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The ESPN Football Power Index still hates Kentucky

For a computer rating system, ESPN’s Football Power Index sure hates Kentucky. Since its inception, the FPI has constantly overlooked the Cats, famously predicting them to win only five games last season, the second fewest in the SEC, and not even rating them in the top 25 after Kentucky won ten games and finished No. 12 in the AP Poll. Best predictor of a team’s performance, my butt.

So, it’s no surprise the disrespect continues. The FPI released its preseason ratings and Kentucky came in at No. 40. The index predicts Kentucky will only win 6.4 games this season, which ranks 68th in the country and tenth in the SEC. C’mon, man.

Here are the FPI’s projected wins for each SEC team:

  • Alabama — 11.0
  • Georgia — 9.9
  • LSU — 9.5
  • Florida — 8.3
  • Missouri — 8.1
  • Mississippi State — 7.7
  • Auburn — 7.7
  • Tennessee — 7.6
  • Texas A&M — 7.4
  • Kentucky — 6.4
  • South Carolina — 6.1
  • Ole Miss — 5.8
  • Vanderbilt — 5.3
  • Arkansas — 4.8

As second round draft pick Lonnie Johnson tweeted, that’s lame, and he even missed one of the teams Kentucky beat in the top 25:

Last year’s team used disrespect as fuel. I’m sure this group will do the same. Right, Smoke?



Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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21 Comments for The ESPN Football Power Index still hates Kentucky

  1. kjd
    2:50 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    Talk is cheap. Go play hard. Win.
    Shut the critics up. Win the first two in convincing fashion. Set the stage for the Gators at home.

  2. bluecorvettecat
    3:00 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    Hopefully the plethora of analysts armed with more data than we can begin to comprehend are wrong, but we can only hope with our Blue hearts and BBN spirits. Much falls on Terry Wilson and if he can substantially improve his passing in an SEC powerful conference. If he shows early his continuing weaknesses it is up to Stoops to have the courage to make a change ( don’t believe he will) to justify his top 25 salary in the NCAA coaches poll.
    I will always hope for the best four OUR Cats but an overwhelming numbers of pundits suggest we will struggle mightily.

    • CatsfaninFL
      5:17 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

      Your overabundance of words makes me think you’re a troll. Move along everyone.

    • antiquefurnitureandmidgets
      5:45 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

      Gosh, what makes me think you might be happy if the Cats struggle.

    • satcheluk
      8:09 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

      Same pundits comments last year and we won 10. Vegas had the over/under at 5.5 last year. Now, slight drop in expert, but arguably more overall talent with and easier schedule, so it’s clear we don’t get a fair shake in comparisons/predictions. Win 7-8+ next 2 years and they’ll have to come around.

  3. UKinIN
    3:08 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    Does anyone ever go back and review results? Publish a post season analysis of the different preseason projections?

  4. bbn606
    3:15 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    This is the fuel that propels this team.

  5. cats646
    3:16 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    And we still hate the ESPN football power index.
    It’s a two way street.

  6. bbn606
    3:19 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    Lonnie, I see 5 teams there that lost to UK last year.

    • KentuckyVSEveryone
      5:09 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

      I was thinking the same thing. People let him know about it twitter and he corrected himself lol

  7. Smyrna_Cat
    3:22 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    Haters gonna hate. Bring it on.

  8. CatfaninCinci
    4:12 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    All the indexes are predicting the same. Based on last year’s Terry Wilson, I tend to agree with them. Here’s to hoping Terry is Heisman worthy this year. Because that’s the only way we see 10 wins again.

  9. BluKudzu
    4:50 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    Aside from the Georgia game….UK had a stellar season last year. The OT loss to TAMU was tough, but there was no reason we should have lost to Tennessee.
    We win those two games, we may have been in the talk for the playoffs.
    We were really close last year, and I believe we will be on the doorstep this year.
    I really believe, it is more about the Defense, than the Offense. We play like we did last year, and the weapons we have this year on offense, we will again make the football media experts look absolutely foolish two years in a row.
    It starts with D. If they can’t score, we can’t lose.

    • cats646
      5:15 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

      I wholeheartedly second every bit of this.

    • kjd
      9:38 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

      Aside from Georgia game, then you list bad losses to TAM and Vols. Not a stellar season.

  10. kentuckybackupplayer
    5:25 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    It will take stoops a few good seasons to overcome all the bad history. I think he is doing a magnificent job. Go Blue

  11. Boman2112
    6:48 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    We have talent across the board folks. Remember everyone being so happy that the Big Dog was getting it done? Remember? I see a path to 10 regular season wins! The media isn’t the only ones sleeping on my cats….. Come on BBN!!!!

    You football players that read this crap should know that your play will shut them ALL up!

  12. Big Sexy
    10:44 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    The wins I feel strong about are the non-conference games, Arkansas, and Vandy. I’m worried about South Carolina ending our win streak against them. MSU and Mizzu are going to be tough to beat. I don’t see us beating Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee. I’d say 7 is a good over/under.

  13. bailey000
    10:57 pm July 10, 2019 Permalink

    South Carolina has been our whipping boys. Penn state 12 are you serious

  14. Boman2112
    7:05 pm July 11, 2019 Permalink

    Our front 7 is as good as it has been since Robertson was in the trenches! Just wait!!!