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The Morning After Defeat

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After having some time to sleep it off and eat one of my homemade breakfast crunchwraps, allow me to share a few more final thoughts on last night’s game. Normally we’d do the Morning Wakeup post here, but I’m not ready to move on. We’ll look ahead to Big Blue Madness a little later today.


Missed opportunities, man.

Missed opportunities are the reason Kentucky’s two losses this season aren’t wins. The Cats played well against Florida and Auburn, but a couple of potential scoring plays going the other way kept them on the wrong end of the scoreboard.

Against Florida, it was Dorian Baker’s touchdown drop early in the game that had us sick to our stomachs. The Gators intercepted the next pass and ran it back into scoring territory for a 14-point swing. Missed opportunity.

Last night, Baker dropped another one in the end zone on third down, forcing the Cats to settle for a field goal in a six-point game, rather than taking a lead into the fourth quarter. If he catches that one, who knows what happens in the final 15 minutes. But as I’ve said before, if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.

And then the one I believe hurts the most: Towles missing a WIDE OPEN Garrett Johnson in the end zone early in the game. He forced it to Baker instead, only to be picked off by Auburn.

That’s hard to watch.

Jeff Badet almost came down with the late 50/50 ball.

I was standing on the field just steps away from where Jeff Badet nearly hauled in the 40-yard pass from Patrick Towles with under a minute to play in the game. Like everyone else in the stadium, I did not like the call to go deep when Kentucky needed only three yards for a first down, but Badet was so close to hanging on to that football and putting his team inside the 5-yard line. It was in his hands as he came down and the defender swiped it at the very last second — a great play by the Auburn DB and a real heartbreaker for UK.

I still don’t understand the run call with no timeouts.

Yes, as Stoops said, it would’ve been a genius call had it worked. But can’t you say that about all play calls?

Walking out of the media room, I overheard Shannon Dawson say to someone, “I knew I was going to get hammered over that one.”

In all fairness, there was potential to break the run wide open the way things were aligned, but it’s still too big of a gamble that late in the game with no timeouts. It cost Kentucky 10 seconds on a drive when several seconds had already been wasted.

Why did Gus Malzahn punt?

It’s easy to say it was the right call now, but at the time, Gus Malzahn’s decision to punt when his team needed a couple of inches against a defense that couldn’t stop them all night, was questionable. It gave Kentucky the rock, down three, with three timeouts. The call could’ve cost him his job had the Cats taken advantage of the opportunity.

He must’ve known UK’s two-minute offense is not a threat.

It did not take long for Rich Brooks to get over the loss.

Coach Brooks tweeted out his daily golf score moments after the final whistle:

He also tweeted, “Cats need some work on 2 min offense. Let way too much time run off on the last drive. Close but no cigars.”

Yeah, the two-minute offense could definitely use some help.

Kick return coverage was a killer.

As we said on the pregame show, Kentucky needed Austin MacGinnis to play and it needed Austin MacGinnis to force touchbacks on kickoffs. Auburn ranked fourth in the nation heading into the game in kick return average and its return game has been its best (and only) offense all season.

Unfortunately, Stoops had to go with his backup kicker and the leg just wasn’t there to pin the Tigers back. Auburn turned six short kicks into 155 yards, setting its offense up in great field position on most drives and nearly breaking a couple of those for TDs. Kentucky, on the other hand, had one return for 18 yards.

Let’s end with positives…

— Garrett Johnson is special. He and Dorian Baker (when Dorian’s catching the ball) form one of the best receiving duos since I’ve been following the team, and they’re only sophomores.

— Boom Williams, also special. I can’t remember a back that can get outside and turn the corner like him. And when the offensive line creates a big hole? Bye. He gone.

— 359 yards for Patrick Towles. That’s 400+ without the four or five blatantly dropped balls, probably closer to 500. The interception is still unforgivable, however.

— The defense continues to make stops when its back is against the wall. When Kentucky cut the game to three with four minutes remaining, it needed the ball back in a hurry. The defense did its part and got the ball back, quickly.

— Kentucky is 4-2. That’s better than most fans expected at the halfway mark when we were breaking down the schedule in the preseason. The losses hurt, especially because UK had the ball with a chance to win in both, but 4-2 is 4-2. Still plenty of time to make this a special season, although the next three games won’t be easy. Need to steal one, hopefully two.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

70 Comments for The Morning After Defeat

  1. Reality
    9:14 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    4-2 with 1 win over a top 60 FBS school. About to hit the meat of our schedule.

