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Stoops wants YOU to pack Commonwealth Stadium Saturday night

Photo: UK Athletics

Photo: UK Athletics

Photo: UK Athletics

Saturday’s Kentucky/Georgia game has potential to be one of the greatest nights in Kentucky football history. Not only can the Cats achieve bowl eligibility for the first time since 2010 with a win, it could have serious ramifications in the race for the SEC East. In his press conference today, Mark Stoops encouraged fans to pack Commonwealth Stadium for the 7:30 p.m. game, for which there are still plenty of seats.

“I think it’s very important to se the stadium filled. I think our players would love to see that happen. Our fanbase has been — there’s been a lot of loyal fans to us and we just need more. We need more people in there to fill it up. I’d love to see it filled. Again, to make no bones about it, when we see it filled, I expect our team to play at a high level to make those fans proud.”

After a trying start to the season, the fanbase is coming around, and Stoops said seeing a group of fans greet the team upon their arrival in Lexington Saturday night was heartwarming for both sides.

“I was excited for our players and our program and the fans,” Stoops said. “I’ve never denied the fact that I feel an obligation and I want to put a product out there that they’re proud of. I’ve said that from day one, I’ve said it in every opportunity I’ve ever had and I’m to going to use the word pressure, but you feel an obligation. You want to deliver for those fans that have been starving for a long time to have a successful football program and believe me, we work every day around the clock to do that for them.”

There you go. No excuses. Here’s a map of available tickets via Ticketmaster (seats in blue are up for grabs):


CLICK HERE to go to Ticketmaster to secure your ticket for Saturday’s game. You might regret it if you don’t…


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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18 Comments for Stoops wants YOU to pack Commonwealth Stadium Saturday night

  1. EdC
    4:02 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

    “Saturday’s Kentucky/Georgia game has potential to be one of the greatest nights in Kentucky football history.”

    Under Bear Bryant UK won The Orange Bowl, The Sugar Bowl and the Cottong Bowl. In 1950 also under Bryant UK beat #1 Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl and was ranked #1 in 3 major polls. In 1976 UK won the Peach Bowl and finished 18th in the country. In 1977 UK beat #5 Penn State. In 1984 UK beat #20 Wisconsin in the Hall of Fame Bowl. In 2007 UK beat #1 LSU.

    How is Saturday going to top any of that really?

    • Bread
      4:24 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

      Can you read? She said ONE of the best. Not the best. So no, it won’t top any of those that you listed. Tyler is spot on.

    • onsides
      4:29 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

      Kentucky lost the 1950 Orange Bowl to Santa Bowl btw.

    • onsides
      4:30 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

      *Clara….although the Santa Bowl might’ve been interesting.

    • EdC
      4:39 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

      Yea I can read and mine is a partial list. I don’t see beating a bad Georgia team in a bad SEC year as some kind of great moment. This is where UK fans are just sad. They get excited over 6 wins and a crap bowl game and consider coaches with losing records as school Hall of Fame coaches. This is why basically every school in the SEC that isn’t Vandy just laughs at UK.

      How long does the list need to be to convince you that it couldn’t be one of the greatest moments?

  2. KSR Spy
    4:16 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

    Matt saying on radio show that tickets are affordable. HAHAHAHA

    Lowest I have found are $41 per seat for bad seats. So Paying $90-$100 for tickets after taxes, plus gas for those of us not close to Lexington, plus food. Yeah. REALLY AFFORDABLE.

    Not sure what universe you live in, but in the real world where (post obamacare) our insurance went from $200 to $650 every two pays…we just can’t put out that kind of money for a college football game in the nosebleeds.

    I would love to be able to take a few people to watch the games, even if the bad seats, but at those prices that is something that just isn’t realistic to a lot of people.

    • Mrs. Tyler Thompson
      4:24 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink and StubHub have more affordable options.

    • KSR Spy
      4:53 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

      Unfortunately Mrs. Tyler, the prices I posted are from checking those sites. Ticketmaster is $60 each.

    • UK Fan In Nashville
      6:17 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

      These prices are ridiculously affordable! NFL games cost $150. I looked ahead for tickets to Knoxville to see UK beat UT, and the lowest price was $72, and you can bet that’s farther away than any seat in Commonwealth. If there are $41 tickets available, you better thank your lucky stars.

    • weathergirl49
      9:33 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

      Don’t forget parking. I’m guessing the $41 tickets don’t come with a parking pass.

  3. keiths
    4:54 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

    KSR Spy, I’m sorry you are one of the poors we hear about….

  4. jrdh13
    5:10 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

    got mine!!! lets hope we have a better tailgating/home field advantage for this game.. This game is huge we win this game looking good building all kinds of momentum going into a tennessee team thats self imploding..

  5. WeareBBN
    7:55 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

    As a season tix holder I will be there as I have for all games except Vandy {had a family event I could not get out of}. Yes my tix are in 2nd level {would not call them nose bleed} but I am in the 1st row and near goal line but it is a great view. I live 3.5 hours away and it does get expensive, tickets, gas, food, hotel I am in for about $500 per game and 7 hours of driving.

    • WeareBBN
      8:00 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

      And need to add we go to the “Cat Walk”, watch the concert and try to make a day of it as we have a great time out there. Took a nine year old to MSU game and he loved the Bobby Perry Band and this kid only listens to rap.

  6. Hona
    8:05 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

    Anybody know of a promo code for ticketmaster?

  7. weathergirl49
    9:34 pm October 31, 2016 Permalink

    It would be nice if the students would show up.

  8. KSR1
    1:41 am November 1, 2016 Permalink

    Fans who want to support the Cats will show up, go to the game, cheer loud and stay until the end. I understand that some people can’t afford to do that. But, you can catch the bus to the stadium, stop by our tailgate, go to the Cat Walk and the concert, and stay in the parking lot to cheer the team on during the game. You’ll have a lot of fun. If you don’t want to support the Cats, then by all means, STAY HOME and don’t bother jumping on the bandwagon when the Cats go bowling. Don’t ask me to support your misery because you are not taking away my joy. Simple choices for everyone.

  9. rem392
    2:33 am November 1, 2016 Permalink

    I support KSR1 100%. Get behind these cats!! It has been a long time coming but Stoops and company has it going on. Fans need to show up and sell the place out!