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Stoops updates Sawyer Smith, Chance Poore’s status

Kentucky is a banged up team following the loss in Starkville. Today, Mark Stoops told reporters that both quarterback Sawyer Smith and kicker Chance Poore are nursing injuries that puts their status for South Carolina in question.

Sawyer took a hit in the shoulder at the end of the second quarter vs. Mississippi State and after getting an X-Ray in the locker room, played through the pain in the second half. Stoops said that Sawyer is definitely sore, but hopefully will heal up as the week goes on.

“Hopefully he’ll be good today,” Stoops said of Sawyer. “We’ll see. He was definitely sore yesterday. He wouldn’t have been able to throw any passes yesterday at all. Need to see how recovery goes the next couple of days.”

If Sawyer can’t go, Stoops said the staff is confident in Walker Wood, but didn’t close the door on other options.

“Walker is an extremely hard worker, knows what to do with the football. He has worked hard coming back off his surgeries to compete and play at the highest level he can. We’re confident in Walker. We’d also have to look at some other options with some other guys as well.”

“[Amani Gilmore] has a ways to go. Just coming in and learning everything and executing the offense and all that. He’s got a little work to do. Nik [Scalzo] was a guy that was running a lot, doing some really good things in preseason camp and we lost him early so he’s out of the picture obviously as well.”

Poore was hit in the leg after a missed field goal attempt early in the fourth quarter. He’s still listed first on the depth chart, but Stoops said that Matt Ruffolo, who came in and made a 29-yard field goal later in the game, will start the week running with the first team.

“We’ll go with Ruffolo here to start the week. Chance’s leg is hurt after he got hit Saturday in the game. His leg is injured a little bit right now. He’s a little dinged up. Ruffolo will start at least right now. We don’t kick today. They rest today. The kickers will kick tomorrow and Ruffolo will go with the ones.”

Other injuries notes:

  • Safety Jordan Griffin didn’t play much on Saturday due to a minor injury he suffered in the Florida game. “He was banged up,” Stoops said.
  • Stoops said wide receiver Isaiah Epps will likely return after the bye week from a foot injury he suffered in fall camp. “He’s running on the treadmill. They gave me no indication he’ll be back this week, but it’s close. Probably after the bye.”

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27 Comments for Stoops updates Sawyer Smith, Chance Poore’s status

  1. GoCatz
    12:55 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    Stoops is shielding Poore with an injury excuse which is respectable. Poore has just lost all confidence and needs to find it somehow….one of the country’s best kickers coming out of high school.

    • JASUN74
      3:01 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      GoCatz, I’m not sure about. He took a big hit to his leg and it was definitely planted at the time. I’d bet anything that it’s hurting him and he’s very lucky he didn’t end up out for the season. I agree with you that he may have lost some confidence, but he really did take a bad hit. Actually it should’ve been called a roughing the Kicker, for 15 yards and automatic first down.

      Whether he’s hurting too bad to play I don’t know, and they probably would’ve tried someone else no matter what. I do hope he’s not hurt too bad, when he’s right, he’s going to be a weapon for us. Thanks buddy.

    • GoCatz
      4:36 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      Oh gotcha, didn’t actually see that hit. I hope it’s nothing major as well and he comes back healthy. He will most definitely become a weapon for us at some point.

  2. Look Out Fireworks
    12:58 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    That late hit may have been a bit of a blessing, give him a chance to refocus.

    • JoshtheCATSfan
      2:14 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      maybe the staff needs to check his eyes. Seems like his kicks go straight, unfortunately in the wrong direction!!!!!!!

    • Ridge Runner
      4:56 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      My grandfather urinates like that. I hear ya.

  3. bigblue2284
    1:04 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    Remember last year, when everyone was saying Stoops took us to the next level…. Last year was the outlier not norm. Last year was a good year in spite of Stoops and his staff, not because of.

    • ready4nineNOW
      1:11 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      Smh. An “outlier” most UK fans have never come close to experiencing. Go away. We don’t need you

    • JASUN74
      3:03 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      I swear, it seems people just get dumber every day on here. I’m not even going to try to explain anything to morons anymore!! Wow.

  4. Headhurts
    1:05 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    Kickers rest on Monday? Please Mitch, except for Sunday kickers need to be kicking every chance (sorry) they get!

    • RackEmWillie
      1:08 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      I’m pretty sure every collegiate and professional staff in the country would disagree with you, but, whatever.

  5. StuckinLville
    1:22 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    I didnt understand how a roughing the kicker wasnt called there. But Poore was supposed to be the answer and clearly he is not. I know he is young, but your only job is to kick and this is his second year with the team. We dont need another Seiber. Hell last years kicker was more reliable. Is there anyway we can disguise MacGinnis and get him back on the field?

    • StuckinLville
      1:23 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      Or better yet, can we just let Duffy punt field goals? That’s still legal right?

    • bruce122767
      6:41 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      Have Duffy dropkick is something that I would seriously look at doing. Assuming it is still legal

    • JASUN74
      3:07 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      We could go for every fourth down I suppose!! I’ll discuss this with the staff and have an answer for you this evening! Hahahaha

  6. sammysunshine
    1:26 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    Walker Wood or Matt Roark at QB?

  7. zoupman
    1:31 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    Never understood leaving a QB in game with a hurt shoulder.

    • KYjellyRoll
      1:53 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      Agreed, see my comment on the “today on KSR post”

  8. KYjellyRoll
    1:56 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    If he can’t even throw today then man he must have really been injured…why didn’t he say “hey coach I may not be able to do my job to the best of my abilities (or 3rd stringers ability)

  9. JoshtheCATSfan
    2:12 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    So what are the chances we see Bowden in the wildcat about 60 percent of the time if Smith cant go? I really don’t know much about wood, just think lynn can maybe complete short throws, and that would get the ball in his hands more.

  10. BluKudzu
    2:34 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    It is time to face reality folks. 3rd team QB is not good enough to start, requiring them to look at other options?

    We are toast.

  11. zoupman
    4:43 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    An athlete like Smith who has worked as hard as he has to get on field never wants to come out. Sometimes coaches and staff need to realize him staying in is not good for him or the team.

  12. gasman01
    4:44 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    Think our 2 Qb transfers are having second thoughts now??

  13. Robinson73
    5:41 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

    The kid is kicking the ball STRAIGHT every time. Are we too STUPID to set the kick up for him to kick it straight?

    • dcforuk
      8:58 pm September 23, 2019 Permalink

      That is a consideration SOMETIMES but really? Come on? That’s the tail wagging the dog!