    • Booby Petrino
      10:47 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Just beat Vandy, Charlotte, and Louisville and our season isn’t too bad. TN would be a bonus but prob won’t happen. I’ll take 7-5. from 2-10, 5-7, to 7-5…improvement is good.

  2. kevin ries
    9:16 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    The positive: we are in every game.
    The negative: WE ARE IN EVRY GAME!
    Frustrated with their inconsistent play. One moment awesome, the next is beyond horrible.

    • Old Coach John
      11:11 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      We get out-coached, in every single game. Stoops, Dawson, and Eliot, three peas in a pod, not fit to eat.

    9:17 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Basketball season officially starts tonight.

  4. KSR Spy
    9:18 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Once again we lose because of the basics. I refuse to get excited anymore until we have a QB that can consistently make the easy passes and play with good football IQ. I refuse to get excited until we have receivers that can catch easy passes. Those two things alone have cost us both of our losses and were the reasons some of our other games were closer than they should be. Fundamentals. We have none in those two areas a lot of the time.

    • Still Upset
      9:28 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Exactly, and I want to add: a quarterback that doesn’t panic, special teams play and a defense that can or will play for 4 quarters instead of 1.

    • CatsBy80
      9:33 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      didn’t stoops say they were working on fundamentals over the bye week? smdh…

    • carvingitup
      10:06 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      One of the problems with Towles is Dawson is not a good QB coach. If we are going to keep Dawson as OC we probably need to hire a QB coach that knows the ropes and maybe could coach the special teams. The lack of a special teams coach is killing us right now.

    • Chris
      10:35 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Was Neal Brown a bad QB coach as well, because Towles was pretty bad under him too? Just saying… Totally agree on special teams. Plus, our defensive schemes for the last two games have been beyond stupid…it’s like the coaches and players don’t watch any film of the other team whatsoever.

    • bluetwo2
      10:45 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Neal Brown was a receiver in college so the answer is yes, Brown was a bad QB coach. We had the best QB coach in the nation in Randy Sanders. Would have loved to see what he could have done with Towles.

    • Chris
      11:28 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      You’re out of your mind! So because Brown was a WR that means he can’t coach QBs. Neal Brown’s QBs at Texas Tech were always fundamentally sound and put up very efficient and big numbers. And guess what, he did not have a quarterbacks coach. And to say that Randy Sanders is the best quarterbacks coach in the nation is ridiculous. Morgan Newton and Ryan Mossakowski would beg to differ – two 4 star QBs who both tanked. Plus, Woodson who had at least decent pro potential didn’t even make it one year in the NFL.

  5. AlinIndy
    9:22 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Just wish Stoops would take that damn gun away that we keep shooting ourselves in the foot with!

  6. The Rest of the story
    9:24 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Absolutely the easiest SEC schedule that UK will ever have and have blown wins over 2 teams that should have been easy wins. Towels just does not have that ” it ” factor needed to be a real SEC quarterback, and a defense that is just this side of pathetic. Six wins will be the best this team can hope for. Shannon Dawson makes good calls then turns around and makes the most bone headed calls ever. A coaching staff that cannot get the right people on the field or even enough players on the punt. This is a coaching nightmare and sorry to say that UK has a coaching staff in training still trying to grasp how to manage time and situations.

    • theWilkman
      10:06 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Take your Towles’ hating blinders off, other than the pick in the first half he played a pretty damn good game. He was accurate on short, intermediate, and deep balls. That pass to Juice that he caught with one hand was perfectly thrown. Take away some of the inexcusable drops and this game as a different outcome.

      And he wasn’t out there missing tackles and blowing his defensive assignments in the first half.

    • Kyblue34
      10:45 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Seriously? Towles was bailed out several times by our receivers making great plays. Yeah, they dropped a few that should have been caught, but they were having to adjust their routes, jump high, or layout to make catches all night long. Towles was not terrible, but he certainly was not “pretty damn good.”

    • Booby Petrino
      10:49 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      one of those SEC losses is to a team that kicked Ole Miss’ asses. Two losses by a total of 8 points to two good teams. We’ve improved every year under Stoops, you guys are idiots.

    • theWilkma
      10:50 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      I don’t think you watched the same game. It’s the consensus by just about everyone who knows football that drops last night were a huge problem. They made a few great grabs, like Juice’s catch down the sideline, but that ball was perfectly thrown as well. Overall great play.

