some serious soul searching and self-evaluation will occur leading up to next Saturday’s critical SEC matchup. Do the issues lie within personnel, scheme, youth, or strictly in execution?  Did the plethora of future Gator NFL players simply overwhelm the Cats? Those answers or lingering questions will be evident against Mizzou. One way or another, improvements in all offensive categories are mandatory.


Saturday’s loss to Florida was a reality check wrapped into an opportunity. When the team’s concern (defense) is now its strength and the team’s perceived strength (offense) is now its liability, a convoluted conclusion surfaces. Inconsistent halves and Saturday’s disappointment has the BBN collectively scratching their heads. As of this Sunday afternoon, the 2015 Kentucky Wildcats are without an identity. Going into the fourth game, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With a young team, it’s also somewhat expected. Effort, intent, desire, and work ethic are all there, but results are still being sorted.


The Missouri Tigers. Mizzou scraped by UCONN on a botched last minute field goal attempt that would have tied the game at 9-9. The Tigers are not exactly an offensive juggernaut. However, it does sport a salty defense with elite linebackers and secondary, and a recent history of developing NFL defensive linemen. Sound familiar?

Playing off Missouri’s state moniker: UK has to Show Me. It has to prove it can score points. The offensive line has to prove it can protect a quarterback who is dangerously close to being questioned if he is indeed the future of the organization. A talented receiving corps needs results to match potential. UK has much to prove and six days in which to prepare.

One of the beautiful qualities of college football is that players get over losses much more quickly than fans do. You can throw the media in there as well. The 29th consecutive Gator loss stung, a lot. Heck, it went past stung and straight into hysterical annoyance. One got away. UK cannot play Florida again next weekend. A potential 3-1 September is Wildcat football utopia given recent history. I’m all in. But also need to see tangible offensive improvement.

Show Me. Please.

Article written by Freddie Maggard

Former University of Kentucky Quarterback and Andy Griffith Fan Club President

54 Comments for The (Worst) One That Got Away

  1. timer
    5:09 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Did Art Still address the D-line before the game?

    Perhaps next week we can get Warren Bryant to come back and address the O-line….

    And will someone please stop letting Elliot Uzelac call the plays….

    • BluKudzu
      7:34 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      127 teams in UK’s division of which the NCAA keeps statistics and ranks accordingly, UK ranks:
      Total Offense: 102
      Passing Offense: 95
      Rushing Offense: 85
      Team Passing Effeciency: 110
      Scoring Offense: T99
      First Downs Offense: 105
      Time Of Possesion: 97
      3rd Down Conversions Offense: 117

      We pay our coaches how much to have us in the bottom 1/4 of all NCAA FBS and dead last in the SEC statistics for Offense?

      Do you think it is time to re-evaluate a few things?

  2. 3 fan
    5:09 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Towles sucks. I mean, really sucks. His high and behind passes are going to get our WR’s killed.

    • harry
      7:56 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      Credit gator’s d-line, punk’ed us all night long. PT did’nt have time to look up and for the time he did he was inaccurate.

    • harry
      7:57 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      or dropped pass.

    • SmokinDave
      10:43 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      The receivers dropped a few, and the Gator DLine made life miserable.However, I watched Ole Miss v.Alabama-2 QBs that didn’t throw a single one-winged duck pass all night. Didn’t have every third pass sail well over their receiver’s head. How many times did I see PT give the “my bad” signal? Too many. at some point, the flash from N.KY has to actually cook-and not just live off his sizzle. Might help to remind him that the NCAA allows a QB to dump the ball when he’s outside the tackles, rather than take forty yards worth of sacks. Right now he’s doing a great Morgan Newton impression.

    • Ha!
      12:17 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      Hey SmokinDave, I think we all missed the part where we were expected to recruit with the likes of Alabama and Ole Miss? We’re a little ways off from that, I hate to admit.

