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The Optimist vs. The Pessimist UK Football Fan


We all know one of each, probably more.

There’s the overly-optimistic fan: that person who thinks Kentucky will win seven or eight games, every single year. While good people, they need to pump the brakes just a bit. Let’s be a little more realistic and cautious with our expectations. Love that attitude, though.

Then there’s the fan who expects the absolute worst, each and every year. They’re never happy. They predict three or four wins and think we’re wasting our time with Mark Stoops. Many of them think Mitch Barnhart should go, too. These people are terrible. Why follow at all if you’re going to be so grumpy all the time?

Of course, there are plenty of fans — the majority, actually — who fall somewhere in-between. I lean toward the optimist’s side, personally. I set the bar high each August, but know I will likely be disappointed in the end, while enjoying it all no matter what.

How about you? How do you feel this August? Are you still all-in with the process? Or are you too fed up with Kentucky’s history to get excited for another season?

Tonight I’ll give some of the current hot UK football topics followed by imaginary, slightly-exaggerated opinions from an optimistic and pessimistic fan. Then tell me which way you feel or lean.


Topic: Matt Elam’s weight loss

Optimist: “It’s great to hear Elam is taking his new role seriously; the team really needs him to be a run-stopper and stay on the field at nose tackle. If he can continue to shape his body and turn that bad weight into good weight, he will be a much more productive football player. It will show in his agility and endurance, which will in turn make him a better player. Love seeing that hard work and commitment going into his junior season. I expect big things from him if he maintains a good weight.”

Pessimist: “So what? He shouldn’t have been that out of shape in the first place. Hell, if he had gone down to Alabama, they would’ve whooped his ass into gear as a freshman and he’d be an All-SEC D-lineman right now. He hasn’t shown me anything at UK and until he does, I don’t want to hear about him losing a little bit of baby fat before his junior year.”

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Topic: Drew Barker’s 67-70 completion percentage in live drills

Optimist: “Wow, that’s pretty good if he’s doing it against UK’s first-team secondary. Mark Stoops called that group the best he’s had since he’s been here, so if Barker is completing 70 percent against them, the passing game must be rolling. Can’t wait to see how he does in his first year as the guy.”

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Topic: Wide receiver depth

Optimist: “This is the best receiving corps since I’ve been following. I saw the SEC Network name it the best in the SEC East. They’re big, athletic and they’ll push each other to perform. Lots of competition for looks. The Cats are going to score a lot of points if Barker can get them the ball.”

Pessimist: “What’s it matter? They can’t catch. Stoops could have Joe Montana under center and he wouldn’t complete a pass with the butterfingers we have out there.”

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Topic: Secondary

Optimist: “This group is so good and they’re only SOPHOMORES. The secondary is loaded with NFL talent and we’re going to see them in Lexington for at least two more seasons. Chris Westry is special. Mike Edwards is special. Derrick Baity isn’t far behind. So much talent back there!”

Pessimist: “Doesn’t matter how good they are without a front seven. Opposing quarterbacks will pick the DBs apart without pressure from the D.” 

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Topic: Eddie Gran

Optimist: “I love the hire and look forward to the offense under his direction. He and Stoops know each other well from their days at Florida State and Stoops trusts him, unlike his predecessor. I also like his strictly-business attitude and how he knows this conference from his time at Auburn, Ole Miss and Tennessee. I think he and Darin Hinshaw are just what this team needs. Great hires by Stoops. Can’t wait to see what they do with the talent.”

Pessimist: “Third O.C. in three years? What a joke. Stoops won’t give Gran the freedom to do what he wants. Even if he did, we’re talking about the guy who coached Cincinnati’s offense to seven points in the Hawaii bowl last year.”



Topic: Mark Stoops

Optimist: “He will get us there in time. Football takes five or six years to turn a bad program around and he inherited a very bad program from Joker Phillips. Look what he’s done with the facilities and in recruiting. He’s signed some of the best classes in school history and there’s more talent and depth across the board. Be patient and keep supporting him. We’re on the right track. Give him time.”

Pessimist: “I’m tired of hearing about all these good recruits we’re getting when Mark Stoops hasn’t shown me anything on the field. He has more contract extensions than bowl appearances. With the way they finish each year and with some of the close games they’ve lost, I just don’t think he’s the guy. Vanderbilt and Louisville did it for me last year. Mitch’ll probably give him another raise this year for beating Austin Peay.”

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Topic: Bowl Game

Optimist: “I think this is the year we get back to a bowl. The team will be much better and I think they’ll win the three non-conference games plus South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Missouri to reach six wins, maybe seven with a win over Mississippi State. Three of those four teams are way down this year; the other, Vanderbilt, is a home game that UK should be favored in. This is the year the Cats get over the hump.”

Pessimist: “They’ll win four games at best. They’ll be lucky to win a conference game this year. They might lose the first game to Southern Miss.”

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If you’re a pessimist, drink some bourbon and it’ll all be okay.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

19 Comments for The Optimist vs. The Pessimist UK Football Fan

  1. Bertha the Optimist
    9:52 pm August 10, 2016 Permalink

    I am truly and optimist! And I know my football! I put together a little video to show my optimism, and make my prediction!