      How many did Boom drop? What about Baker dropping easy pitch and catch throws, or the perfectly thrown ball to his back shoulder in the endzone in the second half? Towles was not the problem last night.

  7. Slippery Pete
    9:28 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    The only positive is Big Blue Madness is tonight, that’s what we should be focused on. Not a loss in football that we have all learned how to deal with it. Should have talked more about it yesterday than listening to 7 hours worth of pipe dreams on a football team that can’t make basic plays, like throwing to open receivers and then actually catching the ball. Football 101. The “something special” talk really needs to end, it’s making us look sad as a fanbase, we’ll maybe get to 6 wins this year. If the stars align, we’ll get 7, but that has about a 1% chance. Focus on the drive for 9.

    • Booby Petrino
      10:51 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      We’ve got 6 easily and most likely 7. So under Stoops we go from 2-10 to 5-7 to either 6-6 or 7-5. Improvement takes time and that’s what we’re doing. If you aren’t a true fan, stop watching and bitching. If you are a true fan, have some sense and see that we are getting better. If you’re a troll, keep trolling, KSR loves you for fattening their pockets.

  8. Chris
    9:31 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    One clarification, I don’t think when Auburn punted on 4th and inches, that UK had any timeouts left, did they? I thought they burned them all on that defensive set.

    • @BallBlog_Chad
      9:37 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      correct, when we took over, we did not have any timeouts left … which is why we didn’t call a timeout during that ridiculous substitution fail during the punt

  9. Melvit
    9:35 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    UK’s poor clock management has hurt them all season. They need to practice the hurry up offense.

    • Old Coach John
      11:08 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Time to find 3 new coaches to replace, Stoops, Dawson, and Eliot. These three guys are in WAY over their heads and their abilities. They just had a bye week to prepare for Auburn, and they FAILED. There is NO EXCUSE. WAY WAY WAY too many bone headed coaches mistakes.

  10. @BallBlog_Chad
    9:35 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    that run call doesn’t really bother me, the lack of urgency during a 2 min drill does … Auburn was lining up and running plays faster than us just trying to score compared to our 2 min drill … I thought we had been practicing up-tempo? if we were moving like we should have been, I don’t think anybody says anything about the run call … losing Lewis is really rough, we already have issues stopping runs up the middle … red zone offense was really bad, the pick was horrible and settled for too many fgs

    • CatsBy80
      9:52 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      i agree completely on the run. i wasn’t upset with the run call. i was upset with the decision to throw the ball 40 yards on 3rd and 4… get the first down, continue the drive and throw the long ball on first down. Towles’ decision making was piss poor last night. Yes the receivers dropped balls, which is out of his control… But his decision making is 100% in his control and it was lacking severely.

  11. Big DanB
    9:37 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Everyone just wants to say how special boom is. Yes, he’s a great runner, however he had so many critical mistakes. Missed blocks, dropped a wide open pass, and forgets which way to go during plays. These types of missed assignments or blown opportunities are costly.

    • Nate
      11:58 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      That missed play was really bad. He left Towles just running in circles like where is everybody lol.

  12. tribialbert
    9:42 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    KSR and crew must believe in participation medals… Win a freaking football game!

  13. Mc
    9:49 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    I think the Kentucky offensive coaching staff needs to watch more Cincinnati Bengals games. You have a qb like Andy Dalton, that has notoriously made his decisions pre-snap (in the past) on where he’s going with the football similar to the way Towles does. Then, this year, they get their tight end involved down the seams which in turn, keeps the linebackers and safeties just a little bit more honest, which in turn, helps free up that small amount of time that allows Dalton to get away with some of the quick hitters that DBs jumped and picked-off in the past.

    I’m not saying Conrad is Eifert. However, he has the tools to be special and would free up a lot of real estate for others in both the passing and running game.

    • CJ Conrad
      10:05 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      I agree. I’m sure-handed, a big target which is great to have in the red zone, and yet I only have 6 catches this season. It’s about time that I get 6-7 targets a game.

  14. CATandMONKEY
    9:51 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Jeff Piecorro basically put the entirety of fault for the interception on the receiving end. I will take his word over most of us on here.

  15. CatsFanInNC
    9:53 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Disappointing loss. More disappointment in the “fans” for the articles and posts since. Support your team and university, ups and downs, or get out!!!