      That’s like Alabama basketball fans getting mad that their players aren’t as amazing as UK’s guys.

  3. Football Sayings
    5:12 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    1. The most popular guy on the roster is the backup QB
    2. The most criticized person on the staff is the Offensive Coordinator
    3. BBN leads the country in armchair coaching

    • The Rest of the story
      6:35 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      4. Results on the field pathetic

    • SmokinDave
      10:45 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      True points. However, this BBN has watched every team since John Ray’s days-and most of the “armchair” coaching is warranted. Especially now that we pay a heck of a lot more to watch essentially what we’ve been watching for forty years. Every fan is a critic-but fans pay for things like stadium renovations, or multi year deals for coaches. So they’ve paid for the right to criticize.

    • Buster
      12:58 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      I agree Dave. Why can’t we be more like Alabama or LSU? I’ve paid for my tickets – I should be able to see a dominant program. Whats the delay?

    5:16 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    How much of last night’s loss is on Joker? It ain’t Stoops fault his 2nd best option at QB is a redshirt fr. Towels may not be that good, but he was a Joker recruit and got the most experience cause Joker left us with no depth

  5. NL
    5:20 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    I disagree that it never felt like we were in the game. When Harmon made the interception and we drove all the way down the field, I legitimately thought the momentum flipped and we would punch it in the end zone and take control moving forward. Then we got stuffed on first and goal from the 2 and the feeling left, but it was there momentarily.

  6. Joe Hacker
    5:20 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    I have come to the belief that Patrick Towles has been consistent , consistently poor. In the 12 quarters of football he has led the Wildcats Towles has been ineffective and unproductive in 8 of them. To make matters worse I think he has lost the confidence of Shannon Dawson. That would explain the puzzling play calling throughout the game. If a coach does not call your number very often it demonstrate his lack of trust in you for a successful outcome. Sadly it also appears that Drew Barker is not very good given he has not been able to usurp Patrick. Until the quarterback play gets at least adequate you can expect more losses that should be wins. By the way, Coach Stoops comment that “Patrick does some good things” is among the most meaningless I have heard. Some good things will not get the job done.

    • Hamburgers
      6:54 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      Barker could be good. Usurping someone mid season is unheard of. Every week is not an open competition, so it’s not like Drew has failed to impress this whole time. The coaches are sticking to Patrick. That’s the reason Drew hasn’t seen the field.

    • SmokinDave
      10:47 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      Have to wonder how much confidence Shannon has in him when he calls 19 running plays in a row. I thought his specialty was mixing it up?

    • Yoda
      9:24 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      In the preseason, Dawson said that Towles would have “veto power” depending on what he saw in the defense before the snap. Based on that context, we can only believe that Towles has been stripped of that “veto power,” cannot read defenses, or both. None is a pretty picture of our starting QB.

  7. T Hatton
    5:34 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Thanks Freddie for your break down of the game. The game could have went either way and we came up a little short. Patrick needs to maybe run the ball a little more and get out of the pocket. Cats win next weekend to go 3-1.

    • Catsrus
      7:07 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      I like Patrick Towles; he’s as good as any of Alabama’s QB’s.
      After this weekend there SEC fans singing the blues all over; the winners laugh and the losers say “DEAL”. Besides our Little Brother Institution has got to be sorely depressed. As bad as the ACC is in FB there are plenty of teams that can beat the Cards.

  8. tippytoe
    5:34 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Freddie, I am glad you addressed the quarterback issue, but you tippytoed around it. As a former qb, you must see even more than the casual BBN observer that Towles is making glaring mistakes.
    In regard to Boom, one observation I had was his best run was directly after one of Patrick’s few good throws. A good passing game opens up the run and vice versa.
    Next week’s game will decide if this becomes another mediocre season, or if the Cats can make a run at a down east.
    I wish you would or need to have written if Stoops does start PT, he needs to pull him quickly if the game starts to slip away.