    • BluKudzu
      7:31 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

      Now that is a KSR bourbon flvored Kool Aid drinking optimist fan .
      If you can’t laugh at that, you must be a pessimist?
      One thing stands true about any UK football fan, if you can’t laugh at yourself and your team, you will be a miserable soul.
      And this place blocks my opinions, but allows this. Explains a lot.
      You get what you get when you catagorize and criticize your own fan base, I suppose.

  2. Dizzyd2k3
    10:03 pm August 10, 2016 Permalink

    Of course a dirty Card troll got in the comments section! Matt has to love making money of these idiots listening to the show and reading the site!

    True optimist season preview:

    • Bertha the Optimist
      10:33 pm August 10, 2016 Permalink

      I don’t know why you are being so mean to me! Calling me a dirty card troll. I may be dirty, but I’m not a card. You have the same predictions as I do, except I am picking a win over them cardinals for 8-4! You won’t be getting any of this dumb ass anytime soon!

    • Billy Hill
      11:14 pm August 10, 2016 Permalink

      Same IP address as scorpiocard. You are absolutely dirty, a card, and a pathetic loser.

    • Billy Hill
      11:46 pm August 10, 2016 Permalink

      9809 Hillock Drive, Louisville KY

    • gabeyruth
      8:33 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

      Dude Billy done be doing that, I am sure if people could find the address to your trailer they would post it too

    • BluKudzu
      9:13 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

      Billy Hill is exactly the type of douchebag that mars the reputation and image of BBN. If he had any guts at all BH would post his address too. But he won’t.
      Bad move and a poor sport.
      Why don’t posts like this get placed under moderation?

    • Larry Pratt
      11:43 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

      Kudzu, Billy Hill is Uk Big Board Update. Putting people’s real names and addresses on here is wrong. No matter what. As for moderation, I think he’s probably an administrator on this site.

    • Billy Hill
      8:49 am August 12, 2016 Permalink

      Lotsa butt-hurt little pu**ies on here. The thinnest skinned people are the Internet trolls. You know who you are.

      120 E. Main St. Lexington KY 40508

  3. onsides
    11:41 pm August 10, 2016 Permalink

    Gotta win 7. If UK wins 6 and they lose the bowl, they’re 6-7 and still losers.

    • Billy Hill
      12:04 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

      …. To you. You’re in the minority with that line of thinking.

  4. Angelo
    2:10 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

    We have to score points… QB is key… Stoops career rests on Barker.

  5. hunter1249
    8:22 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

    In honesty I have always been the optimist. Being a UK football fan is hard though. But every man has his breaking point. Sadly I am having a very hard time shaking last season off. It was colossal disaster most of the season. Blow a big lead and barely scrape by game 1. Blow ops against FL. Getting luckier than hell to beat EKU. Can’t beat the worst Vandy team in a decade. Can’t score two different times from the 1 yard line in 8 chances? and of course the UL game. total domination to collapse. That one sticks out to me. That one is the hardest not because they are the rival, but because how could we not be more prepared from Lamar Jackson. We acted liked we had no idea that was even a possibility. Last season has effectively broke me, because we just as easily could have won 1 game.
    So I am the pessimist at the moment. It sucks and its new. But I am having a really hard time getting any excitement for this season, other than to hang in the parking lot. Its UK football, it could be cursed, maybe Commonwealth is built on an Indian Burial site. I have no idea. But all I know is it is hard to be a UK Football Fan more than its not.

  6. BluKudzu
    8:53 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

    It is true, the more bourbon you drink, as advised by Drew, the better this team looks, and you can start to believe that UK football is going to be great, win enough games to get to a bowl, and prove all the pessimists wrong. The key here though, is drinking a lot of bourbon, daily, turning off the logic processing sensors in your brain, and believing everything you read and hear from a football program needing to sell season tickets, seat backs, shirts, concessions, programs, ……..I think it is a shame they do not have this magical elixer on tap, in the stadium, to help keep us in the right frame of mind.

  7. yarg
    9:13 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

    You really have to be a cautious optimist at UK. We’re lucky to have some explosive players on offense again after some very dry years following Cobb’s departure. Still in wait and see mode on Barker, and am hopeful for the defense.

  8. FCFS82
    10:18 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

    I’m hopeful but I don’t care about the noise. Blah blah blah talented, WR corps is deep, Elam has slimmed down, 8th new coordinator is super duper serious, guys are like a family, whatever.

    I’ll take stock when the games start.

  9. DickieZ
    10:21 am August 11, 2016 Permalink

    Who are all these optimists? What has UK football done to give you hope? I don’t like to encourage mediocrity, which is what all of you optimists are doing.

  10. Howdy Doody
    1:38 pm August 11, 2016 Permalink

    Spare me the BS…I am 63 and have followed UK Football for 50 plus years.
    NO WAY am I bragging on a shiny new penny until I see the BS washed off of it first.
    All we fans can do is hope. KSR shoots off EVERY season ” THIS IS THE YEAR”….then it is back to Basketball because we don’t have a Bowl Team to pull for in December.