    • CATandMONKEY
      9:59 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      One can be critical of our team and still be a fan. ” Good job, Good effort” doesn’t do us any favors. Kentucky has been one of the most supportive fanbases in the country over the years despite having mediocre overall results. The only time our fanbase actually almost walked away was in Joker’s final season.

      Most of us still believe we can still have a good season. It is disappointing, as you say, to have losses at home to teams we could have beaten with just a few more made plays.

    • Animaluk
      10:22 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      ^^^^ Some of these “fans” have no life’s and need to verbal beat down these kids to feel better about them self. Sad, very sad. Any real UK fan is belated to be 4-2, a few years ago we would be 1-5 right now. We are not a football powerhouse but we need to trust the process on what is being built because if someone does not see the improvement then they are delusional (Everyone posting these negative comments). I am a life long member of the BBN but I honestly hate most of our fan base on this site.

    • CatsFanInNC
      10:28 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Agree on many of your points. I realize the posts here are not fairly representative of the general fan base. That said, I read many posts this morning alluding to basketball starts tonight, another failed year of football, not investing time in this team anymore, etc. That goes beyond criticism.

    • Roger
      1:42 pm October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Everyone needs to think about this. A few years ago we were questioning the game plan, the play calling, the execution, etc. Pretty much the whole thing. Now we are questioning a call her and there that could have won us the game. That is progress. I have read may post where “fans” are saying they are through with football. In my opinion a true fan just doesn’t decide they are through with a team. I am older than the majority that post on here so I have suffered through more disappointing seasons than most of you. I’ve been hopeful so many times and been let down so many times that I could never put a number on it. However, here I am still caring, still cheering, still hoping. It really isn’t an option not to, It’s part of who I am.

      Don’t get me wrong. I see nothing wrong with constructive criticism. It’s actually a fun thing to debate what calls you thought were wrong or what you would have done if you were the coach. But name calling and berating specific players is childish at best.

  16. Elmer Skaggs
    9:57 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Did Auburn miss any opportunities?

    • Booby Petrino
      10:53 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      How many are your birds going to lose by tomorrow? what will your record be…2-4?

  17. Blue
    9:59 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Towels doesn’t deserve half the criticism he’s receiving today…He played his ass off last night. He missed the throw in the first half, I get it. Should have been 6 for sure. But, if Dorian Baker hadn’t dropped that easy touchdown late in the game, we’re not even talking about it.

    The team is 4-2, and if you can’t see the growth and potential of a team that is still VERY YOUNG, then you’re just not paying attention. Get some perspective. Stop expecting perfection every single night and being pissed off when it isn’t achieved. Before the season everyone was expecting 6-6 or 7-5, 8-4 for a few very positive fans…Here we are on pace for that and people are “Well, tonight starts basketball season, so good riddance garbage football.” Shut up. You sound like a 4-year-old.

    Get behind the team or get out. Go Big Blue

    • theWilkman
      10:07 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Agree with you 100%. People are going to hate Towles no matter what, which makes no sense to me. He had a great game. Not mistake free, but overall he played well enough to get us the win. He can’t do it himself.

    • catman
      10:11 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      More interceptions than games played this year. Nuff’ said..

    • theWilkman
      10:22 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      If by ”nuff said” you mean to show how little you understand what you’re talking about, I agree.

      Jared Goff is the #1 QB prospect and he has 9 picks this year, which my basic arithmetic tells me is more than the number of games he’s played this year. Nice try

    • Mc
      10:41 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Towles was decent last night. However, he needs to learn to make quicker progressions, and stop “cheating” pre-snap. I call it cheating when you go to the line and you know exactly where you’re going with the ball regardless of what the defense does.
      If Towles can start using Conrad more often, it will make everything easier for himself.

      In Goff’s defense, he did throw 5 in a dreadful loss to Utah and also showed flashes last year throwing for 35 tds and 7 picks.

      Not saying it’s all Towles fault, but he’s only thrown touchdowns in 3 games this season: Louisiana Lafayette, Missouri, and EKU. I think wants he starts getting Conrad involved in the red zone he’ll improve. He just seems rattled in the red zone at times.

    • Mc
      10:43 am October 16, 2015 Permalink


    • theWilkman
      10:53 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      He does tend to lock on to a target, that’s for sure. Unfortunately that target is Baker more often than not, and for every highlight reel catch he makes, he drops an easy pitch and catch as well.

      I’m not saying Towles is better than Goff, I was just pointing out that cherry picking INTs to games played is silly and doesn’t prove anything.