  9. The Professor
    5:45 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    The play calling was atrocious. Our offensive line did not protect or run block well but Dawson continually called for long routes, which take time that Towles did not have to develop. We started the second half with a short pass (dropped) and did not attempt another. A short passing game could have opened up the run game a bit.

    • Hiring Manager
      5:50 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      You should call all plays going forward…. since its so simple.

      You must play Madden.

    • MakingUpNewNamesForEachCommentIsGay
      5:54 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink


    • get off my lawn
      10:14 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      I miss the joker Phillips short pass game it worked so well back then.

  10. Scott
    5:52 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Good summary Freddie .. touched on many of the issues .. namely the identity problem. What is our offense trying to be ??

    Right now, without allowing Towles to run the ball we are limiting our options on offense. This is hampering the run game and letting the D key on RB’s. Towles doesn’t seem to have a feel for the flow of the game, and looks indecisive in the pocket. A few designed QB runs & occasional scramble would go a long way to solving some problems. No longer would D key on RB & the Safety would be more aware of QB thus opening up the passing lanes.

    Just my 2 cent opinion

  11. Brian
    6:06 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Is it me or are they trying to make PT something he is not (pocket passer). It seems I remember when Stoops stated he did not want Patrick running (due to depth) we sled into the losing streak. I am not saying that is the end all answer but I think PT is a much better QB when he has the option to run.

    • Unboltedharp
      11:28 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      PT does need to run more. I’ve been saying that all along. Not saying it would have made a difference, but the officials did influence the game. How was the last play by KY not interference? Where was the review from the booth on several questionable calls? Why is KY running so many running plays in a row? Is PT capable of making the intermediate pass? Is Barker? Where is the air raid? It just seems to me like we are running the same play over and over and over. If it does not work the first time why would it work the next ten times? PLEASE try something else……

    • LexJim
      2:06 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      Unboltedharp, officials’ calls are not renewable.

    • PT run more?
      9:22 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      At one point PT was in full stride and got run down from behind by a 350 pound defensive line man!

  12. blueballs
    6:18 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    I’d like to see more analysis of how weird looking Matt Elam is

  13. Shelby
    6:23 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    The best part: we’re actually angry that we lost to Florida. If Joker were still coaching, we lose last night 70-3 and we’re talking about basketball. Patric played bad, but the OL was dominated and gave him ZERO protection for most of the snaps. I do think we need to throw on 1st down more–the best pass of the new night came on 1st and 10, i got so sick of looking up and seeing 2nd and 8–that’s on Dawson, not Patrick. A little play action on first down might be worth thinking about.
    I think we beat Mizzoo.

    • SMH
      8:49 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      NO – I’m angry because we’re fed garbage like “we’re finally better than Florida”, and “this is the year”, then finding out it’s BS. Again.

    • Captain Obvious
      11:10 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      Vegas favored Florida……..

    • BBNForever
      8:56 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      PT needs coaching on importance of play action, 2nd options and not telegraphing every pass to the receivers. Dawson needs to get creative. Even I can pre-call 75% of the plays and most passes are going deep left sidelines. Defenses are never guessing. It’s basic strategy that’s lacking. And maybe PT is simply better in practice and gets too anxie in games. Paul Hornung rarely practiced but shined under the lights, maybe Barker is that kind of QB, but we may never know.

  14. Smyrna_Cat
    6:26 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    If you have an offensive line that can’t block for 5 seconds, don’t do 5 step drops and hold the ball. Move the ball around … some 3 step drops. some quick hitters. Some long balls. And Patrick has shown much so far. 33%? Really? How many games are we going to win like that? We looked better when Patrick moved and would run the ball at times. Quit this drop back in the pocket and get sacked nonsense. Come on Dawson, mix it up. We have scored a TD in 6 quarters. That is no acceptable in major college football.

    By the way, love me some Freddy! Great analysis.

  15. roundball fool
    6:34 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Nice work, Freddie! I appreciate the tough love.

    Looking forward to the X’s & O’s tomorrow.

  16. kyjohn
    7:36 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    I long for the day when sports pundits keep using “youth and inexperience” as excuses for Kentucky football.Florida had as much youth and inexperience as UK and their first year quarterback showed we UK fans what a quality qb can do.
    Towles is a four year player at UK and has yet to show any consistency needed to get the team over the hump.
    Why can’t UK put a qb on the field that can deliver as Bolin did for UL last year,or a host of other qbs’ at other schools have done or are doing?
    I watched the Bama /Ol Miss game last night and saw first year quartebacks play like they had four years experience,and i saw offenses on both teams that were energetic and playing with a care free attitude and having fun.At UK i see an offense that plods along with little energy or excitement.UK fans deserve better.

    • Rixter
      8:51 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink


    • SmokinDave
      10:51 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      Bingo! He may be a great kid, but he’s in his second year as a starter, his fourth with the program, and still has passes flutter and sail consistently? And in 4 years hasn’t figured out he can dump the ball when he’s outside the tackles? Right now, he’s Jalen Whitlow, or Morgan Newton, or any one of a dozen other QB’s we’ve had that were great kids, but couldn’t play when the lights came on.

  17. Jeff garlin
    8:26 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    P. Towels need to concentrate on football and less on his hair and phrat life. Barker is a lot better, just ask the players on the team who are honest.

  18. TR
    8:33 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    It is only the third game.We have 10 more to go. Let’s win the rest. Improve on our mistakes,see what works and repeat it,give the back-ups a chance to play and prove themselves, and most of all: TRUST OUR COACHING STAFF.WE WILL GET THIS BACK ON TRACK!

    • Yoda
      9:31 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      Do we trust the coaching staff because they’re worthy of trust and have proven results, or because it’s the last battle cry of despair?

  19. SMH
    8:37 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Here’s a stat you conveniently left out: Touchdowns: Florida-2, UK – 0

    Had the Cats offense been even as good as East Carolina’s, UK wins easily. The truth is, this team has made little, if any progress since last year. Stoops can’t keep asking people to show up and support if the product on the field isn’t going to improve.

  20. Radmankd
    9:53 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Freddie called it before the season. We only go as far as GB play will allow, which won’t be far. Throw in an underwhelming O line and QB woes are more glaring.
    Stoops has stated he is influencing the offensive flow during the game so can’t lay it all on Dawson. When Towles is off, the playbook gets a lot smaller. Staff is scared to death of turnovers.
    Rest of season will be a hit or miss. Average but inconsistent QB play is what we have to work with. We don’t challenge in our division until elite QB is lured to UK.

  21. Captain Obvious
    10:32 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

    Its apparent that we have some of the worst fans in the nation….

    Maybe Clay Travis was right…?

    (looking at you, BluKudzu)

    • SmokinDave
      10:54 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      Just out of curiosity-how long you been around the program?

    • Captain Obvious
      11:11 pm September 20, 2015 Permalink

      About 66 years….

      “How long you” been around the program?

  22. bob
    12:09 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

    There is no denying that the play calling is weak. CJ Conrad needs to get a shot at some receptions over the middle, it’s an easy play, it opens the run game, 2 of them will get you a first down. Boom needs to get more carries, he has the ability to score on a broken play. When he follow his blocks he moves the pile. Sometimes when there is absolutely nothing there, he may go the other way and pick up 40 yards. Towles accuracy goes from 21 out of 29 one week to 33 percent the next week. The receivers missed plenty of catchable balls while Florida’s receivers made some unbelievable catches. Nothing wrong with spreading it around but if you have a guy who gets open and can catch the ball, keep feeding him until they prove they can stop him. If we had a Randall Cobb type guy on this team with that kind of mindset, we’d be 3 and 0 with room to spare. We haven’t run a kick back or punt back in so long I can’t recall it. We are giving it 100% on defense and it shows. On offense we give 100% about 25% of the time. The rest of the time we are going through the motions. Block like you mean it, run like you mean it. Go after the pass like you mean it. Patrick, THROW THE BALL AWAY when you are under duress. Taking 20 yard sacks is insane. Our head coach was a defensive coordinator and it shows. With the talent we have in the back field our offensive line should be able to make a hole long enough for Kemp or Boom get through. We have made progress, there is no denying that. We use to take routine beatings by 40 or 50 points. If we play the SEC teams close instead of losing by 50, if we have a chance to win on the last play of the game, that is a far cry from what we have been watching since Rich Brooks left.