    • catman
      11:10 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      It’s not cherry picking when it’s an important stat there dumba$$. He throws at least one pick a game, last nights came when he had a man wide open standing in the end zone. He’s a 4th year junior that should be better by now, but keep on riding that towles train, it’s working out so good. 6 games played, td’s in only 3 of those games, real winner there.

    • theWilkman
      11:19 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      I’d say it’s more your fault for thinking we’d be 6-0 right now. 4-2 is pretty damn good for year 3 of a coaching staff. When Towles marches us down the field but we call a run play to punch it in, does that mean he didn’t do a good job? Watch the games, stats aren’t the whole story. Of course Towles has his faults, but he put us in position to win the game, as he has in all 6 this season.

    • Catman
      11:58 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      4-2 with only one win against a top 60 FBS team, and one win against the #17 FCS team which took overtime to win, Sorry but for an SEC team that’s not too impressive even in a 3rd year of having a new coach. But I don’t blame fans for accepting mediocre, it’ll always be that way with football. Cal is here starting tonight to save us all from misery 🙂

    • theWilkman
      2:34 pm October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Bet you’ll be ready to jump off a cliff every time we lose in basketball, too. Will you want to sit Ulis when he has a bad game? Maybe get rid of Cal when we don’t go 40-0?

  18. Bill
    10:15 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    I understand that our players may not be all-world, and as such, they may not always make the best plays, but there’s no reason we can’t get the best decisions from the coaching staff, too. The run call was as bad and as devastating as any dropped pass. the decision to kick a field goal with 1:03 in the 3rd instead of going for it was another. We had a chance to really knock an Auburn team on its heels by taking the lead right there, and our coaches played it safe…again…and we lost by that margin.

    When we, meaning UK football, have a chance to put a nail in a coffin, we HAVE to start taking it. We can’t have a coaching staff keep making decisions based on passive, reactive strategy. All that field goal did was allow Auburn to relax. And the happiest person in the stadium when towles handed that ball off in the 2 minute drill was Gus Malzahn. Play calling and coaching decision making has been an issue in the final score of at least 4 games this year. It needs to improve. I’m not talking about a questionable call here or there, I’m talking about overall game plan and strategy with the offense.

    for every criticism we place on players- and there are plenty legitimate criticisms- there is equal blame for coaching. Our players aren’t performing like contenders on the field, but neither are our coaches.

    It’s time for Towles to step up his play, and for running backs to block better, for WRs to make catches they’re supposed to make, and many different players to step up their game…but it’s equally time for Stoops and Dawson to do the same. The honeymoon is over.

    • RUPPS_rhetoric
      11:08 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      I can not believe we have fans in our fanbase that have your opinion. SMH.

    • klassact32
      12:08 pm October 16, 2015 Permalink

      I believe 100% about you have said. That does not mean I do not support our team. Until you prove it otherwise, until the Coaching steps up and begins to make the right calls then how you can expect it from your players and fans. I said it in a post, you had ten days to prepare for an up tempo offense and in the first half especially the players were completely lost. I will continue to blame the coaches for nt being prepared no matter how much the improvement a team may have.

  19. RC
    10:16 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Dawson should be FIRED for that play call last night. It’s literally indefensible. An SEC coordinator should know better. Period.

    Under a minute, ZERO timeouts, midfield. You can’t call for a run there, you just can’t.

    I guess it’s progress that UK is beating themselves instead of our opponents beating us.

  20. Ha!
    10:17 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    The play calling was terrible in the late 4th quarter and it makes me wonder if we shouldn’t be looking for a new coaching staff. I’m tired of the ‘deer in the headlights’ look that seems prevalent with Stoops especially when it’s time to ‘coach and lead’. Bad calls, bad clock management, bad judgment……not a $3.5million coach. I’m not real happy thinking about Birmingham (if we can even make it there)….let’s hope they can put this mess to rest before it’s too late.

    • Trollin
      10:54 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      keep trollin

  21. aric trent
    10:17 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Same old Kentucky football, looks like we will have another bowl game in the snow!

    • Trollin
      10:55 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      if it is same old Ky football then we wouldn’t even go bowling. perhaps be happy that we’ve improved every year.

    • keep moving
      11:13 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Uk hasn’t improved, SEC east isn’t very good so it makes it look like Uk has imporved. this 4 game losing streak coming is gonna show you that.