    • Nostromo
      1:57 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      YEAH!!! I’m pumped!!! Losing by 5 instead of 50. Lets see… in the record books that makes us…wait! this must be wrong! It says it’s still a loss. Against a team that struggled with East Carolina.

      I’ll be looking for our participation trophy from the league in our case next year.

    • Cincinnati border
      9:18 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

      Nostromo, a loss by 5 or a loss by 50 is a loss. As bad as Florida played, they dominated. Big teams make big plays. That’s what is ridiculous about some UK football fans like you, we lost by 5, but to you it’s a victory.

  23. RC
    8:50 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

    Biggest gripe for me was the lack of adjustments by Stoops & Co. FL’s D line was abusing our OL one-on-one but we didn’t go “max protect” with RB’s and TE’s staying in to help. Or did I miss that? Would’ve liked to seen more screens and rollouts to counter FL’s defensive push into our backfield. I agree with others that it’s hard to run deep routes when the DL is in your lap. I blame a lot of Towles’ problems on the play calling and scheme we ran.

    Bottom line- two years in a row UK should have beaten FL. If we want to end this streak we have to step up and make plays and coach better.

    (And Dorian Baker needs to make that endzone catch. That would help too)

  24. biscuitsolddad
    10:02 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

    Patrick Towles is not an SEC quarterback. He can’t read defenses after 4 years in college FB, he holds the ball too long, and he is wildly inconsistent with his passes.
    It’s good that Stoops is loyal to Towles, but at one point does that loyalty become unfair to the rest of the team? We’re three games in, six quarters without a touchdown, and Barker hasn’t had one snap.
    As far as the play calling, if the QB can’t pass, you have to run it.

  25. Scott Smith
    10:18 am September 21, 2015 Permalink

    Yes, Towles was hurried alot, but when he had time to set his feet and make a pass it was a duck high and away. He folds under pressure. I don’t know that Barker is any better but I think he deserves a shot to prove it. On another note, I know we have to protect the QB, but there are many times that seems like Towles keeping it on a read play, is wide open for some yardage! We ran a successful screen 1 time and never went back to it. They never looked to Bone the whole game and then bring him in for the final pass because of his size Gee I wonder where it was going! Play calling does need to get better.
    But love the CATS!

  26. south beach lou
    1:54 pm September 21, 2015 Permalink

    the fact is that until this streak is snapped, nothing this team does matters. No one cares about some random bowl game. Even at the height of the Brooks era when we were on our streak of bowl games there were still quite a few fans that always pointed out our SEC record, which was always horrible in comparison, as proof that there was some fool’s gold in UK’s bowl accomplishments. Those bowl games didn’t save Brooks from basically being run out of town on the promise that we would build a program beyond the 3-star/redshirt MAC level juggernaught we had become. If you build a team based on winning in the SEC all other wins will fall into place. I dont know how or what this team has to do but they have go to snap this streak or else nothing else will matter. Just like Wisconsin sat around during the offseason with the sole purpose of beating UK Basketball in the tournament, this team has to sit there and remain focused on beating florida. i dont even care if they only win one game per year, so long as that one win is florida, anything else just wont matter otherwise. Something has go to be done, it has got to end.