  22. klassact32
    10:24 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    I keep hearing from the Coaches that a mindset must be changed to win the big games. That we are not there yet. I also keep hearing that recruiting our recruiting is better, we are in games and so on and so on and so on. The mindset might change if it would start at the top. Every year I fall into the optimistic category and get really excited only to have my bubble burst. I blame last nights loss solely on the Coaches. We were told leading up to this game due to the bye week that “we are focusing on fundamentals.” Who ever coached that part needs to be replaced. They looked absolutely pitiful. I could pick apart many plays to illustrate my point. The point I am trying to make is that “The Coaches” need to change their mindset so that the rest of us can follow. Really, draw play with no time outs?! and you have no regrets calling that play? Ok, you keep telling yourself that. 8 players on the field with 4th and one? I’ll finish up with this, 10 days to prepare for this game and that was the best you could do? Good lord is all I can say. Same old Kentucky.

    • theWilkman
      10:29 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      I agree. Really wish Stoops wouldn’t have made so many drops last night.

    • ClutchCargo
      11:02 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      theWilkman – maybe you’re ok with all of the klassact32 pointed out, and that’s fine. But a lot of us have bought into the hype and actually expect solid performance, starting with the coaching staff. Make all the excuses you want and blame every player on the team, but the poor game planning and preparation was on full display last night.

    • theWilkman
      11:15 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Other than the poor play-calling on the final drive, what would you have them do differently? They made halftime adjustments that completely changed the momentum of the game on the defensive end. Auburn was moving the ball at will the first half, and we held them to only 7 in the second. There were very few penalties, and throughout the majority of the game a nice balance of run to pass, as Mack Brown pointed out in the broadcast.

      Dawson’s decision to run on 2nd down was a head scratcher and deserves criticism, but overall last night was a very good game that we just did not finish.

      And I’m not sure you read klassact32s post or my sarcastic response thoroughly… my response was clearly sarcasm.

  23. Bluecreeker
    10:29 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    I turned on the UK Football show last night thinking I was going to see a new episode, alas it was a cruddy rerun!

    In reality, 3 years ago we lose this game by 40 points.
    In reality, Patrick Towles is a pretty damned fine QB, if not a little hesitant
    In reality, CJ Conrad should run a slant across the middle whenever Towels see’s blitz coming
    In reality, they never do this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    In reality, CJ Conrad is a man, and should be getting many more touches
    In reality, Do they not allow a 3 step drop in college football, or just not at UK and W.Virginia
    In reality, If receivers hang on to passes in the end zone we beat both Florida and Auburn this year

    In reality, Watching this game I felt like that woman on the State Farm commercial trying to grab the dollar bill off the fishing pole…….”OOPS! almost had it”…”Gotta be quicker than that”…..Or as Max used to say on Get Smart….”Missed it by THAT much”

    I watched a very good game last night. Auburn played a very efficient game. Kentucky played very well themselves, once again they shot themselves in the foot way too many times. They are looking much better, just need to focus and be a bit more disciplined in the fundaMENTAL department.

    • theWilkman
      10:56 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

      Best post I’ve seen yet.

  24. bige
    10:46 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    Losing your best interior defensive lineman and not having any decent backups is a death sentence in the SEC.
    The Elam kid has a very long way to go to be a decent defensive lineman as he got pushed 2-3 yards off the ball almost every play.

    The Auburn QB played like he had nothing to lose. Towles didn’t make that many mistakes or nothing that you wouldn’t expect.

    Team is still young and had a chance to win despite mistakes.

  25. Rise
    10:54 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    I support Towles and think he should be our QB but he needs to improve his short throw accuracy. It is aggravating that Auburn starts a freshman QB and he lights us up. We made him look like Steve Young.

  26. aric trent
    11:31 am October 16, 2015 Permalink

    I have been going to Kentucky football games since 1985, and I have seen this same formula for Kentucky football for most of the time. Kentucky football has always been fun to watch, but it seems like we are almost always about to win the big game that puts us over the edge, and then lose the game in the closing minutes. The most difficult game that I had to watch in person was the hail mary pass in the closing seconds to lose to LSU in 20002 at commonwealth. I still love watching Kentucky Football, but they sure will break your heart if you are a fan.

    • Bluecreeker
      12:06 pm October 16, 2015 Permalink

      They just don’t want anybody getting spoiled.

  27. About the positives
    1:17 pm October 16, 2015 Permalink

    It’s all good except a receiver isn’t a receiver if (a)they cannot catch the ball and (b)sometimes running north and south are what backs are supposed to do.